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  1. I am starting nursing school in August and will be receiving my required book list soon. Our school book store is so expensive, I was hoping some of you may know of a reliable web site that has better prices.
    Also, do most of you just buy what is on the required list, or do you usually purchase the optional books also?
    THANKS for any advice,
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  3. by   hoppermom3
    I got most of my textbooks off half.com. I went to www.addall.com and compared, and half.com was the cheapest for me. Walmart.com and buy.com also have textbooks. And of course, this site has books available also!
  4. by   klone
    I also used half.com for most of my books. Surprisingly, for those books I couldn't find at half.com, or for those that I wanted to buy brand new, I found my local Barnes and Noble to often be a couple dollars cheaper than at my school's bookstore.
  5. by   Christina_NICU
    Half.com is ones of the best, hands down. Too bad they are shutting down, but were nice enough to extend it till October for the Fall semester. I'm very sad. I've used them since my first semester of college.
  6. by   J.R.
    I know this may sound queer, but when I was a student and was very short of cash, what I did was post a message to the student board in our school for those who want to sell their old books. Sure enough I got much more than what I expected. I hope this may help you too.
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    I get most of mine at half.com, but there have been times I've gotten mine at my local book store half price books to be exact. Several of my friends and I are taking the same classes just in different semesters then exchanging books (we each pay half for the book). Good Luck
  8. by   henry-106
    Along with everyone else, I bought some books at Half.com, and at amazon. But Barnes and Noble have some good stuff too, and they are really nice about returns and etc.
    Good luck, this is my first quarter in nursing program, and I spent around $400, but I know alot of the books transfer to other classes.
  9. by   angelac1978
    you can also check the publisher's website. the publisher of my radiology books has free shipping to individuals and a 10% discount. it works out way cheaper for me to buy it from them than anywhere else, since all my books are new editions.

  10. by   studentnurse74
    Quote from Christina_2006
    Half.com is ones of the best, hands down. Too bad they are shutting down, but were nice enough to extend it till October for the Fall semester. I'm very sad. I've used them since my first semester of college.
    WHAT!? That's the first I've heard. Why? What is going on? Please share.

    Aside from half.com, addall.com finds some really cheap books for you.
  11. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    Thanks you guys! I will check them out when I get the "official" list! Did you buy all the suggested optional books on your list? I already have a good medical dictionary, so I think the only optional book I will purchase will be the study guide that goes along with my fundamentals book.
    I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions!
  12. by   Christina_NICU
    Quote from studentnurse74
    what!? that's the first i've heard. why? what is going on? please share.

    aside from half.com, addall.com finds some really cheap books for you.
    yeah, they are. they are integrating it with ebay. don't know what'll be like...maybe better? i hope. if you are a member of half.com you should have gotten an e-mail telling you about this. here's a copy of the letter they sent out...you can also find it in your "my account" section:

    half.com integration completion update
    jun 16, 2004 12:00 pm

    dear half.com sellers:

    the completion date for integrating half.com into the ebay platform has been extended from july 13 to october 14, 2004. we know that many of you have been working hard to prepare for the transition to ebay and have experienced encouraging early results. your success drives our success, and all of us at half and ebay truly appreciate your efforts. however, we have also heard from many of you that although the transition is going well, you would like to have the flexibility of continuing to sell on half.com during the important back-to-school season.

    based on this feedback, we have decided to leave half.com open until october 14. this will allow you to maximize your sales during this back-to-school season, as well as have additional time to transition your business to ebay. for those of you who have been preparing for the transition, your hard work will put you ahead of the game. we strongly encourage you to sell on both ebay and half.com during this transition period so that you can take advantage of the enhancements we have made to the ebay platform, the 105 million registered users on ebay and the upcoming ebay textbooks marketing campaign to help you realize sales results higher than ever before. if you have questions about the date change from july 13 to october 14, please see our faq, attend a live q&a session or stop by the books, movies, music & video games booth if you are at ebay live. we look forward to working with you to maximize your business on both ebay and half.com in the short term and to successfully transition to ebay in the fall.

    best wishes,

    the half.com by ebay team
  13. by   RedSox33RN
    I've bought a few off of eBay, already saving about $50 for the 3 I've gotten so far (compared to the used prices at my school bookstore).

    I hadn't heard Half.com was closing either!
  14. by   lunakat
    I used "bigword.com" and "campusi.com" both are comparsion sites that search for you and tell which place has the best deal. Good luck