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  1. Divatologist

    Prince Georges Community College Lpn to Rn

    I finished the program in Dec 2015. However, I was not a LPN prior to entering the program. So, I can't really help you as far as the transition. I have not been back since I graduated though. I don't know if any of my instructors are still there. I can tell you that this was the hardest and most stressful 2 years of my entire life. To make matters worse, you have to test in and out of the program now. We didn't have to do that. Imagine working hard for 2 years and passing all your classes, but can't get your degree because you can't pass the exit exam. You will see some of your classmates left behind due to missing a passing score by 2 points. You will feel the stress of those damn SATA questions. I freakin hate those!!! The clinicals can be good or a waste of time depending on what facility you go to and the nurse they stick you with. I unfortunately had to do 3 semesters at Doctor's Community Hospital. I worked there as a PCT prior to going to school. So, I already knew what to expect. They did not disappoint. Most of the nurses did not want to be bothered with you. My instructor worked for the hospital. So, we couldn't find her sometimes cause she was "working". Talk about a hustle lol. They didn't allow us to pass meds or chart. All we could do was assessments. Sometimes you got lucky and got placed with a nurse who let you do things like meds and chart, but it wasn't often. My 1st clinical site was PGH. We were allowed to give meds there and saw a lot (teaching hospital). I heard Southern Maryland was great, but I never got assigned there. You don't really get to choose your instructors or clinical sites. You enter in "the lottery" and pray your number is called before your desired section fills up. You would do well to look over each section and decide which section works best for your schedule. I worked full time as a night shift unit clerk/nurse tech. It was a rough 2 years. I made it through, but just barely. I didn't pass Peds and had to repeat it. It was hard seeing the classmates I had become so close to move on without me, but I didn't let it get me down. I was determined to graduate. I did finish. I was told that I probably wouldn't pass the NCLEX as a result of me not passing a class, but I passed the NCLEX on the 1st try. My advice to you is to read, read and then read it again. Don't worry about the A+ student or even being a C student. The "A" student will be the 1st ones lost when they hit "the floor". Many can be book smart, but not handle the actual "work". Luckily, you already have that experience. So, you can concentrate on your school work. I started as a CNA in 1996. So, clinicals weren't hard. Working full time and going to school full time was hard and my grades sometimes suffered as a result. Factor in the stresses of regular life and you're always on the brink of a nervous breakdown LOL. Get in with a good group of fellow students. The ladies in my 1st clinical group became my nursing school BFFs and we're still tight to this very day. As a matter of fact, we're all getting together next month for a baby shower celebrating the bundle of joy one of my classmates is carrying. Can't wait to see them. 3 of us work at the same hospital and the other 2 work in different facilities. We studied together and we ate together. We cried together. I don't think I could have made it through without them. Just keep in mind that most of your school work will focus on passing the NCLEX. This is a business and nothing ruins their business like students who can't pass the NCLEX. As you know, most of what you learn will be on the job. They do provide you with a pretty good foundation. I'm still standing and I haven't killed anyone yet. Good luck with everything. Take deep breaths and long walks. Listen to music and do one thing you love at least once a week even if it's just eating your favorite candy bar. You have to be committed and focused, but don't forget to show yourself some love. You'll do great. Be blessed.....
  2. Divatologist

    new grad facebook post

    I actually made a video using Jay Z's Public Service Announcement to announce that I passed the NCLEX. I used iMovie. I did every old school dance you could think of LOL! It was such an awesome feeling. Congrats on passing!
  3. Expect to be busy! It's a busy hospital. It's also a trauma hospital. The helicopter pad stays lit! We hear trauma alerts every few minutes. If nothing else, you will see and learn so much in a short period of time. I'm on a med/surg floor. It's been crazy, but I'm learning a lot. Good luck with your interview. When you get the job, get some good shoes and compression socks. Sitting, eating, and peeing will become luxuries lol!
  4. Divatologist

