This is kinda gross.....but need some opinions!!!!

  1. I am wanting to go to LVN school, and I'm going to start my pre-reqs this semester. But, today my dog got sick on the floor and I almost tossed my cookies . I starting wondering if I really should go to school to become a nurse. I don't normally have a weak stomach or anything, I can stand the sight of blood and many other disgusting things, but for some reason just really gets to me. Does anyone else have this problem....or is it just me?? I really want to go to nursing school....but now i'm scared my stomach can't take!!!
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  3. by   suebird3
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    To be honest, I think dog urp is worsen' human.


  4. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    strbryblonde, people gagging, retching and vomiting is my personal challenge, too. I'm not in nursing school quite yet (fingers crossed), but I have confidence I will be able to manage my aversion to throw-up simply by being exposed to it. I'm sure the same will be true for you.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Nascar nurse
    Been a nurse nearly 20 years. Been elbow deep in blood, guts, poop, etc - nothing gets to me til .. then I start gagging too. My husband - who did very little "baby" care with the kids was always assigned puke duty cuz I just can't do it. Still can't. Every nurse I know has some weird quirk - no biggy
  6. by   RNsRWe
    I've gotta tell ya, nothing gets the attention of a roomful of nurses more than "This is kinda gross, but need some opinions"! LOL!

    Ok, the thing is, you're going to see and smell and TOUCH a whole lotta stuff you would have sworn you'd do anything to avoid even HEARING about a few years ago. You get more used to it as time goes by, BUT, like NascarNurse just said, there's going to be something that makes your throat clog. Something, and you might not even know what that IS yet!

    If you read the thread on "Things that make you go...emm..urrr" or something like that, you'll see what gets ME <grin>.

    Cheer up, there's some utterly disgusting things out there that you haven't even imagined yet
  7. by   moongirl
    I agree. Animal vomit is way worse. i also agree there are things even grosser that you have yet to encounter
    Learn to breathe thru your mouth, and learn to have out of body experiences while dealing with stuff that make you wanna hurl
  8. by   penguin2
    My aunt was an LPN for many years, and she fainted in the OR while in training. I get nauseated when my dog throws up or has <gag> diarrhea!!! Everybody has their "thing" in nursing, I've always hated suctioning trachs!! You can still do this~ and dog puke is much worse than human. (usually.....)
  9. by   GPatty
    Shoot! I get sick when my animals do! LOL!
    But human barf...that USED to get to me...not so much anymore.
    Go to school....become a's something you learn to handle! Promise!
  10. by   Nascar nurse
    Had a nurse friend on a long term care unit. We learned each others quirks quick. She'd handle all the pukers, I cut all the diabetic toenails.. had to or she'd start puking
  11. by   emllpn2006
    I used to be a party barfer- when someone vomited I did to before going to school. Now vomit is not what it used to be and doesnt bother me at all anymore. My thing now is spit to listen to someone "hack a loogie" is the worst sound I could ever hear. It makes me cringe and if it goes on for any period of time I am vomiting.
  12. by   moongirl
    Quote from Nascar nurse
    Had a nurse friend on a long term care unit. We learned each others quirks quick. She'd handle all the pukers, I cut all the diabetic toenails.. had to or she'd start puking
    ohmyGOSH- toenails are the WORST. Old man, diabetic, thick, yellow, cracked, so tough you need to cut them with a CHAINSAW, and dried hard nasty FOOT skin around them.. give me a BUCKET, heck, a WHEELBARROW of vomit over TOENAILS any day .
  13. by   dlsgroovymom
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  14. by   Daytonite
    I think this is a normal response. A good whiff of barf and I get sick too. That's one reason why I NEVER go to work on a full stomach. Anyway, I find it hard to be running around at work after eating a big meal. I also don't eat very much during a lunch break, if I take one. If you don't have any ammunition you don't have anything to barf up. Most of the time a patient only barfs once and the docs get an N/G tube down to suck out whatever is left and make the patient NPO (nothing by mouth) and that ends the barfing.