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  1. OMG Beth. No. Don't do that. You know there are always risks. It should be easy enough for the physician to have a friend or colleague cover for him. You have a masters, they'll come right after you if anything happens -allergic reaction to the medic...
  2. I'm a travel nurse. I have stayed the limit at my current location, but due to family issues I wanted to stay one more assignment. My boss wrote up a non temporary contract. A nurse I work with said I should not take it because the IRS will consider ...
  3. Melilem

    Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    I have been a psych and detox nurse for 7 years. I don't feel that way. I have had patients abuse the system, lie, manipulate, walk out the door after getting fed/sleep/subutex. That doesnt bother me. This is the behavior of addicts, I figure its ver...
  4. Melilem

    When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    I am contributing to the nursing shortage myself. It's not because I feel underpaid, on the contrary. I've been working with a local healthcare agency, the owner is just wonderful. I choose my hours. I love my current psych assignment. My coworkers a...
  5. Melilem

    When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    I’m certain that the shortage was caused by all those sweet private nurse jobs at every company- sit on your butt and take temps as employees come in, as well as all the vaccine clinics that popped up. Fun, fun ? I did very well with travel nursing b...
  6. According to HIPAA, security cameras are not permitted in areas where people have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” such as patients bedrooms. That would cover all of the United States. However, I've worked with patients who had cameras in their ...
  7. Melilem

    Transitioning to psych/mental health nursing

    Wow that is some change, NICU to psych? I've seen a lot of "new grad" psych jobs, so I'm sure those same facilities would hire you and provide an orientation. They'll be glad to have you.
  8. Melilem

    Are bras contraband?

    Same here, we allow bras without underwire, we offer to remove the underwire or place it in their locker until they're discharged.
  9. Melilem

    Fired (Wrongfully?) And It Hurts

    There's a little psych in every psych nurse ? (I say that from experience)
  10. Melilem

    Glen Beck's hospital experience

    I'm looking back at this charmingly polite argument over a political talk show host ? Ahhh, those were the days.
  11. I renewed my membership to complete the 30 hours of mental health CEUs required for the PMH-BC(I only had 20), they have a great selection at a reasonable annual price. However, when signing up for the exam, I decided to join APNA fo...
  12. Melilem

    Clinical rotation

    I am in my final semester and recently did a clinical rotation in hemodialysis, I really enjoyed it too, actually. It was right after I had rotation on the renal floor so I thought Id know what was going on, but no. That machine is pretty complicated...
  13. I am a bridge student, I graduate in May, I have no hospital experience. I've recently preceptored in the emergency department. ED rotation was so exciting, unpredictable, and fast paced. I know its not always fun and exciting, but the ED nurses had ...
  14. I graduate in May and they are just throwing job offers at me here in Ocala, Florida. And let me tell you, the job market here isn't stellar, and we have 3 nursing schools in town. Many places that say you need to have a BSN will let you work on it w...
  15. I define critical thinking as the ability to make the best educated guess based on the knowledge you have. I'm pretty sure nursing school the NCLEX thins out the non-critical thinkers. After that, it's just a matter of experience. I think you continu...