When I graduate I am going to.....

  1. Let's have a stress break here. If you are like me you have a list a mile long of things you have put on the back burner while in school.

    When I graduate I am going to.....

    1. Clean the damn house!
    2. Start working on some home improvement projects
    3. Get more involved in daughters school and girl scouts

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  3. by   hikernurse
    1. The house is definitely the first thing I'm going to focus on after graduation
    2. Reading books that I'm not going to be tested on
    3. Spend the first several weeks teasing myself with the idea that I have a care plan due the next day--oh wait, no I don't :-)
    4. SLEEP
    5. Play with my kids without a text book sharing my lap with the baby
  4. by   GeminiTwinRN
    finally have some cashOLA!

    Clean up!

    I'm so tired of being broke and not being able to buy the things I want, like make up! (I desperately wanna try bare escentuals!)

    And my son could use a few "extras" too, for putting up with ole mom for the last 3.5 years!!

    But the most important thing I'm going to do is save $$ to buy a new house.

  5. by   ICRN2008
    When I graduate I am going to...

    1) Organize my house
    2) Pay off my credit cards
    3) Join a book club
    4) Finally take a rockclimbing class!
    5) Make dinner for my husband more than twice a week
  6. by   OhioMTCRN07
    1. Reward my family with a nice vacation Together!
    2. Spend some "me" time, take 1 entire week to sleep in late - don't work or do anything at all.
    3. Sit by that ocean, listen to the waves, not have to worry about "next quarter". Oh, and don't forget to bring the paperback books! (Okay, that may go with #1 depending on where the family wants to go!)
    4. In the fall, help the new "2nd year" students by mentoring.
  7. by   CityKat
    1. Get my own apartment AGAIN
    2. Buy another boxer b/c mine died before I moved to NYC
    3. Get my hair done
    4. Start working on paying off my loans
    5. Sell my car b/c in NYC, you don't need a car
    6. Getting more involved in the charity organization I belong too.
    7. Go to the spa because AFTER nursing school, who doesn't need a day of relaxation and pampering?
    8. Take my mom and dad to a nice dinner for helping me so much through nursing school
    9. Open my ebay store
    10. Perform a long awaited spring cleaning

    The list goes on and on, but this is the immediate i think.
  8. by   mixyRN
    1. work full-time for 1 year to pay off all debts
    2. begin part-time school for BSN
    3. get to work on new additions to the family! (2 more would be nice!)
  9. by   PurrRN
    Get a Mommy Makeover, doggonit!! I figure after working so hard to get my degree (18 months from now), I deserve something extra special for just ME. <Sigh>, Probably won't be right away though, cause those suckers are expensive.
  10. by   fleur-de-lis
    1. Scream with joy
    2. Definitely clean the house!
    3. Treat myself with Lasix eye surgery for graduation gift - goodbye glasses
    and contacts!
    4. Spend some quality time with my hubby, dogs, cats and horse. WITHOUT
  11. by   BeccaznRN
    1. Sleep
    2. Read my newspaper every day
    3. Talk to my boyfriend/friends/family about something other than nursing school!

    I'm almost there.....one month left!
  12. by   WickedRedRN
    See, now you are giving me ideas!

    I miss going to the salon regularly! I'm tired of only going when I am desperate and my roots could scare children!

    Oh yeah, and I was in Barnes & Noble not long ago to pick up a gift and I could feel the pull and temptation to check out the fiction, grab a cup of coffee and settle into a comfy chair......Ahhhhhhhh.

    Lets all hit the spa and then the bookstore!
  13. by   blueyesue
    1. Celebrate
    2. Study for the NCLEX
    3. Take the NCLEX
    4. Celebrate
    5. Get a position as RN
    6. Celebrate
    7. Hire a maid :spin:
  14. by   ldh
    Quote from EJM
    1. Celebrate
    2. Study for the NCLEX
    3. Take the NCLEX
    4. Celebrate
    5. Get a position as RN
    6. Celebrate
    7. Hire a maid :spin:

    Re-acquaint myself with a sunny afternoon outside
    Re-acquaint myself with my family


    Spend a year as a stripper paying off my debt while working part time as an RN so I'm not a slave to money for the rest of my life - and this is for anyone who took that seriously...:smackingf