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Right now 76% is passing. I guess next semester they are bumping it up to 80%. Scary- eek!... Read More

  1. by   emtb2rn
    My school also has A = 94 and up, B = 87 to 93 and C = 80 to 86 for nursing classes including pharmacology. We have a math test every semester that has to be passed with 100, you get 3 tries. Don't believe there's any rounding.
  2. by   love2beanurse
    80% Is passing here, but our school was just recognized yesterday for the only school in the state to ever have 100% pass rates on all the allied health programs boards, certifications etc. So I am not going to complain about it!
  3. by   GWENLYN18
    I go to St. Francis Medical Center School of Nursing in Trenton NJ and our passing % is 80%. It sounds bad but you get use to it. I guess that's why we have a 100% passing rate on the NCLEX for the past few years.
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    73% to pass and 94% to get an A
    But I think pharmacology is harsher...I am taking that next semester so I do not know yet, but I have heard...like having to have 100% and stuff.
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  5. by   cherokeesummer
    Our school is 79.5 for passing but that is for test average. Doesn't matter how well you do on the other stuff...the testing average is what passes or fails you.
  6. by   TennesseeSN
    75 to pass each course with an 80 required on the dosing exams. No rounding.
  7. by   StudentNurseAbby

    Right now I have a 78%. I feel lucky, they're dropping like flies.
  8. by   mysterious_one
    i think all our schools are similar with passing percentile and passing at NCLEX. What would be interesting to know is, how many from beginning of the program to the end will actual make it,to be able to take the boards, because these schools can all brag about their NCLEX passing as much as they want. The real deal is , in between is were it counts, do they actually teach the stuff, or do they just set the passing percentile high to weed you out, so their NCLEX rate looks good at the end?
    By the way, our passing is 78%, but if you make two tests 70 or below you are out, no matter your average, and our NCLEX passing rate is 98%. But as far as I know, only a very small amount (I don't know the percentage of hand) of all the students who start the programm will make it all way through the end.
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  9. by   Kemccanha
    Ours is 80%..No rounding off either!
  10. by   s8ntollie
    78% and 97% for dosing exam.:uhoh21:
  11. by   LolaSPN
    Ours is 80% in each class. If you are below 80% in any class you are out. They do round up. We are starting our 2nd qtr tomorrow, so we will see who we have lost. So far before the qtr ended we lost 4 out of 46
  12. by   Kunda
    Ouch, anything below a 79 is failing at my school
  13. by   EMTandNurse2B
    Our School is 75% with no rounding, a math exam every semester that has to be passed with a 90% (3 tries).

    Considering 1 out of 14 students passed the Med-Surg II exam today, 75% can be very hard to maintain. (The class average on the exam was 60%!!!)