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This might be fun. You all know the different types of nursing students you go to school with. For instance: The guy student who has the palm pilot with all the latest programs, which he plays... Read More

  1. by   smileystudent
    Quote from Jen2
    How about the person who sits behind you and crinkles wrappers because they are always eating something. I also have a girl who cracks her gum constantly. I'd just love to stick it all through her waste length hair.

    I'm so sorry Jen2 that must be me sitting behind you. :imbar
    I have a bad habit of popping my gum. I promise I will try to keep it down from now on.
  2. by   Mat Price
    Quote from LoriRN2B
    You know I am laughing because I know this situation ALL TOO
    Originally Posted by studentnurse74
    How about the guy who WON'T SHUT UP, every time the teacher is lecturing, he has to to make comments/ask questions, needs more detail, etc., asking about things that are irrelevant to testing material, so everyone has 10 minutes wasted from class?! :angryfire
    WELL. I swear this guy was in my A&P!!
    heheh well i guess this is me i just like to learn as much as i can and get as much out of my 1200 bucks / class as i can....
  3. by   Dublin37
    Quote from NurseWeasel
    OK I'm The Class Mom. First week of school I gathered names & contact info, typed up, & handed out an "address book" for the class... complete with thumbnail photos so we'd remember who we all were by our faces before we knew names! I also typed up & distributed the class schedule in a more user-friendly format than the faculty gave us, created a group website just for the students in our class, and uploaded about 100 bookmarks on various websites (mostly gleaned from AllNurses threads) helpful to nursing students. :chuckle

    I admit to being an organized freak (to a fault, sometimes). I do this stuff for myself, so I figure I might as well share. Hey if it benefits someone else, and I'm already doing it anyway, why not! I haven't seemed to irritate anyone yet (except one gal who refuses to join the group website's email list because she "doesn't have time" for the occasional e-discussion that the rest of us share). Whenever anyone needs something, who do they come to? That's right, the Class Mom, lol. Greater than 90% chance I've got it handy, too!

    Wow, you are totally my hero! :hatparty: I would love to get that stuff, and would totally be willing to help the "mom", but dang, my brain just does not work that way!

    the only student i just cannot stand is the 'know-it-all'! or folks who pull the teacher off subject, just to diagnose someone they know with something bizarre that they 'might' have! urgggggggghhhhhh :angryfire
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Yeah i finally told off the class know-it-all on wednesday. I got tired of the disrespect she was showing to everyone by her rude attitude towards peopel that didn't agree with her. What a form of stress relief!
  5. by   Kiwi
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    Just b/c a girl looks good and dresses nicely, doesn't mean she's in it to marry a doctor. I think ugly girls need to get over themselves.

    And so do vain ones, bootylicious.
  6. by   orrnlori
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    And so do vain ones, bootylicious.
  7. by   LeashRN
    We have ALL of these types at the learning institutuion that I attend and personally, I really enjoy them. In fact, I'm having a great time with all my fellow class mates and appreciate each one for what they as individuals have to offer. As the saying goes, it takes all kinds.
    Tolerance is key.
  8. by   Vsummer1
    We have one. She failed 2nd semester. She works as a tech on the unit. So, during clinicals not only is she the know-it-all, but she HUGS everyone there, chit chats with the staff, her fellow students don't rate in her book and are not worth talking to. When asked what the blood pressure is for her patient, states " I don't do blood pressures". Ummm, no wonder you failed a class -- if you think only the techs (such as yourself) should do blood pressures, and you shouldn't know what those pressures are as a nurse... This person is LOVED on the unit and they can't WAIT for her to become a nurse and continue working there. I wonder what they are gonna think when her first patient codes because she isn't doing an assessment?