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I will be taking NUR 110 fundamentals of nursing I & NUR 115intro to pharmacology. 8 hours total.:)... Read More

  1. by   nurseshanti
    There's such a wide variety of classes that people are taking!

    I'm going into my last year of my BScN in Sept. and it's going to be a tough one.

    In the fall I'll be taking:
    Advanced Communication for Nurses
    Nursing Leadership
    Community Health and Community Nursing I (with a clinical component)
    Pediatrics (with a clinical component)

    In the winter I'll be taking:
    Social Justice Issues in Health Care
    Mental Health (with a clinical component)
    Community Health and Community Nursing II (with a clinical component)
    Advanced Acute Care

    And then my Senior Elective!! Woohoo!!
  2. by   Dream2BeNicUNurse
    Trying to get pre-req's out of the way
    College Composition 2
    Human Growth & Development
    Intermediate Algebra
  3. by   dixienurse2be
    *IF* I get accepted this is the schedule listed in the catalog:
    A&PI, Funds. of Nursing, Health Assessment, Pharm, and Psych for a total of 15 hrs... thank goodness I've already had the Psych class so that helps a little cutting it to 12 hrs.
  4. by   MrsCannibal
    Science & Technology of Nursing Lecture, 4 hrs. wk.
    Sci & Tech of Nursing Discussion, 1 hr. wk.
    Application of Sci & Tech Nurs. (clinical at hospital) 1 day per wk
    Application of Sci & Tech Nurs. Lab, 4 hrs. wk.
    Application of Sci & Tech Nurs. Recitation, 4 hrs. wk.

    It's kinda like you get the lecture, you discuss the topic, you practice the techniques, you perform for the profs, and then you use it in a real life setting, and all the math, concepts, and techniques are covered under the heading Science & Technology of Nursing. At least for the 1st semester of clinicals. My classes are 4 days a week, 4-7 hours a day, and we get a whole 7 credits for the fall semester!!!!!!! AAARRRGH! There goes my financial aid for the next year...thank God my advisor told me to take 17 credits a semester for the past 2 years to get everything except clinicals out of the way (sarcasm)...now I can't be considered full time. Oh, well, I may appreciate that in the next 2 years when I am stressed enough with the classes I will have....
  5. by   Bekahlynn
    I will be taking Multi-systems failure (with ICU and ER clinicals)
    Nursing in the community (with school nursing and senior services
    and (this one I am not looking forward to) Ethics:uhoh21:
  6. by   nursestudentin05
    Englsh 1101, Math 99, History 2011, Pol. Science, Spanish theory and lab. 19 hours total :uhoh21:
  7. by   SBUalum03
    I'll be taking A&P I, Chemistry, Intro to Nursing, & Health Promotion. I'm actually thinking about dropping the Health Promotion. I don't want to take on too much my 1st semester back to school. For those who already took these classes, what do you guys think? Should I keep the class or drop it?

    Keep in mind that I'll be working about 30 hours a week.
  8. by   Deb123j
    A&P I & Lab, Human Development, Nutrition, Intro to Christianity, Wellness and Intro to Nursing = 12 credit hours
  9. by   michelle95
    I will be taking career mobility. That is a class that transitions LPNs into the RN program. 2 hours on Thurs, 6 on Fri. I'm not sure if we are going to have clinicals yet....I go to orientation on August 10th. That's my B-day and man what a present! :chuckle

    As far as pre-reqs...I'm done with all of those for the ADN program and most of the ones for any BSN program.
  10. by   alexillytom
    A & P lab 1 (took lecture in Spring)
    A & P 2 lecture (taking lab in Spring)
    Considering taking intro to Statistics ( either distance or in class)
  11. by   kkbaroness
    I will be taking a full load this fall...........

    Microbiology and Lab
    Medical Terminology
    Clinicals Intro
    Dosage Calculations
    Nursing Skills I
    Intro to Nursing
    Skills practice Lab

    Whew...I am stressed already!!
  12. by   Altra
    From the fall through mid April of 2005 I will be rotating through 8-week courses (class & clinical) in each of the specialties: peds, psych, critical care and OB. We've been assured that all of them are 16 weeks worth of material crammed into 8 weeks. By later this month I should know the schedule of when I'll be doing each of them.

    Good luck to all!
  13. by   Jill1215
    Fundamentals of Nursing, Clinical Nursing Skills, Health Assessment, and Pharmacology.