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  1. BagelBomber

    Sports Psych Nurse NP?

    Are you thinking of focusing on long-term mental health/psych issues related to CTE? That might fall under neuro vs psych. But I'm not sure.
  2. BagelBomber

    Return to Acute Care after Absence

    I think the circumstances that are making you more likely to get hired are a double edged sword. Yes, nearly every unit in every hospital is short, but I think that makes it difficult for new hires to have a solid orientation experience. We have thre...
  3. BagelBomber

    How can a nurse sustain a healthy and happy relationship?

    I agree with a lot of other responses and have found that people who do not work in health care simply don't "get it." I work Sunday Monday Tuesday nights to mesh with my son's basketball schedule as much as possible, and I can understand why my boyf...
  4. BagelBomber

    Truth vs. myths

    When I was in my nurse residency program last year, the educator was adamant that malpractice insurance was not necessary. However, SEVERAL veteran nurses on my unit suggested getting it, so I have malpractice insurance through NSO. I don't know whet...
  5. BagelBomber

    Seasoned and Newbie Nurses

    I have indeed been vaccinated (though before my vaccines, I admittedly changed in my vehicle a time or two...or seven...after I had been pulled to COVID for the night ? ) I love reading everyone's stories and I can't wait until I'm able to contr...
  6. BagelBomber

    Seasoned and Newbie Nurses

    Newbie Nurse, here! I'll complete my first year as an RN later this Summer and I must say it has been a truly wild ride. I agree the "everyone is mean to me because I'm so young and hot" type attitude is far more likely to happen with the youthful lo...
  7. BagelBomber

    How does your unit determine who floats?

    We have a "float tracker" sheet in the charge RN binder. We list the dates we're pulled and to which unit. You're up to float if everyone else on the schedule has floated more recently than you. You have the option to volunteer to be pulled (I for ex...
  8. BagelBomber

    Setting my orientee up for failure?

    I started as an RN almost one year ago, and one of my fellow orientees finished orientation (against her primary preceptor's wishes) and ended up having full-blown panic attacks at the start of nearly every shift. She too, was a very sweet woman, but...
  9. BagelBomber

    The Needy Patient

    I had two of these individuals on my shift last night, and I was hoping to find some tips and tricks here, too- because right now, I just grit my teeth through my shift and give the oncoming nurse a "warning" during report. I've tried explaining that...
  10. BagelBomber

    Working while in nursing School

    Thank you! I went to the Community College of Baltimore County. The Essex campus offers an evening/weekend program, but they only do admissions every Fall (the day programs have both Spring and Fall starts).
  11. BagelBomber

    How far out is the NCLEX scheduling?

    I am so sorry, that sounds really frustrating! I got my finger prints and photo done in the first week of April, finished my application April 16, graduated May 19, received my ATT May 23.
  12. BagelBomber

    How far out is the NCLEX scheduling?

    I think it's much easier to schedule a test date if you're flexible in where you decide to test. I graduated in May and was able to take NCLEX June 5th, but my time slot was at 6:30 am in DC (I live in Baltimore so not the longest drive, so I conside...
  13. BagelBomber

    CCBC Fall 2020 Entry Cohort

    @SARAH_DICKSON No problem! I stressed myself out wayyyy too much during first semester. I was convinced I totally bombed my first exam, and honestly never really felt "good" about any nursing school exams but that's just my test anxiety. And one ot...
  14. BagelBomber

    CCBC Fall 2020 Entry Cohort

    Hi everyone, I just graduated from the Essex evening/weekend program and will finish with my BSN at Frostburg in December. Now that orientation is over, get ready for some of the most annoying semesters of your life ? I'm a single mom that has worke...
  15. BagelBomber

    For those planning to get or have gotten an ASN..

    I'm in my last semester of my ADN program, but my school offered a dual-enrollment option so I've also been taking classes that count toward my BSN. I'm sure it depends on your area and the job market, but I've found when I was interviewing a lot of ...