    Best hospitals for working postpartum or mother baby

    You're welcome. An area you might want to check out is the neighborhoods around Indian Head/National Harbor in PG County. That area is growing. I know that Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital Center is out that way, but I'm not sure of any other hospitals except those near Arlington, VA. It's real nice at the harbor. They have events there. The new MGM hotel and entertainment complex will definitely add to that. Also, check out Hanover, MD. That area is growing as well. That's near the University of Maryland Medical Center and the University of MD Baltimore Washington Medical Center. You have everything you need there as far as stores and entertainment. Maryland Live is located there. You may want to check out Columbia, MD too. That's a real nice area. They have a hospital, Howard County Hospital. Don't really hear about a lot happening in Columbia. They do have the Merriweather Post Pavilion. They have a lot of shows there during the spring and summer. It's an outdoor venue. They have the Capital Jazz Fest there every year. Glen Burnie, Clinton and Waldorf are some places to check out too. They are kind of far out and they don't have too much going on, but you may find it cheaper in those areas.
  5. Divatologist

    Best hospitals for working postpartum or mother baby

    You definitely should apply to many different hospitals in the area. You should also look into applying on USAJOBS - The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site The government job benefits are awesome! You can also look at the state jobs. The state jobs usually place you in prisons and mental hospitals though. I can't tell you about the best for L&D or mother/baby though. I hope you have started the process of getting a DC license. It can take about a month to get one. Most nurses in this area have 2 licenses. I have a MD license as well. It's great because MD is a compact state. So, I can use it in VA and Delaware and vice versa because they are compact states as well. DC wants their money though LOL! I would suggest getting both. I love it here!! I live in MD. This is basically a tri-state area. That's why we refer to this area as the DMV (DC MD & VA). DC folks hate that though lol. No matter where you live in this area, you won't be far from something to do. The farther you get from DC, the cheaper it will be. When you move here, you will get use to "the commute". So, folks in this area are use to it taking an hour or more to get somewhere. When looking for a place to live, always check out the place on something like google maps to see what is close to you in that area. You also want to check the crime report in that area and if you can, drive by that area late at night. Right now, DC is going through some serious gentrification. Many of the areas in DC are crazy expensive! It's not worth it to me. PG County MD probably has the worst rep in the area behind Baltimore. There are some questionable areas in PG, but there are some very nice areas as well. I live in Laurel (PG County). It use to be the cheap place to live, but not so much now lol. I love it here because it's close to 95 and the BW Parkway. I'm halfway between DC and Baltimore. It use to be quiet and slow, but they have built so many houses and apts that it takes you 20 mins to go around the corner now! Ugh! LOL! Places as far out as Glen Burnie are considered cheaper, but they are really building up the area. So, I suspect that will also change. It's great if you can live around the corner from your job, but don't miss out on a great opportunity for a few extra miles. You have people that drive in from Richmond, Va and Philly to work in DC every day. So if you're thinking of living around WHC, expect to pay a pretty penny. The best thing to keep in mind is what you require to live and how close it needs to be. You also need to consider what area you are comfortable living in and how important it is that it's cost effective, but also safe. I'm close to the main highways. I'm close enough to the metro and the marc train. I have a Walmart and a Chipotle lol. My apt complex is quiet and safe. Life is good. If you love shopping, then you will love the DMV! You have any and everything your lil shopping heart desires. Everything from the Hermes boutique to the flea market, we got you covered here. Don't forget that you're close to NYC too! There is always something to do here!!! I am a music lover and I could see a show every night if I wanted to and I'm talking about well known artists. You have all the sports you could want here if you're into that. Don't forget how close you'll be to Philly and NYC. It's nothing for me to jump in the car and hit Philly (about an hour and half drive) or NYC (about a 4 hr drive). You can also jump on the Bolt or Megabus if you don't want to drive and pay all those tolls. You can usually get a $30 or cheaper round trip ticket to NYC if you purchase them a few weeks in advance. Folks usually catch the morning bus and stay all day and catch the last bus back (usually leaves around 11p). Now that I have the EZ-Pass, I just drive up and come back when I feel like it. The bus is great and cheap, but I might not be ready to go back at 11p LOL! There are so many places to go and so much to do every day of the week. Being close to other big cities in other states is a definite plus, especially when you want a change of scenery. Popular places to hang out here are the national harbor, Georgetown, U St in DC, The harbor in Baltimore and so many other places. If you like gambling and the casino life, you have Maryland Live, Laurel racetrack, Pimlico races in Bmore, and the MGM Grand that's opening soon at the national harbor. There's some places in West Virginia too. You're also not far from Atlantic City. You have so many events and festivals too. There's something for everybody. Traffic sucks! It's a pain whether you drive or take the metro. There are a few toll roads that supposedly offer a quicker commute. If you think that you'll be driving up north a lot or you have a toll road near you that makes the commute easier, then I suggest you look into getting an EZ-Pass. The traffic from Laurel to DC is horrible in the am and worse in the pm. You can usually get a break in the morning traffic on the weekend, but not so much for the pm traffic. Traffic just sucks here lol. That's why I said you'll get use to it taking an hour or more to get somewhere. Driving to Philly or NYC will be no big deal after you've lived here for a while. Good luck with everything!
  6. Divatologist

