what are your plans for SPRING BREAK!

  1. I'm now on spring break and was wonder what others are doing. I'm doing all the things that I don't do during the semester. Sleeping, spoiling my family and shopping. Loving every minute of it. Oh yes, I've also checked the syllabus and am reading too!
    I need more time....

    Hope you are enjoying or about to enjoy your spring break!
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  3. by   Achoo!
    working on 2 projects that are due in April, some reading, ALOT of sleeping, and we will be going away for 4 days
  4. by   manna
    I don't get a spring break - from work or my classes.
  5. by   Heather, SN
    I started my spring break on Saturday evening after I finished my clinicals and Sunday morning we got on an airplane headed for Vegas. I spent 4 glorious days out there and now I am back home in cold Iowa. This afternoon I went to the college and worked on my required hours of practice for my NCLEX-PN and will do the same tomorrow and then on Sunday we are driving to St. Loius to see the Clay Aiken concert. Then Tuesday I go back to school......not a long enough break.

    Theiny Tots
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    mine starts tomorrow afternoon. there will not be any classes or clinical but the studying continues!
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    Today is the first day out.

    Plan on working an extra day a week, spending more time with family, reading, painting a room or two, catching up on some movies and contacting friends I've put on hold for a spell.

    Everybody enjoy!
  8. by   RedSox33RN
    I didn't really get one, because while my school is on Spring Break, my Human Bio teacher teaches at a HS during the day, and our school at night. His spring break is in April, like my kids, so he's doing spring break then instead of now. My other courses are online, so that is sort of a wash. In any event, I'm just studyin'!! Same ol', same ol'!!
  9. by   manna
    My son is on spring break from kindergarten this week too. He's been staying with his Grandma and great-Grandma and living it up, watching TV and eating junk food. Youth is wasted on the young, you know.
  10. by   angelac1978
    well technically I don't get a spring break cause I'm not in school right now, but we are taking a trip anyway.

    2 words...


    T minus 8 days and I can't wait to get away from my job!

  11. by   manna
    Sounds like fun to me! Isn't (or wasn't) your hubby in school too though, A?
  12. by   RedSox33RN
    Ooooohhhh, Vegas sounds like fun!! I had a friend that just came back from there. I was jealous when I heard she had to use her a/c in the car. Shoot, I'm still getting SNOW!!

    Have a great time!
  13. by   kats
    Mine doesn't actually start until April 3rd. It goes to the 12th. I guess that is kind of late, huh? I didn't think it was because that is when my son's break is too for both of his schools. Anyways, my husband and son are going to Washington to visit family. I am staying here to get ahead on some school work and my mom is coming to visit. She called the other day with the ideas that she wants to go to Macy's or something like it for a makeover and buy all new make-up, get a new haircut, and go on a shopping spree at a book store. We might go to the art museum while she is here too. I am really looking forward to it. Of course, I am looking forward to my 15 year-old being out of the house for a week too. I love him very much, but 15 years old can be a really hard age to be a parent to at times.
    Everybody on spring break right now, I hope you are having fun and relaxing!
  14. by   jenrninmi
    Already had spring break - went to Cocoa Beach. Weather was wonderful!!! We only have 4 weeks left of the semester though and then one week off and them spring/summer semester starts! Have a great break everyone!