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  1. mbcatac7

    Do you ever NOT give out ice packs?

    I bought Ice Bags and a Ice Cooler. I fill it up with ice everyday. Then I just give out these bags that kids can throw away when done.
  2. mbcatac7

    UT Arlington RN-BSN, web-based?

    I just started about 4 weeks ago...I love it. It seems to be very good and very well laid out. Only web based. No complaints. Billie
  3. mbcatac7

    Dallas Regional Medical Center in Mesquite, TX

    I also did my clinical there. I would not want to work there. Sometime they had 8 pts..not safe.
  4. For me the Online Hurst Review and the LaCharity Book is a must. I passed in July with 75questions.
  5. mbcatac7

    For those who passed with HURST

    I know that test for some reason seems to cause us to tense up and not be able to think through the questions. Maybe you should look into Kaplan for question answering.
  6. mbcatac7

    For those who passed with HURST

    I used both Hurst and LaCharity. Maybe you need question practice..and Kaplan would be of help. Did you do the Mock Nclex Exam with the video..that really helped me out. Billie
  7. After going through the whole program..Hurst did really help me for the Nclex. But for the best part was the Mock Nclex Test that is on the video and you it has 125pages you can print out. I felt just doing the test along with them (I broke this down in 3days)..really helped me when I actually did the Nclex..their voices were in my head if that makes any since.
  8. I went through the videos and had printed out the Workbook and just went in video order to I was done. The 5th day I just printed it all out and used as a study tool. Yes I did still use the LaCharity book...and it was worth it. Billie
  9. mbcatac7

    Has anyone actually failed with 75 with >10 SATA

    I had 10 SATA and 75 questions and passed. I felt it was a hard test.. Billie
  10. mbcatac7

    Took nclex today - freaking out....

    I know what you mean. My stomach was turning when I left this morning. 75 questions and 10 SATA which I heard is a good number to get. So tough! I came home and did the PVT 3 different times and all had good pop ups. I will find out Wed. morning if I passed.
  11. mbcatac7

    Quick infection control question

    For Droplet it's Mask and Private Room.
  12. mbcatac7

    Baylor Healthcare System TDA program

    I thought the Baylor Plan was 16hr shifts x 2 on the weekend..and you get paid for 36 or 40hrs..cannot remember. Base pay is $21 hr. Shift 2 diff is $3.00 hr Shift 3 diff is $5.00 hr Weekend is diff plus $6.00 hr
  13. mbcatac7

    NCLEX review classes?????

    I am during the online Hurst review..and just love it. I feel this is a really great program. This is what I am using..and it has already made a difference on how I answer my practice questions. I think online is better because you can listen on your own time..which means smaller chunks of time...so you retain more. Plus you can go and review as many times as possible.
  14. mbcatac7

    Your views about kaplan course?

    I have a friend who is currently taken it. She says it is all practice questions, no content review. She also said that Kaplan said if you are making above a 65% on practice tests that is very good...enough to pass Nclex..not sure if that is true..but it sounds great. I am currently doing the Hurst Review Online..AWESOME. She really provides the content..but also really works on answering questions. I just love it and have started to do that much better on my practice questions. The great think about the online course is you can take it at your pace. I am retaining so much more than if I would have taken a Live Class. Billie
  15. mbcatac7

    El Centro/Northlake: anyone received their ATT yet?

    I talked to Ms. B before the pinning ceremony and she said she had them..but they would not go out until the 1st week in June. Once the BON gets them they will update their website within 24hours. You then get an email giving you a passcode etc to register a date to take the test. The hospital that I will be working for stated to me that they don't even start looking for it posted on the website until June 7th..but they expect it to take a few days. Hope this helps. Billie
  16. mbcatac7

    NCLEX 3500

    Thanks..I was able to download it..and it works. Billie