why did you decide to do this????

  1. Just curious folks.... I have written a handful of posts now about why I chose to become a nurse - I plan to do my Master's thesis about what IT IS that prompts people to do this.... I have a strict belief in "personal reward" - which is NOT considered FINANCIAL reward - though this IS helpful, when it comes to paying the mortgage!

    I chose nursing because I want to spend MY 40+ hr work week doing a job that makes me feel GOOD inside - personal reward - knowing that I have made a DIFFERENCE in someone's life - even if it was very subtle OR if they don't even realize it ---

    I used to do accounting - playing w/ numbers -- I found this IMMENSELY UNREWARDING - when I would go home from the office at night, I would feel empty - I would often - throughout the work day - find myself going to the ladies room 3x an hour - just to have an excuse to get up and be near other people!

    Making $ for other people (my old boss) was NOT what I considered personally rewarding - and I thought about getting a different job in accounting - but to ME, this is NOT what I thought was "fun" --- helping someone walk for the first time after a hysterectomy - or a family member grieve over the diagnosis of AML of their loved one -- this is life. Does anyone have their own idea of "what you are in nursing for?" to add?? I'd like to know. I have a theory that many more students/nurses are really in this field because they really care about others...
    how do you feel?
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  3. by   marieoct62
    This may sound corny but here is my story:
    I am a 39 year old wife and mother of four boys 17,15,13, & 6. When my six year old was born I decided to get out of the insurance sales and stay home to work the dairy farm with my husband. When Adam was 31/2 I got a job offer to work as a secretary. I told my husband that if I ever went back to the real world that I wanted to attend a local university and become an RN. I never really dreamed of being a nurse when I was young but now that I am older I wanted something more in my life. I wanted to make a difference in someones life besides my family. I get a really good feeling from helping other people. Well, the next morning I went to the barn and my husband had the daily paper opened up to this full page article on "The Nursing Shortage in the area"!!! I told him this was my sign from above to go for it. Within 4 weeks I was enrolled and all financial aid/loans in place.
    I have never really struggled with studies or school everything has just all fallen into place and I look forward to graduating in May of 2003!!!!
  4. by   Katnip
    Nursing was something I'd always wanted to do. I've tried different types of jobs over the years, but nothing ever felt truly right. Finally, things came together enough for me to jump in and go to nursing school.

    My first semester is just finished, and it has been one of the most frustrating and satisfying times of my life. Now more than ever, I know that this is what I'm meant to do.

    It is certainly not about money or status. But there truly are things far more important than that in life, and I've now found it.
  5. by   rosemadder
    I personally never had an interest in nursing. Then I became a Hospice patient volunteer and after my first patient--I was hooked!!! I feel like God led me into Hospice for the reason of becoming a nurse! So, if I'm gonna make it...it's up to Him to finish this work He's began!
  6. by   prmenrs
    This is so corny, but when I was 4 years old, someone asked me what I was going to be when I grew up. I said, a nurse. I don't know why except I liked the caps!

    I really never changed my mind. And, no, I haven't worn a cap in years, but they're still on the top shelf of my closet--just in case!!!
  7. by   GPatty
    I just always grew up "knowing" that someday I would be a nurse. I have always had a certain amount of "medical knowledge" that just seemed to come naturally.... now, that I am finally in school, I can put that to use!!!
    I can't wait to be a nurse. Always wanted to be, and always will be....
    Thank You God for giving me this opportunity.
  8. by   janmae1950
    I used to be in accounting - clerical work and before that secretarial work. I'm just starting my steps to being a nurse. I'm 51 and made a big marital mistake about 8 years ago. I stopped working and took care of my stepson then my husband decided he didn't want to be married to me anymore. In addition, my father suffered a stroke around the same time so I moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh. I tried getting back in the office work scene and it just isn't cutting it for me. I have over 20 years office experience and can't get more than $10.00-11.00 an hour. That's bull. Plus the atmosphere in the white collar world has changed so much. Too many yuppies yanking the support staff chains and acting so uppity. Plus you never know when you are going to be laid off. I've been through THAT five times.

    Anyways, because of my dad's physical disabilities, he's in assisted living now and I've had so much contact with nursing staff because of his health. I also had been doing alot of soul-searching regarding my future - career and financial wise. I was so concerned with what appeared to be such a shortage of help. Then I did a research paper in college about high growth fields and nursing came up second after computer programming (yawn). I'm nowhere near being a nurse but I have had some hands on experience with my father's care and what the staff have to deal with. Yes, it's very physical but like I said, I am so concerned with the shortage of nurses that I want to be in a field where I know definitely I am needed, and the chance of layoffs is slim.

