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I think I am going to go ahead and have the acrylic overlay taken off my nails this weekend....WISH ME LUCK...:roll... Read More

  1. by   Mithrah
    I think that if acrylic nails are unsafe than natural nails must be also. I vote for all nurses to get their real fingernails surgically removed. We all took microbiology and know how much bacteria is on our body. So I vote to have all nurses get their skin surgically removed for the safety of our patients.

    My point is that acrylic nails should be okay! As long as people keep them clean WHO CARES!?!?
  2. by   babynursewannab
    Acrylics can harbor bacteria in the minute (microscopic) crevices between the artificial and real nails. It is near impossible to clean them out completely. Studies have been done and support the need for artificial nails to be kept out of pt care areas of medicine.
    Fungal type infections are the most common.

    Congrats to those removing them and (((hugs))) to you through the mourning period...went through it myself. :wink2:
  3. by   RN4jewels
    Mithrah I made my appt for the skin removal today!!! LOL. I do know that longer nails and acrylics do harbor more bacteria and studies have proven this. I had to take mine off 6-1 per hospital policy. We cannot have nails longer than 1" from base to tip now (natural). I am starting weekend program soon and I will have my glue ons that fall off in 5 days. I have worn them for years having a new set every week. I will just take them off on my weekends. good nail topcoat protects them enough for those two days. I get hangnails after a few weeks of having them off, that is what bugs me. So I will have found a way to work with the policy. I will let you know how I keep my organs in after my other procedure. JK
  4. by   Flynurse
    do your nails hurt??? mine did when i had them removed when i started working at the hospital. ouch!!! i had to wear and still do most of the time clear nail polish to keep them hard and from bending. now before anyone starts flaming me for wearing nail polish let me just say that my fingernails are thin as if you were to put three sheet of paper together. seriously!

  5. by   TristateRN
    The nursing school and hospital that I will be attending believe that both "fake" and "natural" nails should be worn 1/4" and kept clean. Both can harbor bacteria if not washed properly.
  6. by   shunda
    Love this post!! That is what I dread the most removing my nails. I love my nails. My fingernails are short and week and the nails really make my hands look good.
  7. by   StinkyMcStinker
    "When will I remove my Fake Nails?", .......Does that mean I'll have to put some on first? The other guys might give me hell if I did.
  8. by   maire
    Originally posted by StinkyMcStinker
    "When will I remove my Fake Nails?", .......Does that mean I'll have to put some on first? The other guys might give me hell if I did.
  9. by   inodou
    I had mine removed about 2 months ago. They have still not grew out well enough where they don't hurt anymore. My advice is get them removed as soon as possible if you are going to get them taken off, that way you will have time to heal.
  10. by   camkib
    I took my nails off about 2 years ago and promised myself that I would never get them again. In high school I used to joke that the reason my real nails wouldn't grow long was because I was destined to become a nurse! .........or a typist! lol :roll
  11. by   Bevi
    Originally posted by nursebucky

    Oh well....they are off now, and I typed this message in 5 seconds.

    <a snip from Nurse Buckys post>

    ROFLLOL>... omg... you are funny!!!!!!! :roll
  12. by   chiefswife
    Well, I did it. I had the nails taken off today. As I was sitting in the salon thinking about how it was the last time I would have my nails done and all that, I tried to cheer myself with the idea that I would save money this way. I think I failed to convince myself...I decided that instead of having my nails done every other week, I would just go get a pedicure. That way, I have "me time" and I won't miss the smell of the nail salon.:chuckle
  13. by   nursebucky
    sara, you will be ok.
    I noticed nurses have no nails on at all, so it is what's best for the patient.

    I have officially been walking around with ugly hands (and a gorgeous wedding ring) for almost a month now. I pass by the nail shops and tear up from time to time, but I keep my eye on the prize.