    Help determining target salary

    You're welcome. I would say $35 per hour at least. See how it goes from there. Asking for more and being told it's less is better to me than selling yourself short and being given less than the starting pay because you aren't expecting to be paid that much. If they can get away with paying you less, they will. I'll answer your other thread in regards to the area.
  7. Divatologist

    Help determining target salary

    Not sure what you should tell them, but I can tell you that new grads earn about $28 per hour base pay. I'm sure you will make more than that with your experience. I would definitely go higher than $30. You have to consider that you are moving to an area where the cost of living is probably double that which you pay in GA (ie...2 BR apt in GA might be $750 or higher. Here it's $1200 or higher). So, the pay will be more, but when you compare it to other places that we consider cheaper it all balances out. Good luck!
  8. Divatologist

    Is 32 to late to go to a nursing program ?(ADN)

    Too old? I was 44 when I started the nursing program. I'm 47 in the new grad program at a local hospital. If you woke up and you're able bodied, you're not too old. Being too old is a state of mind and in some cases a state of our knees and back lol. I'm hanging in there though. I think the hardest part is being around a lot of youngins and suddenly realizing you're no longer "cool" LOL! You'll be fine. If it's in your heart, there's no time like now.
  9. Divatologist

    Current RN New Grad Starting Pay

    You're gonna find a range of about $24 to $28 per hour. Unfortunately, most hospitals are requiring nurses to have a BSN. Some hospitals in the area are hiring nurses with an ADN. I know that Washington Hospital Center does. University of MD Balt/Wash in Glen Burnie hires ADN nurses as well. However, that could change before the next cycle of new grad programs start. If you're planning to obtain a BSN in the near future, that will be a plus. I would tell them I'm going to school for my BSN regardless. I believe the proposed deadline for most hospitals is the year 2020. Good Luck.....
  10. I would suggest that you keep on applying even after you receive the "position has been filled" notice. I graduated in December 2015 and I didn't get a new grad job until June 2016. Don't get discouraged. Just keep applying even if you don't get selected the 1st go round. My classmate received a message that the new grad program was no longer hiring. She applied at the end of the following semester and got a callback and ultimately the job. It took her about 7 or 8 months to find her 1st nursing job. So, hang in there and apply, apply, apply!
  11. Divatologist

    Student nurse internship - bad preceptor?

