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I know I"m not the only one. :spin: I have one son, who will be two in June, I start in August. I can't believe he'll be almost four when I'm done!... Read More

  1. by   srkastc
    I start my Nursing classes in August (if I get through this summer A&P)! I have always been with my daughter who is now 6. She is homeschooled and isn't used to not having me around. Thankfully, my husband has been able to rearrange his work schedule so that she doesn't have to be left with a sitter. However, this Fall, I will have to have childcare because my school does not offer any Nursing classes at night (which I think is crazy!!!).

    It is not easy to juggle school with one child so I applaud those of you who do it with more.
  2. by   2B_RN_2008
    I too am a nursing student in my Senior yr of a BSN program. I have 2 daughters 7 and 11. It has been a hard road but I would never change anything. Both of my girls have seen first hand that if there is something that you truly want, if you work hard you can obtain your dreams. It is amazing to see my oldest begin to "compete" w/me. We see who can get the higher GPA per semester. She bet me this last semester. She had a 4.0 and I got a 3.87. I think that not only am I learning but I am also providing my kids with a frame work of the importance of doing well in school and never giving up your dreams no matter you age.
  3. by   ChristaMH
    Hi. I am in my 3rd semester of the ADN program. I have 2 boys - ages 11 and 4. I am not going to lie to you - it is hard. Getting them to help on a daily basis is even harder. They are getting better. It is all worth it. There will be times when you think that you can't do it - YES YOU CAN.
  4. by   1995botosani2007
    I have 2 boys, they are teenagers... Never too late...
  5. by   sweetiez
    Hi there. ime almost 22. And i have a 1 year old daughter. Oh may i mention a 24 year old FH also? *sigh* lol
  6. by   Clarise
    I just graduated and I have four children - ages 7.5.3 and 1 (will be 2 in July). I started my nursing classes when the youngest was 6 weeks old! I would never want to repeat that year ever again!
  7. by   angel75
    Two high energy rotten boys 9 and 11 years old!
  8. by   MamasInked
    I'm a single mama of 3 (13, 6 1/2, 4). I'm currently working on pre-reqs for my BSN, and awaiting the news on whether I'll be accepted into the LVN program(I'm in California, and obviously y'all know how RIDICULOUS it is to try to get into the RN program, so I've decided to get my LVN, work and gain experience, and bridge into ADN or BSN)... So anyways, anything is possible if one has the passion to succeed. After reading the previous posts prior to my own, I realize I am not alone in my endeavors.
  9. by   Nurse2BStacey
    I have a step-son (18) and a 9 yr old son and a big ole 44 yr old baby (DH ) This is the hardest thing I have ever done. But just like child birth, you soon forget the pain. Just finished (should I say squeaked by) my first semester. Never thought it would be over, cried at least once a week didn't think I could do. But I did do it, I have had a little break and I am ready to go concur 2nd semester.
  10. by   prinsessa
    I have two kids (DD is 9 and DS is 3 1/2). I know things will be hard once I start nursing school in the fall full-time, but I know I can do it! I already told DH that I don't want to hear about the house being a mess. School is more important. I was so excited when I found out I got into my school. DD wasn't happy though. She asked me "why do you have to go to school?" I know it is hard on the kids....especially since I was going to school at night. Now that I am going during the day, I hope I have more time to spend with them. I think the hardest part is feeling guilty about not having lots of time to spend with them.
  11. by   cherokeesummer
    I got pregnant in my 3rd semester of six. I took off the next semester b/c I was a high risk pregnancy and then went back when he was 2 months old. He is now 19 months old and I am all done with school, graduate next month (had to wait for the other classes to finish). It was ok, I didn't study as much bc I felt guilty but I did get things done that needed to be done and my grades haven't gotten worse than they were before, they stayed about the same and I did pretty well. It's been fun! Hehehehehe!

    It can be tough at times b/c you want to be there for the kids, or when they get sick or you have sitter problems but planning is key! And be prepared to let housework go when you can!
  12. by   gwyneffar
    I'm in school with a 7 year old (who tries to help) and an 18 month old. It is very distracting to study sometimes, to say the least! Even more distracting is in January I found out I was pregnant. I'm due in September and suprisingly enough it isn't that bad, I'm just tired and forgetful more often probably.
  13. by   MrsMommaRN
    my boys are now 5 and 7. i started school when my oldest was 3. many people from my class have children and we all made it through fine. we even had a single mom with seven kids!!!