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i dont understand why grown men and women act like idiots in my class. we are there to learn and to become nurses. there are grown men and women in my class that act a fool. they talk and laugh when... Read More

  1. by   Altra
    My grandmother has a diagnosis for those who can't stop talking, ever: "In the head and out the mouth ..."

    These are the people who have no concept that the world isn't waiting with baited breath just to hear their opinion. That it is possible to listen to something and process it internally without verbally commenting on it.

    In my nursing concepts class I sit directly in front of two of them. I wish I could say they are 18-ish - then I could at least chalk their rudeness up to immaturity. But they're not - they're 35+, educated, otherwise mature women. But it's an almost constant buzzing undercurrent, all the way through lecture. GRRR...

    And the 3-hole punchers - don't even get me started!

  2. by   rpbear
    And the 3-hole punchers - don't even get me started!
    I must admit that I am one of the three hole punchers!:imbar I did not know that is bothered people. I will be more aware of it in the future.

  3. by   truern
    <shyly raising my hand, and glancing around furtively>

    ummmm, I, too, have a binder 3-hole punch.....but I swear I don't know HOW it got in my notebook
  4. by   a_crftyldy
    I've experienced disruptive behavior in different classes in different ways. Don't know which one was the worst. First, there was the 40 something lady who was constantly showing up late for class. Then she sat there during nutrition once and answered her cell phone while the teacher was lecturing. She litterally sat there and talked making the teacher stop and wait for her. He looked at the rest of us with a look on his face that said, "are you seeing what I'm seeing?" This was a three hour class and one day she showed up for the last half hour, why bother coming at all!? She was also in the Nursing program with us first year and failed out cause she kept showing up for clinicals late, then had the nerve to say that the instructor had it out for her.

    Then there's the 50 something guy with GERD or something cause he likes to sit in class and belch. I'm not talking a little burp, I'm talking "raise the roof" belching. Plus, he never excuses himself for it and if anyone says anything to him about it he either shrugs it off like it's no big deal or he makes some stupid comment. Now he's a first year nursing student. I'm a second year student and I hope I make team leader with him in my group. If he belches one time in the clinical experience I'm going to write him up for unprofessional behavior. But, on the lighter side, at least he's just belching and not farting.

    Then there's the nose blower. Had him in micro and everday without fail, he'd pull his little hanky out of his back pocket and blow his nose, loudly. Sounded like a goose with a sore throat. To make things worse, he'd wrap the hanky around his finger and proceed to clean out each nostril with it, then stick the hanky back in his pocket. Of course he sat in the very front so pretty much the whole class was invited to that show.

    Kind of makes the talkers seem not so bad huh? Oh yeah, have had them too, but our instructors are usually pretty good about telling them in no uncertain terms to be quiet. Usually they stop lecturing, stare at the talker, then when the talker looks at them, they say, "would you like to come up here and teach the class?" Works everytime.

    Oh, and one more annoying person. The one who takes her shoes off during tests and then constantly rubs her feet on the carpet so all you hear is the "swoosh swoosh" of her feet. GGRRRR!!
  5. by   LauraLou
    We had a fight break out in my chemistry class over talking. There are several students that constantly talk while the instructor is speaking. There are several other students that will ask the talkers to be quiet because they can't hear.

    Well, last week one of please-shut-up people had a shouting match with one of the talkers. They are both guys and I was afraid that they were going to start hitting each other. It got really tense.

    The professor is a nice lady but totally ineffective. She just stood at the front of the class and weakly waved her hands and said "Please sit down, okay?"

    At least we got a break from diagraming Lewis structures!
  6. by   FarmgrrlRN
    Do you think this is all coming to a head since we're in the home stretch of the semester?

    I am the treasurer for my nursing class and one of the big issues we have are talking and questions.

    Our class of 80+ students sits in a room (they call it the theater) that is really just hardwood floors, cinder block walls and high ceiliings. When ppl start talking it gets really LOUD. We've had this issue brought to our instructors' attention and they addressed it. We, the class officers, brought it to our class' attention about a month ago. Did it help? H*ll no! Now, its become a problem again. And the talkers are offended! I'm sorry but when I can hear 5 distinct conversations all around me, its not conducive to my learning experience! We had a talk with one of our instructors and she said she would discuss it again with the faculty and the head of the nsg program.

    Another issue we have are the audible groans, comments, and nasty looks people give when a fellow classmate asks a "stupid" question. I admit that I get frustrated sometimes too when a classmate asks a question about something we JUST discussed 5 mins before but then there are others that have legitimate conerns. My opinion is that there is no such thing as a stupid question and I don't want my classmates to feel so intimidated by the reaction that they may incur by just asking one (& potentially "wasting time" as some students have said).

    Our class advisor told us it really just comes down to the respect that each individual holds for their fellow classmates. Some days it feels like ZERO!

    (BTW, we do laugh and have a good time between all of this!)
  7. by   shape0fmyheart
    Let me just say, I'm 18... (I'll be 19 on Saturday), and I don't fit into this typical stereotype. Actually, the people who disrupt MY class ARE the "30-40 something year olds". I go to school to learn, not to socialize/make friends/ect. I want to get my full "money's worth" EVEN THOUGH I am not paying for it myself. Immaturity can occur at any age.
  8. by   bluesky
    At my school the loud obnoxious ones have complete control over the social scene. One is constantly making smarta*s remarks to the prof. He is famous for saying things like "gota feel bad for those doctors who examine rape patients, what about the liability!". Or, [to an african-american woman joking about her how much hair her son had when they were trying to put an internal fetal monitor] "it's that nappy hair".
  9. by   Altra
    Rpbear & truesn ...

    Thanks so much for understanding about the hole punches!

    Herewithme ...

    You're absolutely right about the fact that CLUELESSNESS knows no age limits - and that was the point I was trying to make - didn't mean to sound like an "old lady" taking out her frustration on younger students. In all honesty, I know I wasn't ready to take on the responsibility of being a nurse at a younger age - so those of you who are young and already have your act together - you have my complete respect!

    Take care all,
  10. by   shape0fmyheart
    Thanks Leigh (MLOS), it was nice of you to say that. I was just in a "mood" last night and some things in this post I might have taken too seriously.