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I used to watch ER, lost interest in that when Carter left, but keep up here and there to test my knowledge....I adore Greys Anatomy - they have some great cases (and good eye candy;) ) and hey, they... Read More

  1. by   StudentNurseAbby
    I love Grey's Anatomy. One of my all time favorite shows. I watch ER, Trauma: Life in the ER, sometime's reruns of Chicago Hope and Scrubs.
  2. by   orcagrrrl2003
    I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HOUSE!!!!!:bowingpur I do like Saved, I have to much homework at night to remember when it is on, but I think it is set in Portland, Oregon, does anyone know if it is??? If so that is awesome, only about an hour away from me!!
  3. by   enemaboy
    I watch HOUSE, M.D.- the brilliant, but sarcastic Dr. Gregory House intrigues me.
  4. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Trauma in the ER AND Discovery Health just Love 'em!

  5. by   Melilem
    House, and Becker.. if that counts.
  6. by   livefrmaust
    I love House. and this australian one called All saints..
    buti lean more towards real stories like amazing medical stories etc
  7. by   Pbelle
    Dr. G, pretty much anything on Discovery Health, especially the ED shows.

    I liked House, found it a great show to watch until the episode where he let a patient (an MD) unhook himself from his IVs, then stand up and keel over. House states "This is why I love nurses...CLEAN UP ON AISLE 5!"

    They lost me for good with that one line...:angryfire
  8. by   Wed72388
    I LOVE House and Grey's Anatomy. I have also never missed an episode of ER in the 11 years it has been on---alothough I think its time for it to move on--most of the characters have left and it has gotten kind of boring.....

    Another one--Nip/Tuck on FX channel. It is very "interesting" at times but I also love watching the plastic surgery cases!:spin:
  9. by   goldielocks43
    Grey's Anatomy, Er,House
  10. by   dyan_gorgeous RN
    grey's anatomy and house!
  11. by   RNDreamy
    I don't have TV, but I rent Scrubs, Nip Tuck, and just recenlty released on DVD White Coat (It's about interns in the worst hospital in America, if you like Scrubs you'll find this hilarious)

    ER if I am over someone's house.
  12. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Bout Greys'...it was asked above if anyone noticed that in Grey's, the Docs seem to be doing nursing stuff. ALL the time! In fact, they often wheel their own patients to surgery and for diagnostic tests (just like the way it is in real life...). And anyone else get a little bugged with the Nurse's Strike episode?...thought it portrayed Nurses mostly in a silly way, even while they were seeming to make the point of how necessary they are. (Still, the show has such nice eye candy...) But back to the Docs doing nursing stuff...if they kept it to the Doc stuff only, it would be soooooo boring. They'd either have to film either the entire show in the surgery suite, or else have to just show the backs & shoulders of Docs looking over a chart and writing in it, trying to make fast getaways, or asking the nurses questions and then nurses chasing after them down the halls for signatures. Actually, if filmed like a real hospital, you'd see zillions of nurses and other support personnel and trying to spot the doc on your screen would be like trying to find Elmo! Not only that...catching the doc on film, actually in the same room with the patient taking the time to talk, would be as rare a likelihood as nabbing a picture of Tomcat's new baby...
  13. by   dreamBIG
    I love HOUSE!!!! I am not a nurse yet but this show is very educational. I love Hugh Laurie's character...wish I could find a guy like that!! He is so real. I hate suck ups...