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I know I"m not the only one. :spin: I have one son, who will be two in June, I start in August. I can't believe he'll be almost four when I'm done!... Read More

  1. by   lwilson22
    This post is so encouraging!! I thought I was crazy for applying with one so young (he will be 2 in March) but as I see, it is doable!!! Still waiting on that acceptance letter, though
  2. by   Satori77
    Wow, you ladies are amazing! I have a 4 year old and a almost 9 month old. Starting prereqs this January. I don't know how some of you do it with 3, 4, or more kids! I am scared of how I will handle them, school, work and last (but not least) my husband. Luckily he is great support and my parents live very close and will help where they can. My kids will be good motivation (I am doing this mostly for them), and all of you here are really inspiring.
  3. by   mbcatac7
    I will be honest, I am doing this for myself. I want this degree whether I work in the field or not. It is something I want to accomplish.
    But, I do want to work in this field. I think weekend night shift would be great for me.
  4. by   AngeinJax
    Really hard, but worth it! I am a single mom of a two year old and I will graduate in May 08. It has been hard. My daughter misses me a lot and had no understanding of why I am not with her all the time. I am in a night/weekend program and work 5 days a week, so I see her very little....in the morning when she wakes up, some semesters one full day a week, about two evenings a week. I have missed some important mielstones (first time she pee'd in the potty) but I have a loving family/friends support system that take great care of her and a daycare that I love and trust.

    As soon as I finish with my ADN, I am doing the RN to BSN, but I will do that online to provide me with a bit more time with her. Study when they sleep. Take a little time for yourself every week, or you will start hording it and fall behind. I keep a very strict schedule and that has helped!! Good Luck!!
  5. by   phoenixfire
    I've got a 4 yr old boy, a 7 yr old girl, a 10 yr old girl, a 26 yr old husband (aka the big kid), and a 26yr old adolescent that lives with me.

    I take care of everybody, schools, dr appts, laundry, meals, groceries... actually, what I DONT do would be a shorter list...

    But, I managed to get through all of my prereqs with a 3.6 GPA, and I start NS in the Spring (YEAH!!)

    It is doable, but I think it takes even more dedication and organization.

  6. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    haaa great post!!!

    i have a 15yr old (thinks shes my age), a 9 yr old and an 8 yr old. a 35 yr old husband, 3 dogs, 1 cat and 5 fish....and a housefull of things to do, geez. i better get help when i start jan 14, 2008. woo hoo..i'm excited, but i know i cannot hold down the fort alone. best wishes to all of you in school , about to start school (like myself) and those still applying.
  7. by   jackson145
    I'll be starting the RN program on January 14th! I have a 12 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. So far, it's not been too crazy. Of course, up until I start the program I've only been going half-time. I have a lot of family who are totally behind me and willing to help out wherever they're needed, though. I know I'll miss a lot of my kids lives for that year and half but later when I'm better able to provide for them it will pay off. I'll just have to work real hard to make it up to them!
  8. by   zlatamoya
    I had my daughter on the sunday after finals week in my third semester I'm currently auditing my fourth (critical care) semester, and then will end up graduating a semester later than planned. She's worth it!
  9. by   Monica D
    I have one in high school and two in elementary school :spin:
  10. by   lilbean
    I have 4 here! I just started the nursing program in Sept. When I was dong my pre-reqs they were 3, 7, 9, and 11. 2 years later and all are in different school. It is very difficult for me because they all seem to need me this year with their own academics. It seems I never have time for my own studies. I'll be done in 1.5 years. It will all be worth it and I can't wait to be able to be fully "there" for my children again.
  11. by   nurz2be
    Quote from MrsRitchie
    I know I"m not the only one. :spin:
    I have one son, who will be two in June, I start in August. I can't believe he'll be almost four when I'm done!

    I have 2 teenage daughters, 14 and 16. I care for my mother and mil who both have Alzheimer's, 2 birds, 1 foster kitty, husband of 37 who insists he is still 17 (yeah right), and a partridge in a pear tree...LOL (Just kidding about that last one the pear).

    One lady in my class has 6 kids, of which are 2 sets of twins. One set is 4 the other 6, then a 7 year old and a 9 year old. She has GREAT grades PLUS works as a Flight aid with a level one NICU in Orlando...It is SO possible.

    In my nursing class of 24 there are 58 children, 13 grandchildren, 10 foster kids. Only 1 person in our class, who is 19, is not responsible for a youngun. We will have an ENORMOUS pinning ceremony with all these people running around. Due to our group having so many little ones, most are under 12, we as a nursing group approached a local daycare and made a proposal to see that if we brought the majority of, actually all the little ones go, if they would run the hours of our program. Now, they saw the numbers we could provide and they JUMPED on it. So, now none of the students with little ones worry about sitters, and it is 2 blocks from the school....
  12. by   Am_Byth
    Yes, I have 2 little ones. 5 and 20m. My husband is in school with also. A good majority of students in our class have children.
  13. by   beachbum3
    I have 3, ages 9, almost 8, and 5.

    Its doable.. I feel guilty alot, because they don't get as much attention as they should, but all in all it hasn't been too bad. (I graduate in May!)

    I'm divorced, but my SO and I have lived together for about 3 years, and he is a great help. He doesn't have any kids, and we want to have a baby, but I'm waiting until at least April to start ttc. Plus we are moving out of state for SO's dream job, and into our dream house June 1. He could have taken the job already, but is waiting for me to graduate- so I have several reasons that I can't WAIT for graduation!!