    My brother in law and sister seem to be trying to talk me out of this and there is a part of me that says to myself, "good grief you are 51 years old." So I often feel that I'm on the wrong track but then again, I want to try. I don't plan on ever getting married again, so I need a career in a field that won't kick me out in the street because of mergers, closing, bankruptcies, terrorists, and the whims and fancies of snots that are half my age. The health field is about the only one I can think of that is relatively stable compared to every other industry in this country. I hear people complaining about pay in nursing but let me tell you all that the field I've been in isn't willing to pay me near what even an LPN makes. I have to take care of myself and in this world we live in, we have to consider finances. It would be great to devote ourselves to a career solely on the basis of what we can do for others, but that's not our world right now. So not all of my reasons for nursing are totally altruistic, although I do admit that I get uncomfortable thinking about shortage of good care for the sick and since I am aware of that now, I want to do my part to alleviate that problem, however small that part may play.

    Thank you all for letting me rant!
  9. by   KITTYLADY
    jan, 51 is not too late to start - as long as you can handle all the instructors that could possibly be young enough to be your daughters! i'm only 34 and flipped when i realized the person in charge one semester was 35, barely... one thing you will never get away from in nursing though is the politics.... though they may wear scrubs instead of heels - the yuppies still abound! and the name of the game is get ahead... i tend to consider my decision to enter into nursing mostly altruistic, but there lurks the money hungry materialistic part of me that will never settle for less.... good luck! :d
  10. by   manaAJ2
    I am a sophomore nursing student and I'm not really sure how I came across the idea of being a nurse. I just knew I was interested in medical stuff and I really liked helping people.

    When I was 16 I started volunteering at a hospital and fell in love with being around nurses and doctors, and especially the patients. I found what the nurses did amazing, and I realized that one person can make such a big difference in a person's life. I learned as a volunteer that doing something as simple as getting a sick person a glass of gingerale or fixing their pillow, or just talking to them can make such a huge difference. When I was 18 I started volunteering at a children's hospital as a child life volunteer and fell in love with it. I admired the nurses there so much, for what they did for the families and the children.
    I want a job where I felt my time was well spent. I dont want a job where the only purpose is to make money. I want my job to have meaning.
    Someone once told me that a good way to decide on a career / job was to think of something that you wouldn't mind doing for free. NURSING is that thing for me. Although I know it will be stressful, and I know there will be tough times, I know that that is what I want to do, and I know that I will get great satisfaction knowing I made a big difference in the lives of many people.
  11. by   Mkue

    I had been in the medical field of medical records for many years and worked for a female Cardiologist who really inspired me. I learned compassion, caring, empathy and much more from her. I've always looked up to nurses with admiration. I have two sisters that are RN's.

    It took almost 10 years to finally take the plunge, always waiting for the right time with kids, there is never a good time, you just have to do it. Takes a lot of motivation and perserverence. Especially at (42) but at any age it's a lot of hard work.

    Glad to be a nursing student !
  12. by   pkmom
    I've always been a servant in one form or another. Somewhere I figured out that helping people is what is important, not $ or prestige or any of that stuff. People are important. When I was pregnant, I read through all the pregnancy books wanting more medical knowledge. I wanted to be able to take care of my son in the best possible way. I was talking to my OB nurse and I asked her what kind of training she had, she told me....I was happy. I can handle two years...except its become 3.5 years! In the hospital, the nurses were my best friends....bringing food, water, sleep, and Vicodin!!! I hope that after a 12 hr shift I can go home and feel confident that I at least helped someone, that would make my day worthwhile.
  13. by   Lausana
    Well Kittylady, my motives are very similar to yours-I have been working in accounting, which left me feeling like it really didn't matter if I was there or not from day to day. There aren't a lot of options for advancement, or variety.

    I originally planned to major in socal work, but after 4 years of school-at least, that pay stinks, not to mention some the the things you'd be faced with everyday. Then thought about taking a different route with Psychology-better pay, but still lots of school.

    So I considered nursing, I'm really looking forward to having close contact with patients and/or families, but unlike social work, I wil be working with them on a shorter term basis. its really the best of both worlds-more variety and chance of advancement and only 2 years of school to start. I'm a single parent, and nursing will offer me so many opportunties as far as when and where I work. And I won't have to worry about supporting us either-granted I'll never be rich, but when I'm finished with school, I'm guaranteed to DOUBLE what I make now. Of course I'm a poor student now, but knowing that this will all be worth it mentally, physically, and financially-makes it hard to wait!

    I really can't wait to actually want to go to work. Everyday I have to drag myself out of bed to go to work now, I do have to be thankful that I'll still be able to work at my current job for another semester and mgmt has been great in working around my schedule. But, I want a job that keeps me on the move during the day and do some hard work for a change, and a job I can feel proud to do-knowing that because I was there I made a difference in someone's life!

  14. by   StudentRNTX
    i've always wanted to be a nurse. But not being determined enough kept me from persuing my dream. My light bulb moment was when i got laid off and i realized that i have nothing. No money saved because i was living from pay check to pay check. And that i will have to start in another odd job from scratch.
    I decided to go back to college and change my life for the better.
    I start Jan 14th, 2002. Two days after my 27th birthday. And i am so happy for making this decision, and so excited about going back to college. It's never too late.