This is it. I'm graduating.

  1. I can't believe the time has almost come to graduate. It still doesn't feel real! And the cohort I've been with for 3 years...our last couple of days all together will be over with before we know it.

    I have had 3 promised RN positions. Let me tell you how - don't rush through anything. If you're going to write an essay on your application don't write it in 10 minutes. Read examples of resumes on line and create your own from your experiences and passions.

    If you're just starting nursing school, showing respect at all times to your teachers and classmates is the best way to get a good letter of recommendation from your clinical instructor/teacher. This means, putting your phone away, participating in class discussions, listening to others. You don't need straight A's to get glowing letters of recommendation.

    When you're at clinical, ask the nurses and aids to please pull you aside if anything exciting is going to happen so you can watch and learn. Thank everyone, be humble, be grateful for your experiences.

    Put your best effort into your assignments. Put your heart into what you do on the floors. It WILL be noticed. Patients may even remember your name and include you when they are writing about their hospital experience, you want it to be positive.

    I will tell you the truth that there are different types of students and the students who think some assignments are stupid so they are just going to do a half thoughtful job to get it done, the students who miss classes or text through class, the ones who sit around at clinical once they finished their patient's bed bath, are typically not the ones in my cohort or yours who have jobs promised right now even though they have applied.

    Anyway I didn't mean to go on about that but I thought if I had anything to share with nursing students that this was it. That each day your character is looked at by people who can give you recommendations and some who can really pull strings for you to land your dream job.

    Anyway, I looked back at my first nursing school notes: dosage calculations, rights of patient medication, body mechanics, PPE... and now I'm doing uworld questions! Nursing school is going to be a bittersweet journey, I hope that you all make the best out of it because before you know it you'll be decorating your cap! I had such a great time and a hard time too but it was worth it to have this feeling of a secure future in a profession I love.
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    ^^^^This!! I graduate on Tuesday and it has been quite a journey! Congrats!!!
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    Thank you for sharing your journey and congratulations!
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    Congrats and welcome to the profession!
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    Congratulations and thanks for the advice!
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    Congrats and thank you for the advice! I'm anticipating starting in the Fall. I find out officially mid-June. Everything you mentioned will be put to use.