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  1. BagelBomber

    The needy patient

    I had two of these individuals on my shift last night, and I was hoping to find some tips and tricks here, too- because right now, I just grit my teeth through my shift and give the oncoming nurse a "warning" during report. I've tried explaining that it's easier for both them and myself if we tackle multiple questions and requests at once to no avail. I do like the list idea, though.
  2. BagelBomber

    How far out is the NCLEX scheduling?

    I am so sorry, that sounds really frustrating! I got my finger prints and photo done in the first week of April, finished my application April 16, graduated May 19, received my ATT May 23.
  3. BagelBomber

    How far out is the NCLEX scheduling?

    I think it's much easier to schedule a test date if you're flexible in where you decide to test. I graduated in May and was able to take NCLEX June 5th, but my time slot was at 6:30 am in DC (I live in Baltimore so not the longest drive, so I consider myself very lucky). I have classmates who are stuck with testing dates in October and November.
  4. BagelBomber

    For those planning to get or have gotten an ASN..

    I'm in my last semester of my ADN program, but my school offered a dual-enrollment option so I've also been taking classes that count toward my BSN. I'm sure it depends on your area and the job market, but I've found when I was interviewing a lot of hospitals were requiring enrollment in a BSN program within six months to a year of your hire date. If it's any consolation- the BSN program has been a serious breeze compared to the ADN. There's just some papers to write and a handful of PowerPoint based projects (I'm enrolled in Frostburg's RN-to-BSN; all online).
  5. BagelBomber

    Words of Encouragement?

    Hi! I'm also in my last semester and have found that nearly all motivation I had is gone. Moving online is an adjustment for sure (but it's not all bad- I've been able to eat cereal and have a glass of wine in my sweats during lectures 😉 ), and I feel very disconnected from the whole learning experience. Our clinicals are being adjusted a great deal so the bulk will be online, which I find a little scary, just because I lovvvved having the hands on experience with an instructor or experienced nurse being able to watch my back. As far as NCLEX goes, keep on doing those practice questions. We will all be okay.
  6. BagelBomber

    failing due to less than .1 of a percent

    Unfortunately, word of mouth is not concrete proof of a professor demonstrating favoritism. If you encounter another student who typed the exact same answer in one of the fill in the blanks as you did and they were marked correct while you were not given the credit, for example, that would be actual proof of non-equal treatment. Wuzzie makes a great point regarding the potential long-term consequences here, as well as your standing in the class heading into the final.
  7. BagelBomber

    failing due to less than .1 of a percent

    I'm sure this is devastating and tough to handle, but I'm not sure you and your classmates have much of a leg to stand on. Grading policies should be available in your syllabus and on the school's website, so if you're really not able to find it, that may be your only saving grace. Unfortunately, failing by less than a percent is still failing. I've had classmates fail for similar circumstances, and it is heartbreaking, but it is also just how the cards fall sometimes. Believe me, I would love if nursing school rounded, but I've never encountered anyone who went to nursing school that did. You can't expect the program to make exceptions for you and your classmates and allow you an "extra assignment" that others before you and those that will come after you were not given. Take your break between semesters to chill out, relax, and do a lot of self-care. You may have just burnt yourself out and that's why this semester didn't go your way. I wish you luck.
  8. BagelBomber

    How Long After Graduating to Start a Job?

    I graduate in May, and have a job lined up for July (provided I pass my NCLEX, of course). I started putting in applications at the beginning of February, and was hired on the 17th. I imagine it depends on the job market in your area, but I started my job search before graduating so I wouldn't feel bonkers trying to land a job after.
  9. BagelBomber

    I feel so alone

    I am far from a social creature, and I can completely understand where you're coming from. I have a very dark, dry, and crass sense of humor, so most people simply don't "gel" with me, and that's fine. While things like group projects and clinical presentations are a group effort, you are there for YOUR degree, like Mergirlc mentioned. My classmates are often going to grab a few drinks after exams or chatting before class, while I go home after exams and am usually trying to shove some semblance of dinner in my face before class starts. I don't concern myself with making friends, mainly because the likelihood of you really relying on your network of nursing school friends after graduation is slim (in my opinion- I'm sure there are plenty of folks who made lifelong friends in nursing school). That being said, I think your being a true "outsider" in the sense that you're coming from out of the area makes things more difficult. Do you have a support system beyond school? Someone/some people you can just vent to even if they aren't totally understanding the ins and outs of the program? I vent to my supervisor at work all the time, just to blow steam off (you will discover there is a lot about nursing school that seems to be stupid busy work with no real payoff).
  10. BagelBomber

    Phone Interview Advice?

    Hi, all- I am graduating with my ADN in May and BSN in December, and sent a resume to the new grad residency program at one of my local hospitals. I was contacted to submit my unofficial transcript, and then told I would be contacted again to set up a phone interview. I've never had a phone interview before, and I'm wondering if there's any special way I should prepare? Are the questions asked along the same lines? Thank you for any help you can offer!
  11. BagelBomber

    CCBC Spring 2020 Cohort

    We did use the online material for the Funds book during Funds, just some videos we had to watch as lab prep. The other codes we didn't use, although I think some people may have used the online info for enrichment when they studied.
  12. BagelBomber

    CCBC Spring 2020 Cohort

    I have bought every book for CCBC on Amazon, and they've come with access codes. I rented the ones I used for my ATB program, but bought the CCBC books since I may use them to study for NCLEX.
  13. BagelBomber

    CCBC Spring 2020 Cohort

    I think "use" is a strong word, but I have cited mine as a reference when writing papers and such throughout the program. There are also a few charts and tables in there that are handy.
  14. BagelBomber

    Working while in nursing School

    I've worked full-time throughout and will graduate in May. My schedule is as follows: M-F: work 0800-1700 Tu and Th: class 1800-2100 Sat and Sun: clincal (times vary based on the class) If you have children (single mom of a 12 year old boy, here), that makes it a bit more difficult to plan, study, and do well. But- it's doable. The most important things (imho) are to prioritize your time appropriately, stay organized (MY PLANNER IS MY BEST FRIEND), and remember the endgame is worth your effort. The most difficult thing (again...imho) is finding time to eat things that aren't terrible for my body. I love pretzels, an apple, or some celery with almond butter, and recently I've done a much better job at packing for a full day, but....every now and then, it's a Subway Club for dinner.
  15. BagelBomber

    CCBC Spring 2020 Cohort

    If anyone is starting the evening weekend program- who is teaching 155? I'm just curious 🙂
  16. BagelBomber

    CCBC Spring 2020 Cohort

    Essex provided us (I'm in my final semester now) with the ATI materials.