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I will be taking NUR 110 fundamentals of nursing I & NUR 115intro to pharmacology. 8 hours total.:)... Read More

  1. by   fnimat1
    I'm taking Nursing 107 which is split up into Lecture, Laboratory, Clinical and Tutorial. Microbiology Lecture and Lab, Medical Mathematics, and Aerobics...

  2. by   Christina_NICU
    Quote from pcgrad06
    i will be taking nur 110 fundamentals of nursing i & nur 115intro to pharmacology. 8 hours total.
    approaches to nursing ia: foundations of nursing
    approaches to nursing ia: foundations of nursing clinical
    approaches to nursing ib: client assessment
    professional nursing i: socialization

    16 credits...not too bad.
  3. by   EarthChild1130
    Let's see:

    AHN 347 Adult Health Nursing I
    AHN 348 Adult Health Nursing Clinical (Aug.-Oct.)
    MCN 340 Maternal/Gynecological Health Nursing
    MCN 341 Maternal/Gynecological Health Nursing Clinical (Oct.-Dec.)
    HSC 332 Diet Therapy

    15 credit hours, going from 23 August to 13 December (I think)
  4. by   KS student
    I start August 25th at a local community college. I will be taking Nursing I.
    It is a 10 hour course that includes lectures, lab, and clinicals. I have taken all of the other required classes. I hope this won't be as bad as everyone says it is.
  5. by   jemommyRN
    Nursing 112 (Basics/Foundations of Nursing)
    Nursing 115 (Pharmacology)
    9 hours total
  6. by   nurse2btracy
    This is what I am taking this fall:

    German 1
    Oral communications
    Child development

    It is the first time I have taken a full time load while working full time in a long time.
  7. by   Honeybun1206
    Professional Nursing Concepts

    Healthy Aging

    Nursing Practicum I

    Health Assessment w/ lab

    Basic Nursing Skills lab

    10 units total.. I am nervous but i also cant WAIT!!
  8. by   GPatty
    I am taking:
    Personal and Social Ethics (3 cr.)A study of ethical values in relation to such problems as personal and societal decision making, selection and justification of life style, goal orientation, conflict resolution, freedom and creativity, commitment and responsibility.

    Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing: Theory, Practice, Research (3 cr.) This course focuses on core theoretical concepts of nursing practice: health, wellness, illness, wholism, caring, environment, self-care, uniqueness of persons, interpersonal relationships and decision-making. This course helps you understand nursing's unique contributions to meeting societal needs through integrating theory, research, and practice.

    Health and Wellness (4 cr.) Developmental Issues and Health, This course focuses on the use of concepts from nursing, nutrition, pharmacology, and biopsychosocial sciences to critically examine the determinates of health, wellness, and illness across the lifespan. Environmental, sociocultural, and economic factors that influence health care practices are emphasized. Theories of health, wellness, and illness are related to health-promotion, disease-prevention, and illness-prevention nursing interventions.

    Introduction to the New Testament (3 cr.) Origins of the Christian movement and development of its beliefs, practices, and institutions in the first century. Primary source is the New Testament with due attention to non-Christian sources from the same environment.

    Hmmmm... not too bad, I don't think....
  9. by   maire
    NUR 215 Advanced Concepts in Nursing Practice (a lot of words for "Med-Surg III")
    Nur 216 Management and Professional Issues

    I can't believe this is my final semester. Sooooo excited to be almost done!
  10. by   fry.girl
    Quote from Bekahlynn
    (this one I am not looking forward to) Ethics:uhoh21:

    I took this class at my CC this past Spring and it was one of my favorites. The focus of the class was not to teach us what is and is not ethical, but to teach us to see all sides of ethical issues that we may deal with in nursing, i.e. AIDS, abortion, birth defects, psych/commitment, organ donation, etc.

    Good luck,

  11. by   fry.girl
    This is my first Nursing semester, so I am really excited to get started:

    I just got my registration info yesterday, so I will be taking:

    Interpersonal Communication
    Personal & Vocational Concepts
    Nursing Concepts and Skills
    A & P I

    Good luck to everyone!

  12. by   agent
    A&P and a misc class at DePaul
  13. by   wannabebabyRN
    THis fall i have 12 credit hours:
    Nursing 110-
    monday,thurs, and friday-class (includes med-surg, nutrtition and diet, and pharmocology)
    tuesday and wednesday-clinicals 7:30-12
    A&P 1 mwf and thursd lab