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I will be taking NUR 110 fundamentals of nursing I & NUR 115intro to pharmacology. 8 hours total.:)... Read More

  1. by   jenrninmi
    Mental Health Nursing and Med Surg II
  2. by   cns48
    I will be taking General Chemistry and General Psychology.
  3. by   nursecompassion
    my first quarter starts september 20th. i'll be taking nursing i, nursing i lab, nursing i proff, also human biology with clinicals every friday! finished most of my prereqs and would have had 19 credit hours, but now have 12 in fall qtr.

    good luck to all.....
  4. by   jncRN
    Wow, it's interesting seeing all the differing courses everyone is taking!

    It's my first semester, but I already have a prior degree in another discipline, so I've already got some of my non-nursing courses covered.

    In the Fall, I'm taking Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Intro to the Foundations of Nursing, and Ethics & Patient Care.

    I can't wait to start classes! I'm with you all, it's going to be very busy...and I'm not sure how I'm gonna juggle being a wife, mom of two boys, and full-time student...but I want it badly enough, so I'll do it!
  5. by   mariedoreen
    Quote from bogeydog
    the way I understand it is this, after they abuse us and wear us down enough we ARE the clinical for the 2nd semester nurses.

    Only, kidding, this program doesn't start clinical till 2nd semester. But 2nd semester is worse. It's 19 credits plus clinicals.

    Yup the next time you see someone being abused and they like it and ask for more just call out Bogeydog is that you?!!!

    Lol, now I'm dying to know what the wash-out rate is... How many people they lose every week? And I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with my schedule. Geez, I'm a wuss.
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    Well it has become hairy




    hist 1
    intro to soc

    Quote from PCGrad06
    I will be taking NUR 110 fundamentals of nursing I & NUR 115intro to pharmacology. 8 hours total.
  7. by   cherokeesummer
    The way our school is set up each semester is one huge course that covers several big areas with lots of clinical time.

    I am getting ready to take the final exam for N200 - Care of the Well Person and next term is N210 Care of the At-Risk person (mother/baby). Woohoo!!!!
  8. by   Truly_Blessed
    Well, mine is LPN:
    * Essentials of Medication Administration
    * Practical Nurse I (Clinical)
    * Health Science
    * Nursing in Health and Illness
    * Applied Nursing skills

    Gee, I just noticed, that's 19 hours. I am not used that kind of workload. The most I have been taking in ADN pre-reqs is 10 hours. I better get ready

    This summer I will be taking some more pre-reqs that will also go towards my ADN. So, my plate is full. Wish I would have had them done already so I could have applied for ADN in the fall...now I have to wait til the fall of 2006. O well. At least I'll have some experience as a LPN once I start the core RN classes. Yay!
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  9. by   jaymee77
    mine is Nursing care of adult and child w. practicum I a 12 credit class with clinicals on top of that (2 8hr shifts per week)

    we have an all encomassing program...10 textbooks per quarter and they sort of pick adn shoose topics, anyone need a research library?? i have a pretty good one started hahaha
  10. by   susanna
    I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology with lab, Microbio with lab, and Organic Chem with lab....thats a lot of lab... : (
  11. by   shyviolet78
    Summer (now!):
    Mental Health Nursing - Lecture and Clinical

    Pediatric Nursing - Lecture and Clinical (1st 8 weeks)
    Maternal/Newborn Nursing - Lecture and Clinical (2nd 8 weeks)...
    and I guess I'll have to finally suck it up and take that darn P.E. class I've been putting off for 2 years . My school is the only nursing program in this area that still requires P.E. Of course, I could push it one more semester, but I'd better not - hate to have that backfire and not graduate because I failed P.E.!
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  12. by   cherokeesummer
    Nursing care of the person at risk

    The way our school is set up we have one course per semester but it encompasses all aspects i.e. math (da); med terms, etc. Very intensive! It's considered full time, and it sure feels like it!
  13. by   LeesieBug
    I guess I'll have to finally suck it up and take that darn P.E. class I've been putting off for 2 years .
    :chuckle That's me, this summer. For two years they had me thinking I fell under an age exemption. All my paper work said I do not have to take P.E. Then, I get a write up of what I have, what I need, from the records specialist, and, SURPRISE, they haven't done the age exemption in several YEARS. So I have been puting PE off as long as possible!

    I'm taking some class called personal health. I figure it should be OK. It is about health maintenance/wellness throughout your life, which we have already been learning about for a year! When I first though of PE I was panic struck, picturing myself doing jumping jacks and playing basketball with a bunch of 18 year olds.
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