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Rylee2008 has 2 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Operating Room, Long Term Care.

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  1. I work in a smaller OR and we actually all get along pretty well. My hospital is getting better at not tolerating a hostile work environment. I let things roll off my back, but I will stick up for myself. No one deserves to be dumped on because others are having a bad day, but I do pick my battles because during some situations, its not appropriate to knit-pick.
  2. Rylee2008

    OR RN work schedule?

    I work 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. We take call every 6th working day and every 6th weekend which includes Friday from 3:00 pm until Monday at 6:30 am. Things can change daily, due to cases be delayed or because of add-ons. Thursday while on call I worked 20 hours straight. My supervisor did give me the next day off to recover which gave me a three day weekend off. A lot of time on call, I never get called in so I can't complain.
  3. Rylee2008

    Why all the haters?

    I love the OR. I have never been bored. I get to do everything from IV sedation to Code C's. On call I never know what I'll get, but usually it's a trauma patient. I think I give better care because I only have one patient at a time and my full attention is given to them and only them. You do need thick skin and the ability to let things roll off your back. Good luck.
  4. Rylee2008

    New grad in the OR

    Sorry to hear this. When I trained in the OR I had a preceptor for 6 months who I pretty much just followed and then she followed me. I did have the advantage of having a surg. tech degree first which helped a lot. Hang in there, the OR can be a cold place, but once you build trust with the providers, CRNAs and other nurses things usually get better. Everyone was in your position at one point and sometimes they forget it. Good luck.
  5. Rylee2008

    Anyone regret ever having stepped foot in nursing school?

    I also have a surgical tech. degree and trust me, nursing school is conditioning for the stressful work environment. I have see worse behavior in the OR. I have seen doctors scream at nurses, instruments thrown and swearing you won't hear from a truck driver. Facilities are getting better, but they tip-toe around doctors because they need them more than a nurse or a surgical tech. I learned to turn off my emotions and let things fly off my back, because honestly I don't think it will change. I'm actually thinking about finding a clinical job for less stress.
  6. Rylee2008

    Hopelessness r/t nursing school

    This nursing diagnosis is right on.
  7. Rylee2008

    please share feelings about the future when approaching graduation

    I can't wait to graduate. I'm starting a job as a LPN which will turn into a RN position after I graduate in May. I will miss my friends, but most of all I'm very proud of my accomplishments.
  8. Rylee2008

    Accepted & now worried about the hard work

    Congrats for being accepted. Listen to your heart and if you want this, you can do it. Yes, nursing school is hard but it can be done or there won't be any nurses. I'm graduating in May and I did this for my family. I did miss out on school events and other things, but I still found time for my family. Good luck.
  9. Rylee2008

    Hopelessness r/t nursing school

    I graduate in May and this semester has been the hardest. I think students hit a point of "burn out". I had to learn to be a "B" student instead of an "A" student and that is alright for me. I need sleep more than an "A" on a test. Hang in there and keep the prize in sight. Good Luck.
  10. Rylee2008

    Sick of RNs not believing patients about pain

    The patient which I refer to in the post had a total knee replacement. He had no drug history that I know of and also had chronic pain due to arthritis.
  11. Rylee2008

    Does it get better?

    I'm a nursing student who will graduates in May. I hate clinicals. I hate the crabby nurses and instructors who treat us like children. My questions is, does it get better once you graduate and working on your own? I'm afraid I made a bad choice going into nursing. Did anyone else feel this way?
  12. Rylee2008

    Salary for New Grad

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  13. Rylee2008

    Sick of RNs not believing patients about pain

    Thanks everyone for all the great advice. I know I'm the patient's advocate and I'm there for the best interest of the patient and not to make friends. I feel this nurse was just on a power trip.
  14. I'm in my last semester of nursing and I'm sick of staff nurses not believing patients about their pain. I had a one day post-op patient who was in pain and asked for his percocet. I gave him his meds and the nurse freaked out on me. She said "he's going home in two days and he needs to deal with his pain and you don't need to medicate him every time he complains he's in pain" She demanded my instructors name because she was going to talk to her about my actions. He was only getting it q4hrs. I have never been yelled at before in clinicals by a nurse, they usually tell me I'm doing great. My instructor told me to blow it off, but it just makes me mad about how she treated me and the patient.
  15. Rylee2008

    Salary for New Grad

    I was offered a position at a Rehabilitation Center as a LPN for $13.00hr and after I graduate in May and hopefully pass my RN boards, they are willing to bump me up to $19.00 - $20.50/hr. They thought it was a win-win due to the fact they could train me using my LPN for my RN position which was cheaper for them. I will be working weekends and with second shift will get a .50/hr bump and third $1.00/hr bump. Does this wage sound reasonable for my first RN position? I live in northern Wisconsin and employers don't like sharing what the average wage is for their RNs.
  16. I average about 7 hours on class days and 6 hours on clinical days. The night before a test I need at least 7 so I can think clearly.

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