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  1. by   kermit27
    Hey busy beaver and fifi, what Enya do you recommend? I love a tape from about 1989 but haven't heard anything since?

    She is my favourite candlelit bath music.

    Studying in our spare bedroom, office/study is a nightmare because I'm surrounded by bills, filing and old magazines. I'm gonna try starbucks! no enya there, though
  2. by   ggfifirn05
    I have all of her CDs, but my favorite is "Watermark". Her newest one, "A Day Without Rain" is pretty good too. I've been a big fan of hers for years.
  3. by   busybeaver
    Only have two of her CD's, "Watermark" and "Shepard Moon". I love both of them and plan to invest in a few more. I'm going to take ggfifi advice and try "A day without rain" next.
  4. by   emmybsu
    Originally posted by FutureNurse2005
    I can study anywhere! Sometimes, I have to be alone, but I am pretty good at focusing!

    I like to study in the tub also!

    How can you study in the tub!??!!?
    My notes would probably fall in, and get all wet!!!

    I like to study at the school library in the carols right next to the window that looks over the street so i can see all the people going to their particular places, or at my kitchen table at home. Can't study at my desk in my room. Too many distractions...especially yahoo dominoes!!
  5. by   straba
    I can study anywhere but home. Too many distractions. I have 2 young boys who always want me to play with them. I have a hard time saying no, especially when they come up to me that "I'm bored with all my toys, and the only thing in the world that sounds exciting to do is to play with my Papa" look. How can I resist??!! If I really need to get some serious studying done, I simply go to the library.
  6. by   Fusternc
    I have found that I can't study at home as there are to many distractions (tv, internet surfing, etc). What I found is that forcing myself to goto the college library and sitting in one of the enclosed desks well away from others works well for me. I also listen to classical music in my headphones at a very low level. I have found that this does seem to help my retention of the material.
  7. by   GraceyB
    Classical music seems to be the 'in' thing. I'll have to try it. I'm going to the music store to get an Enya CD. I also read somewhere on this board that taking Ginkgo Biloba helos with brain stimulation. Anyone try this out.

    I usually study in my bedroom with the TV on mute, the brightest light on and in my pajamas. I am comfortable but concentrating. I can't seem to study well with the TV completely off. It just has to be turned on but on mute. (Don't know what that's about)
  8. by   Dublin37
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  9. by   Dublin37
    My fave place is to study in my family room by a large window overlooking our backyard. I have to play music REALLY quietly (country) to push out those voices in my head:chuckle But if I put on classical music, those little voices get LOUDER, and remind me to go clean my guns!
    Although if my kids and husband won't leave me alone I go to the local library which is less stuffy than the college libraries. I like to break up my study times there by going to a restaurant for a couple of hours, sucking on some coffee and munching a 'sammich' very s-l-o-w-l-y.
    Although I have to admit, the puter calls me, screams for me sometimes..........like now. I really ought to be studying for my final!:imbar Heather
  10. by   maire
    Those of you into the New Age/Celtic tunes might like David Arkenstone or Yanni, both of which are part of my studying arsenal. Or check out some of the Narada CDs with the mixed Celtic music.