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I am a classically-trained musician (violist) who fell in love with nursing! LIKES: the color blue, chemistry, old oak trees, "Office Space", babies' fontanels :), chess, swimming. DISLIKES: cruelty, irate drivers, exhaustion.

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  1. Hi! I am an experienced critical care RN. I have an interview in a couple days for Endoscopy. I'm interested in the position because I have seen many completed at the bedside in the critical care setting. I have been trained in conscious sedation nursing. What are the responsibilities of an endo RN / what are the most common cases of patients? What are the attributes that are important for an endo RN? If there are any other kinds of questions on my behalf that will be brought up on my behalf, please tell me. Thanks, Kelly
  2. Kiwi

    Valsalva maneuver

    Well, first you lift up the seat. Gather mentally-stimulating reading material. Sit down. Take a deep cleansing breath, prepare yourself, and go at it.......... j/k Just hold lips together and blow without air escaping from nostrils. That is about as easy as the description can get. Remember to use care with pregnant women with respect to the VM.
  3. Kiwi

    relationship blues-school or love

    changed, check out this thread: https://allnurses.com/forums/f16/single-srnas-93159.html?highlight=single unfortunately, the quote from the movie "the shining": "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy..." rings true. years of reading posts on this board have shown that significant others must be totally steadfast and supportive of srnas throughout their education. there have been allnurses srna members who broke up before school, lost significant others along the way, even divorced. as i read your post, i can see that you are experiencing an emotionally painful relationship. however, you must obviously be one of the best and brightest, as you will start your na graduate education in a few months. stay focused and be aware that his/her lack of support is an ominous sign of how things may turn out. :.:.:.hugs:.:.::icon_hug: courage, ether
  4. Kiwi

    Anesthesia School Help

    This was a great website while it lasted. Maybe it was a class website?
  5. Kiwi

    huge juggling act with time as the enemy

    joli, I am glad I'm not the only one. I have had THE WORST day! Everybody has been talking down to me like I'm a nobody. Today I verbally stated to my boyfriend that I don't like being a nurse. I hope I can make it too.
  6. Kiwi

    Tranquilizer dart

    You have a point. When interviewed on the need for an occasional tranq dart, he stated with a grunt, "Take the day they left me in a temporary holding cage while they cleaned the display habitat. First off, it's a 10-by-8-foot space, so I'm rebounding off the walls like a racquetball inside of 20 minutes. Then, they put the cage right to a holding pen with another alpha-male silverback in it. Hello?!" -Gongogo, Alpha-male Siverback Gorilla
  7. Kiwi

    Tranquilizer dart

    It was amazing to me that the Gorilla himself actually enjoyed the occasional tranq dart. What a junkie! To circumvent the dilaudid, succs, diprivan - and demonstrate attention-seeking behaviors so he could go straight for the dart...WOW! Heck, even curious george was curious about the bottle of ether! The amount of unreported chemical dependency in the primate population must be staggering.
  8. Kiwi

    A Profession With A Proud History...

    LOL! For this montage of pics I googled "nurse anesthetist".
  9. Kiwi

    A Profession With A Proud History...

  10. From the first pioneers...
  11. Kiwi

    CRNA & NP: Advantages??

    Excellent insight BigDave.
  12. Kiwi

    Tranquilizer dart

    Upon reading this excellent article from The Onion... http://www.theonion.com/content/node/44692 I am asking (while trying to keep a strait face), what do you think is in a tranquilizer dart? What on earth could take a 500 lb wild animal out in ~10 seconds? Before googling "tranquilizer dart", I wanted to throw the question out there to all you sedative pharmacokinetic wizards!
  13. Kiwi

    How many of your patients didnt survive anesthesia?

    Sorry, but per TOS on allnurses.com the anesthesia providers on this site can't give medical advice. It does sound as though you have different variables that could affect your plan of anesthesia.
  14. Kiwi

    texas crna's

  15. Kiwi

    Thomas Jefferson Program

    Use the PRE-CRNA forum. PLEASE!
  16. Kiwi

    CRNA Board Review

    Did you find out anything? It just seems like with all of the advances in anesthesia in the past 10 years that you might have to complete a program again to stay competent. What do you think?