    You're so welcome. I live in Laurel. My daily commute is about 30 mins. Burtonsville is near me, but no metro. Rockville is nice. I think they are building it up. I haven't been there in years. Montgomery County can be a lil on the pricey side. Like gas will be $3.35 per gallon in Rockville and $1.92 per gallon in Laurel. There are a couple of metro stations in Rockville I think. Make sure you apply for as many positions in as many facilities as you can. Like most places, The new grad programs usually start hiring a month after graduation. I would check each hospital every day. waiting for them to post the new grad positions. You may have to work in a long term facility until a position opens up in a hospital. I was hoping to get in the new grad program at NIH in Bethesda. That's a government job. Good benefits and possible student loan forgiveness and money for school. They wanted nurses with bachelor's degrees though. I don't blame you for not wanting a state job LOL. If you haven't already, here is the link to the metro smart trip. You can set up your account. You can also see the map of all the metro stops on this site too. WMATA SmarTrip® Thank you for the congrats. I'm hanging in there. It gets better every day. Time management is killing me LOL! I'm determined though. Glad I could help you. Take care
  12. Divatologist

    Moving to Abingdon, Maryland

    I have some questions. Are you moving here from the Philippines, another country, or another state in the US? You said continue your nursing career....So, I'm assuming that you have worked as a nurse before. Are you considered a RN or LPN? Did you work as a nurse in the Philippines? If you're moving here from another country or a non-compact state, the 1st thing you'll want to do is start with getting a license. They will let you know what you need to do to obtain a license as far as education or testing requirements. You say you finished nursing school in 2008, but if you've never taken a test or worked as a nurse, then you may need to take some refresher courses and then take the NCLEX. You should definitely start with the board of nursing. Home
  13. Divatologist

    Student nurse internship - bad preceptor?

    Hello! Wow! Where do I begin lol? There are so many opportunities here for you and your husband. Silver Spring is nice. If you want to be close to the metro, downtown Silver Spring is perfect. If you don't want the city atmosphere, you can move farther out and do the park & ride at the metro station. You can look into Medstar, that's my employer, Adventist Health, Dimensions Healthcare, Holy Cross Hospital and all the University hospitals in the area (University of MD, Georgetown, Howard University, John Hopkins) to start. As far as medical school, you have many to choose from. This is a big commuting area. Once you get use to living here, the hour long commutes will be nothing. They're very annoying at 1st though lol. Many people live in Baltimore and work in DC or VA and vice versa. It's expensive to live here. Most people choose to live away from the developing areas because it tends to be cheaper. Glen Burnie is an area that is developing, but right now the rent and house prices in this area are pretty reasonable compared to Silver Spring and Rockville. There's no metro out that way though. There are so many opportunities here. Once you move here, you can decide on the pros and cons of the commute. The commute sucks here no matter what mode of transportation you choose lol. I work in DC and the hospital charges $25 a month for parking. Riding the metro to work would be more expensive and too time consuming. The trains don't run 24 hrs here. I don't really have any knowledge of the best hospital or facility to work at. They all have their good points and I'm sure some not so good points. It's always about what you bring to the mix. You have to make your own greatness sometimes. Oh also look into the state and government positions. Check out USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site and also the websites for DC, MD, and VA. Government jobs have awesome benefits. Watch the state jobs though. They mostly hire for prisons and mental hospitals. If that's your cup of tea, then the state would have plenty of options for you. Remember to always check the crime reports for a potential area and drive by at night as well. Good luck on everything and welcome to the DMV! I love it here. There's always something to do here. You're close to Philly and NYC. You can hop on the Megabus and enjoy a day in NYC. Philly is like an hour and a half away. NYC is like 4 hrs away. You are also 2 hours from the beach. The water and sands are far from the Caribbean though lol. If you love sports, they have it all. You have mall after mall here. You have everything from the Chanel Boutique to Rainbow. Your fashion and shopping needs are covered. You have some great hangout spots here. You have Georgetown, National Harbor, Baltimore Harbor, and many other spots. If you love music, all the artists usually make a stop here. There are so many music venues in this area. It's nothing to drive up to Philly or NYC to catch a show either. We do it all the time. The Megabus is cheaper, but they don't run 24 hrs. You have a lot of tolls and toll roads in some areas. Invest in an E-Z Pass when you move here. Again, good luck and welcome!
  14. Divatologist

    StaRN- Emergency Room

    Check in the Florida thread also. Good luck with the program.