When do you start classes?

  1. I have my first class September 3. I have my CPR course next month and that is the last thing I need done before classes start. I also need to get my books. Is anyone else going to buy them online?
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  3. by   nursing 101
    I start August 26 and I'm buying most of my books on half.com. As long as they have all the pages I don't care how they look
    I feel so happy and nervous about school at the same time. I often think that I'm doing the wrong thing. Thank God for my DH he's very encouraging these days (It wasn't the case before...lol)
    To everyone, let's kick some academia butt this year!!!
  4. by   GPatty
    My classes begin August 26th. I'm taking Advanced Human Physiology, Microbiology, Intro to Sociology and Public Speaking.
    I pray I do all right......
    I pray we all do all right......

  5. by   studentdeb
    My classes start August 19th. I have my CPR scheduled for August 12th. I also am going to buy whatever books online that I can. So far, I know I can get the human growth & development online.

    I pray we all do great as well.

  6. by   StudentSandra
    Nursing 3, starts Aug 22. That's all I'm taking next semester. 10 credit hours
  7. by   Beach_RN
    I'm currently attending all 3 summer semesters... Fall classes start August 26th, that would be General Psyche and A&P I for me.
  8. by   Rena RN 2003
    just finishing up my 4th quarter (aug. 14 is finals)

    then i have a whole entire month off! WOOHOO!

    fall quarter starts sept. 23....peds med/surg
  9. by   cloudydrms
    I finish up with my summer Human Development class on July 31st. (Only a few more days!) :hatparty: Then I've got 26 days off until I start Micro and a Clinical Math course for the fall semester.

    (who's looking forward to finishing up all these prereq's and starting clinicals in January '03)
  10. by   nursejws
    I start the end of August, and I'm taking General Biology (2 nights/week), Life-span psychology and medical terminology (both online/web). Term goes from the end of August to about the 2nd-3rd week of December (before Christmas).

    How can I find out what books I need so I can order them online, if they're available?? (especially the online courses)
  11. by   Mkue
    Classes August 5th, CPR August 10th.

    Good Luck to All !!

  12. by   subec
    Classes start for me Aug. 26. I wish I could buy my books on the internet, but since I won't get my financial aid until just before classes start I'll have to buy them in the bookstore.
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i start school august 26. i am buying my books from the school's book store. my longest day is on tuesdays. i have not any classes and fridays! i will work on saturdays and sundays.

    my schedule is a follows:

    fundamentals of nursing w/clinical (8a-12p)

    fundamental lab/clinical (8a-11a)
    basic pharmacology (12p-3p)
    health assessment (4p-7p)
    cis (7:30p-8:45p)

    fundamental lab/clinical (8a-11p)
    orientation (11a-12p)

    cis ( 7:30p-8:45p)

  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    that should of been, not any classes on fridays.