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Hi everyone. I think it is best to keep this on our bb. As it may get lost on the off topic bb. things fly by so fast over there So I had a cheat day yesterday. I am back on track again today. My... Read More

  1. by   mmnursewannabee
    i am not overweight but i wanna be super sexy and lose all my fats and have a breast augmentation and butt surgery plus liposuction. haha. just kidding.

    i'm 5'2, 128lbs not too bad but with my height all that weight shows. i don't eat much, but i still i cannot lose weight. i think i need to lift weight to increase my metabolic rate. i am so busy though sigh. thanks for this thread. this will help me by inspiring me to keep in shape. thanks.
  2. by   ladybugnurse

    Hi I am new to the list. I will be starting my prereqs in January, I am testing to get into the college(Delta college in Stockton Ca.
    I am a mom of 4 (17,10,8(boys) 4 year old girl.) I am 37 years old and had been a certified nurses aid from age 17-24 then quit to raise the children. I have always dreamed of being a nurse. nothing scares me as far as hands on is concerned but Math and chemistry terrifies me.enough.
    I am 183 I started at 209 in april.
    I am using slim fast for 2 meals and exercising like crazy but I enjoy youga/pilates best.(mostly because its quiet and non impacting.)
    well gotta go kids are *supposed* to be cleaning their rooms
    gotta go byeeee
    Jean Lee in ca.
    all nurses should stick together.
  3. by   Dublin37
    and I don't like it a bit! I finally got on the scale for the first time in oh..........6 months ok, not a good thing. I am up to 230! I cannot believe I weigh that much! I am in so much denial. My normal weight before going on a weight-gaining medication (paxil) was pretty much steady at 175. Not low I know, but I was ok with it. Paxil makes you hungry all the time, and to add to the problem, you feel so up, that ya just don't care when you gain a LITTLE. So now it's WAY out of hand! I'm going to change meds, but I'm a little nervous to do it right at the end of the semester! Does anyone have any advice for me? Especially concerning anti-dep. that don't make you gain. Thanks! Heather:kiss
  4. by   Kathylynn
    Well I was doing great until I started back to school in Aug now I am going down hill fast, hopefully I can get back on track since I will be out of school for December.
  5. by   wanttobeaNurse
    This is Great!

    I want to lose weight like all of you. As a teen I was SUPER skinny, but having kids has really wrecked my bod! Anyway, I am 5'9", and right now 168 lbs (I think). I want to get down to 130. I tried exercising to a tape this last spring. I did it for about 4 weeks (every day) and saw NO improvement, so I gave up. At this point it is really hard to get back into it with school and all. I am so busy I can't find ANY time!! It will only get worse next semester when I have 19 units (and 3 kids, 1 husband on top of that!!)

    I really admire those of you who are able to do it all, and those of you who lose weight!! Wish I could, too!!!!
  6. by   maire
    I haven't read through all of these posts, so forgive me if I've missed something...wanted to ask, any of you using depo-provera and if so have you noticed an increase in weight since you've been on it?
    I went to see my doc the other day and got a massive eye-opener when I got on the scale and it shot up to 148. I had a baby in late February and 2 days after I was back to my prepregnancy weight of 135. 13 pounds I've gained in 9 months! I don't get it. I get a fair amount of exercise, don't eat a bunch of garbage...the only thing I can think of to blame is the depo. I'm 5'5" and find myself creeping out of a size 10 into a 12 and I hate it. I've never been this heavy except during pregnancy.

    Ok, done crying and whining, I now return you all to the Weigh in Time Ladies thread! Any comments on that depo issue, please feel free.
  7. by   Lausana
    Yep Maire! The depo weight kills me, I can get it down but it is a struggle to keep it down, my weight has fluctuated so much in the 2 yrs I've been on it...although school is a factor too
  8. by   2banurse
    Boy did I have a scare last night...I thought I was having a heart attack...my chest was bothering me, I was feeling nauseous, etc...all I could think of was that I'm only 37, I shouldn't feel this way...then I found myself thinking how out of shape (@175 for 5'2" frame) with not a very healthy eating plan...

    I'm so glad that I found this thread, I think it is a good release and knowing others also are battling their weight is great. I'm taking my prereqs this spring and although human nutrition isn't a requirement for the ADN program (it is for the BSN), I still think it will be a valuable class to take.

    So please count me in with your group!

  9. by   katieRNlove
    Hi, I am noticing that everyone is writing about how they want to lose weight isn't it whats on the inside that counts not how you look outside?? YEAH RIGHT!! no really, that is what is important but we all know tha if you are at a comfy healthy weight not only do you look better but you feel a world better. I am currently at 150 and would like to be 140, my problem is with school work and fiance i really don't have time to exercise if any of you know some good quick exercises i could throw into my routine, let me know please!!
  10. by   minwax209
    Good job everybody! This is a great way to keep the motivation going. Well..at 5'3" I was 145-147 all of last school year. Somehow I've managed to get down to 136. My goal is around 130. The hardest part is living on campus with a meal plan while being a vegetarian. Not a whole lotta great options :P But at least there's some good motivation going on here!
  11. by   ZORYA
    In no way will I reveal my stats, however; I am a former truck driver and have recently started exercising.....Go to www.shoeswithaspring.com
    They sell shoes especially for people on their feet all day...They are so funky!!! There is a spring on the heel, and it reduces the shock on your foot while you are walking, standing or exercising!!! They're great!!!
  12. by   BioRN
    I have gained 35 lbs since I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a thyroidectomy. The thyroid meds just don't do the job on my metabolism like the real thing. I am on weight watchers and I do very well with the progam but I haven't lost an ounce. I eat the 29 points (approximately 1600calories) at least 6 days a week. Once a week I do tend to fall off the wagon. I also nordictrack or walk 30 minutes per week and do total body strengthening with weights two-three time per week. I am getting very concerned because I have traveled into the obese range according to my BMI. I hope that nursing school in the spring will help me with my weight. My job now is sedendary and I hope being on my feet for clinicals will help a little. I also am concerned about the holidays. I quit my job and my last day is Friday. I have 4 weeks at home with the Christmas cookies and fudge. BTW I wear nikes only and I love them. I hope this board will keep me on the wagon during the holidays.
  13. by   Robbin M
    Hi! It has been a few months since I posted here. I am on weight watchers and have been since july or Aug of 2002. I have lost 19 lbs. It has been slow, but it is staying off. I want to lose 30 more. I feel so much better.