When does/did your semester end and how did you do?

  1. My semester officially ended today and I passed NUR 125 with a B- and NUR 115 (Pharm) with a B.

    So, how did you do?
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  3. by   Nurse2b7337
    Great job! Pharm can be difficult so kudos!! I haven't gotten my final grades.

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  4. by   sjalv
    I finished a week ago and these were my phone grades:

    Foundations in Nursing (theory, clinical, communications combined) - B
    Math for Nurses (dosage calcs etc) - B
    Sociology (not related to nursing program) - A
  5. by   TRJSU

    My first nursing semester ended on the 6th.

    Here were my grades:
    Foundations of Nursing--B
    Health Assessment--B
  6. by   christina731
    My 2nd semester ended a week ago. I finished my mental health and medsurg I courses. Both had lecture, lab and clinical and I received B's in both and I'm very pleased
  7. by   Katsmeow
    4 A's and 1 B
  8. by   Flnolegirl
    My semester ends tomorrow as of Monday just past I had two A's.
  9. by   RubberDuckieLove
    My semester ended a little over a week ago. Made a B in Med Surge 2 and a B is psychiatric nursing. Only two more semesters to go!!!
  10. by   TinkerBell2002
    Mine ended Monday the 16th. Last semester here I come!!!!

    1st 7.5 weeks I had med surg 2= A

    2nd 7.5 weeks I had peds=A-
  11. by   MissChloe
    I had my last final today. We don't have any official grades yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting an A in everything, maybe an A- in one of the classes (Nursing Arts and Sciences) but I won't know until she posts my participation grade so I can do the calculation.
  12. by   Divatologist
    Just finished my 1st semester!! I took all my prereqs before applying to the program. So, I only had fundamentals. Lab and clinical was included in my grade. I got a "B"! I'm happy with my "B". The instructor told us that most 1st semester students barely pass, even the "A" students. My clinical evaluation was excellent. Lab and clinical is pass/fail. 1st semester was rough, but I made it. Next semester I have 2 classes and will have 2 classes each semester for the remainder of the program. That's 2 classes, 2 labs, and 2 clinicals. Having to work full time is going to be rough, but that's the only way I can get money for school. I'm still so excited about finally being in the program. I'm so motivated. Time is flying. Class of 2015 will be marching before you know it.

    Great job everybody! Keep up the good work and good luck next semester!
  13. by   mytwoboysmom
    We ended last week, I got 2 A's and 2 B's Whew! It was tough!!! after 2 semesters half our class has been dropped
  14. by   boricualuna
    Last final of the semester was the 12th. Ended up with 2 As and 4 Bs. Not bad for working full time and having two kids. My last semester starts back on the 13th, so I'm going to enjoy Christmas with my kids before I start hitting the books again before school starts back up.