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Let's have a stress break here. If you are like me you have a list a mile long of things you have put on the back burner while in school. When I graduate I am going to..... 1. Clean the damn... Read More

  1. by   cherokeesummer
    Start my BSN to MSN program LOL ROFL!

    Ok ok ok so really before all that, I'm gonna be happy to read a book non school related. Gonna spend a whole lot of time just chillaxin! I already spend most of my time with my son and study when he's in bed or study when Daddy is home too. So I plan on doing that even more!
  2. by   locolorenzo22
    I plan on:
    1. passing the NCLEX.
    2. Working as an RN and maybe doing something through the school (like talking to 1st semester students and telling them what they should expect.)
    3. Going on a LONG 2 week vacation.
    4. Staying low expense to pay my dad off the 20,000 I owe him.
    5. Look into where I can go locally to get my BSN.
    6. work on moving out west.
    7. Grow a beard, let my hair get long, and then walk into work in my leather jacket saying "where's my patient? I need to get back on my bike, the damn throttle's stickin again!"
  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    1. SLEEP
    2. Spend a week with my kids doing nothing but KID stuff
    3. Stody for NCLEX
    5. Start working
    6. Pay off debt
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    - pinch myself to make sure its real

    - study for, and hopefully pass NCLEX
    -move out of my moms house :hatparty:

    -go on vacation (after i pass NCLEX)

    - work and make money

    - start looking for Mr. Right ( I know he is out there somewhere)
  5. by   StudentNurseAbby
    1. Set fire to my Potter & Perry text.
    2. Sleep

  6. by   locolorenzo22
    Abby, if we all did that, I bet the fires could be seen from space!
  7. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    abby, that sounds like a GREAT idea... I am going to add a few other books to the pile especially the nursing care plan books!!!

  8. by   shellsgogreen
    holy cow, this is a great thread! some of these responses have me almost peeing my pants....well, almost:uhoh21:

    so here's what i wanna do when i graduate....

    1.find a new career to stress over (heh...kidding!)
    2. definitely pay off the debt ( shocker)
    3.avoid all white uniforms at all costs.
    and inbetween all that, maybe call up some "pre nursing school" friends and see if they remember who i am....

  9. by   Brigi23
    I love this thread... I am probably going to pick myself up off the floor at graduation from complete exaustion, drive home with a decreased LOC. Give my family the props they deserve for putting up with me when all I ever did was eat, study, use the bathroom, cry, talk about nursing school nonstop and occasionally shower. Then collapse..
  10. by   Mission
    Pay off debt, have a baby, buy a home, open a gallery for my (future) husband so he can become famous and I can retire.
  11. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    <passing Cookie some chux and an undergarnment>
  12. by   Dublin37
    [font="garamond"]-thank my husb in every way possible
    -apologize to kids in every way possible
    -take yr to pay off large debts
    -tummy tuck....one can dream
    -go to europe to accrue new debt
  13. by   DanaR85
    - finally read the many books i have bought over the past 2 years, but never had the time to actually read.

    - reconnect with some of my non-nursing friends that i have seemingly drifted apart from during nursing school(side note: isn't it intersting how friends seem to become divided into 2 groups; nursing friends and non-nursing friends?)

    -make sure to keep in close contact with my nursing school friends(or, more appropriately, nursing school family). we have been through way too much over the past 2 years to lose touch now.

    -actually try dating again. that part of my life has been on hold pretty much for the past 2 years(though nursing school isn't the only reason for that). i think, that at 25, i am finally ready for "grown up" dating. and by that, i mean, trying to meet guys with actual relationship potential, not just hot guys in bands.

    -pay off my credit card debt. i never thought that it would weigh on my mind so much, but it does. i keep thinking "i owe mbna $5000 and i really have nothing to show for it. what did i spend that money on, anyway?"

    -be smarter about my financial situation and save money for a new car.

    -finally get a dog. my dog ran away about 3 years ago and i never found her. i always wanted another one, but nursing school just did not seem like the time to get a new puppy.