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Ok, I have been out of curculation for a very LONG time. :D I am also poor. Need to know what is appropreate for a 42 yr. old. I don't have alot of $ to spend but would like to look good. Also,... Read More

  1. by   nurse2be in ny
    I'm in upstate; I'll be applying to the U. of Rochester's 15- month program.
  2. by   NICU_Nurse
    I'm going to second the Old Navy suggestion; that and the Gap outlet could keep me in discounted clothes for the rest of my life!

    We could always tell the newbies in school because they were done up to the hilt to impress each other and the instructors. You could tell the seniors by their "uniforms": sweatpants, sneakers, t-shirts, hair haphazardly in a bun with not a lick of makeup on.

    I always liked to dress nice but comfortable. I never got into the whole fashion plate thing at school- I saved that for nights out to let off steam with the classmated or dates with my husband. I wasn't just broke in school, I was PO'. LOL! Khakis or slacks and a nice, simple shirt were always good, clean hair (washing it is a plus, and by the time you've gotten into the thick of things, you'll gladly take an extra half hour sleeping instead of curling your hair on hot rollers!), simple makeup. I aimed for fresh and pretty and that's basically what all of us did. I invested in a couple of lightweight cardigans, also- the lecture rooms got cold, but the labs were stiflingly hot sometimes. Plus, you can just button it up, throw on a nice necklace and earrings, and voila! Preppy chic.

    Old Navy is great for affordable clothes and accessories, and so is Target. Those are two of my favorites. I'd rather spend my money saving for a vacation than buy a pair of $200 pants, know what I mean?
  3. by   IowaKaren
    Hi Karen, I'm 46 (started Comunity College at 44) and when I entered the ADN program in rural Iowa, it didn't matter what we wore to classes (be clean, though) and they gave us our list of requirements as far as what to wear in lab.'s and clinicals. We are required to have a white lab coat of choice (knee length) for lab.'s (so you can undress while learning skills on other student's, you may have opposite sex partners) and public clinical (non-hospital clinical), white shoes of choice for clinical's, along with school logo scrubs ONLY worn in clinical setting and changed before leaving clinical (not worn in public for aseptic reasons). We could wear our white shoes in lab. to break in. As far as personal requirements, no make-up during clinical (I don't wear make-up anyway, anytime), no fake fingernails/polish, keep nails trimmed short and clean, one set of stud earrings, no other piercing's showing (take out the nose rings/tongue studs--not my problem anyway), and hide the tattoos.

    Most students dress very informally during class and not uncommon to see sweat suits in the winter, especially after clinical and having to rush to campus for class. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is a must and I'm not trying to win a beauty pagent during class and the longer I've been in Nursing school, notice the more casual everyone gets since no time to doll up, LOL. We're there to learn!
  4. by   kwagner_51
    Thank you all for some great advice!! At least I have one less thing to worry about! ) I cut my hair SHORT and donated it to Locks of Love. So I have no hair problems. As far as clothes go, I am very cold natured. I have 4 heavy blankets on my bed winter and summer. In the winter, I usually wear, long underwear, a tee shirt,a sweater/sweatshirt, and my jacket. Once I get cold it takes me FOREVER to warm up. So I try to dress warmly and remove layers as needed.

    School starts Aug. 25 and I am still in limbo about my financial aid. GRRRRRR!!

    Good luck to everyone as we journey though our nursing classes!

    In His Grace,

  5. by   Ortho_RN
    They don't care what we wear to class.... Clinicals is all they care about.. Which Im glad.. I get to dress comfortable
  6. by   RNinRubySlippers
    We all wear track suit type things and jeans and sweaters. Really alot of runners and joggers too. We did all look our best on the first day of calss and everyone looked "refreshed" after Christmas break-That lasted a day! LOL So, all in alll, I'd say we maybe dressed nice 2 days outta 2 semesters! LOL other than that it was comfort-CLEAN comfort! Enjoy nursing school and good luck!
  7. by   tonicareer
    The young girls I have been in class with wear shorts and halter tops, pajamas and rarely dress professionally. I being the older student who gets straight A's and has perfect attendence and gets no financial aid dress in professional attire. I find black pants or navy when it is cold and Kahki when it is warm to be inexpensive. I wear short or long sleeve shirts and often carry a shirt or jacket to cope with air conditioning. Always be clean and smell nice. Don't smoke and smell like smoke. Sandels are ok in lecture class in summer. Sit at the front of class and make eye contact with teacher (Don't stare tho). I think us older students have to try harder for those references that you will eventually need.
  8. by   NurseDixie
    Our instructors don't care what we wear to class, just on the days we go to the hospital to pick up our patient information. We have to look neat and dress nicely--no jeans, we can wear slacks, no shorts. Of course on clinical days, we wear our uniforms, white shoes, hair off the color, no nail polish, no jewelry, other than a wedding band and stud earrings. I am on a limited income and I also shop at Goodwill , thrift shops and yard sales, you'd be surprised what you can find there dirt cheap. I got the cutest pair of leather sandals for 50 cents the other day, and a practically new sweater with embroidered flowers for a dollar. Just be clean, neat and comfortable. Good Luck. I am 46 and also noticed the younger girls primping etc at the beginning of the semester, as time goes by, they drop the makeup and pull the hair up in a pony tail. I keep my hair short also, don't have to worry about keeping it up and out of the way.
  9. by   JB CC-RN
    Be comfy!!! I too am 42 and started the BSN program in January of this year.
    It's funny to see these young girls come in looking like they are going out on the town or looking for a date. It's not a fashion show or a contest too see who has the better clothes or the coolest hair.
    I usually wear jeans and a tee shirt to class. I'm there to learn not to impress anyone with what I am wearing. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, inside and out
  10. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    Originally posted by bedpan
    I found it very amusing that in our class at first all the young ladies dressed like they were going out on a date - but after a few late nights of cramming for med term the dress got much more casual and their make-up became much less important to them also lol
    :roll so true! finals week looks like a pajama party!
  11. by   rnnurse2be
    "We could always tell the newbies in school because they were done up to the hilt to impress each other and the instructors. You could tell the seniors by their "uniforms": sweatpants, sneakers, t-shirts, hair haphazardly in a bun with not a lick of makeup on. "

    Oh yes, I agree to this one. I have long hair, I found it easier to keep than short. I can yank it into a bun, pony tail or braid and run. Wear what You would Normally wear, dont try to copy the fashions of an 18-20 yr old or you'll look silly.

    You have to be yourself... dress comfortably.
    As for the perfume, if you wear any... use it sparingly... I also drag a extra deoderant with me, or deod. towelettes when its warm.
  12. by   Nurse_RaRa
    Karen - Check with your School's financial aid dept and don't take idunno for an answer - are you positive that you signed your PMN? I did mine on line and then got a letter stating it will be given to the school on 8/15. and again later on 1/20/04. MAKE SURE you are in the know. Squeaky wheel get greased. plus the school registrar will let you sign a note stating you are on FA.

    as for clothing - I'm going casual - I already invested in the white clogs and got 3 white pants from Sally Ann's and sewed my own scrub tops with some nice calm colors. - Ain't out to impress - only to learn and be a good RN. - RaRa
  13. by   kwagner_51

    What is a PMN? Right now it doesn't look promising for FA. He has to think about whether to give me the aid I qualify for. He has a hard time dealing w/ the fact that I will have 179 hrs when I am finished and will only have 2 AS degrees. He thinks I should get private loans and go to a 4 yr. school.

    Please pray that I was able to change his mind and he will help me get my nursing degree.