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Rylee2008 ASN, RN

Operating Room, Long Term Care
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Rylee2008 has 2 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Operating Room, Long Term Care.

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  1. I work in a smaller OR and we actually all get along pretty well. My hospital is getting better at not tolerating a hostile work environment. I let things roll off my back, but I will stick up for myself. No one deserves to be dumped on because ot...
  2. Rylee2008

    OR RN work schedule?

    I work 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. We take call every 6th working day and every 6th weekend which includes Friday from 3:00 pm until Monday at 6:30 am. Things can change daily, due to cases be delayed or because of add-ons. Thursday while on call I worked...
  3. Rylee2008

    Why all the haters?

    I love the OR. I have never been bored. I get to do everything from IV sedation to Code C's. On call I never know what I'll get, but usually it's a trauma patient. I think I give better care because I only have one patient at a time and my full a...
  4. Rylee2008

    New grad in the OR

    Sorry to hear this. When I trained in the OR I had a preceptor for 6 months who I pretty much just followed and then she followed me. I did have the advantage of having a surg. tech degree first which helped a lot. Hang in there, the OR can be a c...
  5. I'm really upset due to the fact I took my first test in Complex Health Alterations today and I studied for 10 hours over several days and tried to apply what I learned to different situations and I only got a 70 on the test. We didn't have very man...
  6. Rylee2008

    2-year RN Entrance exam

    I took it and it wasn't that bad. The library at the school should have a study book.
  7. Rylee2008

    What am I going to do!!!!!

    Buy a LPN NCLEX, it reviews the sections your working on in Fundamentals and then the sample questions are similiar to those on tests. Fundamentals is not memorizing, you have to apply the material. So think each questions out and look for key work...
  8. Rylee2008

    Which comes first?

    At our school it is held on the same day. Graduation in the morning and then you return later for the pinning.
  9. I'm in my last year of nursing school and I would say the hardest part is getting the reading done and also finding time to spend with my family. All I do is study, study study!!
  10. Rylee2008

    Hi! New here!!

    Congrats on deciding on getting into the nursing profession. School is hard and awarding. Good luck.
  11. Rylee2008


    Sometimes they forget they were students at one time. Some are nasty because they are on power trips. I use to be a surgical tech and was reminded everyday I was at the bottom compared to the doctor and the nurses. We are all a team and the patien...
  12. Rylee2008

    Abusive and Cruel Clinical Instructors: Why??

    Well said. I must say I have not experienced this at my school. I got the toughest clinical instructor according to everyone else and I learned so much. She expected nothing but the best, but she did let you know if you were doing well.
  13. Rylee2008

    I need HELP

    There are a lot of issues with the elderly such as affordable medication and compliance, health and nutrition, and also safty issues. Also teenagers proper nutrition, drugs and alcohol and safe sex. Hoped this helped.
  14. Rylee2008

    Told LTC a waste of my time

    Thanks so much for your responses. I need to follow my heart and do what I enjoy because life is too short.
  15. Rylee2008

    Told LTC a waste of my time

    I will be graduating soon with my RN degree. I have a Surgical Tech. degree so my husband and others are insisting I go into Surgical Nursing. To tell you the truth, I found Surgical Nursing boring and the only way I would enjoy it is if I was also...
  16. Rylee2008

    Very depressed & q for older students

    You won't be the oldest student out there. I'm 37 and will graduate when I'm 38 this year. We have several students in their 50's and they receive awesome grades. To tell you the truth I didn't have the discipline to do this in my 20's. I have tw...