What do you carry in your backpack?

  1. Other than the usual books, pens, notebooks what are some of the odd things you put in your backpack? Some of the answers should be fun. I am so neurotic when it comes to packing my backpack. I pack it up 3 weeks b4 school starts, and probably check it 100 times b4 the first day of class. I always make sure i have cough drops, gum, lotion, and $10.00 for my emergency gas or luch fund. How about you guys?
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  3. by   iliel
    hum, good question. I put deodorant in mine. Hey, Vegas gets hot in the summer!
    Other than that, pretty much everything you do!
  4. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I usually have some protein bars and I keep a baggy filled with different tea bags and those coffee bags. I'm cheap but I'm into caffeine... I take a cup and get hot water free.
  5. by   TheSquid
    I just keep books and stuff... regular stuff. Every once in a while Ill stick some food in there from home because I am a starving college student. lol.
  6. by   Berta
    10 or so pens, highlighters,pencils, etc. Way more than I'll ever need. Anyone got a rolling backback? I am thinking about getting one. I have a ton of books this coming fall. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks, Berta
  7. by   PJMommy
    Fun topic! Besides the usual books and pens, etc. - I always have lotion, hair clips, Advil, multi-vitamins, my penlight, an emergency tampon, a spare protein bar, a small book of Bible verses, my day planner, Altoids and a calculator.

    I thought about getting a rolling backpack but never got around to it. I've started taking the bare minimum to class -- i.e. not taking the entire 2 inch binder when I can get by with a few sheets in a folder, etc. In fact, I rarely take my textbooks to class because the instructors don't refer to them during lecture. However, I always take my Drug Guide and try to throw in my pocket Nursing Diagnoses book.
  8. by   PowerPuffGirl
    In addition to books, pens, highlighters, etc:

    - a baggie of teabags and splenda packages
    - some granola bars or peanutbutter crackers
    - copy of the student conduct code (you never know!)
    - copy of the nursing school's student handbook
    - a little nurse doll figurine (given to me for good luck!)
    - tin of breath mints

    I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of!
  9. by   Gator,SN
    There were always a few things that I didn't carry and had to borrow from someone else....
    1. white out.... I'd make a mistake and had no way to fix it.
    2. Index cards......every now and then the prof would say "you'll see this again"
    3. ADVIL....for obvious reasons.
    4. #2 pencils, for exams.
    5. Gum
    6. change for the soda machines

    it will also help if someone gets a phone chain started during the first week of class, so you can ask someone for notes if you cannot make it to class.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  10. by   fnimat1
    Besides the usual, books, folders, pens/pencils and highlighters...I carry an extra hat, scarf and gloves during the winter. An extra pair of glasses, extra money, a book that I'm currently reading (just to break the monotony of school work), and my Jill Scott and India.Arie's cd's & my cd player...lol....ummm..let's see...oh...plenty of cocoa butter or shea butter lotion...I can't stand havng ashy hands...lol.

  11. by   AmyLiz
    Books & notebooks...obviously.

    2 pens

    1 mechanical pencil

    1 mechanical eraser


    travel-size package of kleenex

    class schedule

    bag of twizzlers (that tradition started in my first class - chemistry - my lab partner would bring us Twizzlers to eat during lecture. I got an A, so call is superstition if you will...but whatever works! - besides, they're low fat. :roll )

    bottle of water
  12. by   Hooligan
    When I cleaned out my backpack after last semester here's what I found besides my books...

    Are you ready....Here it goes....

    Index (Flash) Cards (a couple hundred of them at least from last A&P test)
    Cough Drops
    Mini Stapler
    Staples (For Refills)
    Binder clips
    Paper clips
    3 Highlighters (Pink, Green & Yellow)
    Lots of Crumbs
    My Pocket PC
    My Pocket PC's Keyboard
    Pony Tail Holders
    Hair Brush
    Cell Phone
    Rubber Bands
    Chewing Gum
    Phone numbers written on scraps of paper and thrown in the bag (Hubby just rolls his eyes and asks me why he bothered to get me my pocket PC )
    Name tag from last semester's CNA Class
    Sun glasses

    And I think that's about it....

    And to think...it starts out almost empty at the beginning of each semester...

  13. by   Jen2
    I think I'll be adding deoderant to my backpack as well as advil. Getting alot of good ideas here
  14. by   rnnurse2be
    OK OK... this is a fun thread!

    EXCEDRIN (which all my friends know about and use)
    Change and a few dollars (for emergency hunger pains or copies)
    day planner
    loads of pens, highlighters, erasers, pencils ect...
    Flash cards
    TI 83 plus (calc)
    tape recorder
    protien bars
    bottle of water
    Rubber band and a clip for my hair (its long)
    yummy lotion from Bath and body
    the deoderant wipe cloths (that have a powder in them)
    gum and altoids

    Cant think of more now either. I too get mine ready about a week or two before school and then recheck...anal I know