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Out of curiosity, how supportive have family and friends been with your decision to enter Nursing School? Are they offering encouragement? Emotional, financial, or any other type of positive... Read More

  1. by   caligirl
    I have had nothing but support from my close friends/family. My husband is extremely happy considering my original plan was to be a social worker. I would have had to get my masters and make WAAAY less money than I would with my BSN. He supports me financially and emotionally. He is in a masters program right now (as well as being in the military) so he knows what it is like to be a student. I am blessed that I don't have to work and my daughter is in full time daycare. If I was not in the situation I was in right now, I would not be able to do it. I would still be working. My mom is excited for me and since she is a social worker, she is always sending me job updates for nurses needed in social work!

    I have heard a lot of negative comments from others that are in the medical field! In one of my nursing classes, I heard that is common.
  2. by   Catherine's mom
    My husband is incredibly supportive of me, I gave up a full time job to go to nursing school full time so he is the sole moneymaker of the family. On top of that his job is very stressful and he travels a lot.

    My kids are divided--the girls (20 and 6) are excited, but my son (16) sees no benefit at all as we graduate the same year-he from high school and me from nursing! Oh well. My in laws are a huge help also, they get my daughter on the bus and watch her when I have classes.

    Friends basically say "oh really?" with a blank expression, as others have said they have no clue what is going on in nursing.
  3. by   fnimat1
    You have to do what's best for YOU...yeah, I understand that things would go a little better if you had the support of loved ones but that's just not how life goes. As far as my family and friends go...I have wonderful support from most of my relatives....a few are questioning my desire to be a nurse..mainly because I wanted to be a teacher for so long. My parents were As long as you know that you have a passion for this profession and it's going to make you fulfilled and happy...then go for it!!!!! In the end, when you finish nursing school they will be sooooo proud of you they will not be able to contain themselves....

  4. by   Tarian
    I've found that overall friends and family have been immensely supportive of me. Of course not everyone agrees that THEY would want to be a nurse (I get a lot of "yucks" and "icks" on the topic), but they see me as being a good one myself.

    If people are concerned about you supporting yourself, there's ALWAYS loans to get you through the next few years (if you need them) and then you've got your choice of jobs once you graduate! Not many other fields right now can offer you the ability to really be able to choose exactly where you want to move, and yet still be able to get a job after the fact... often with sign-on bonuses! It's really such a great idea, financially, to be in nursing now. Maybe you can get those close to you to focus on THAT instead?
  5. by   giggles66
    I really do not have much support. I have no family both of my parents passed way and everyone went there own seperate ways. I try to rely on my friends they say that they are supportive of me I do not know. I guess I'll have to keep pressing on to try and get my Nursing degree.

  6. by   echo*echo
    Hi Carmen,

    We are in the same boat. My mother passed away five years ago and my father and I have basically not spoken for 15 years--and he lives thirty minutes away. My older sister, the only college graduate in my family, is extremely critical of my decision. She is very successful (the only one in my family who is) and has always looked down on me, or anyone else not as successful as her. She doesn't consider nurses to be professionals like her. The only relative I am really close to is my Aunt.

    One thing I am considering once I start my ADN program is seeking out other singles in the program for support. Maybe if I find two or three in a similar situation we can rent a house or something. That way we will not only have mutual support and study buddies, but we can save some money as well! Not everyone has a spouse or BF/GF to lean on. Just a thought!
  7. by   FutureNurse2005
    my husband will be paying my way, but other than that, it seems I am on my own! lol He just doesnt seem interested in hearing about it, and he actually tells me I am "nuts" when I start talking about just how much work is involved in the program. He thinks it will be an hour or two of homework each night! Yeah, whatever...

    My parents just want me to graduate from something. I dont think they care either! lol

    Oh well, i'm determined and I am going to make it!
  8. by   rnnurse2be
    Originally posted by Jen2
    What upsets me is that I have done pre-reqs for two years, and when I recieved my acceptance letter it was my biggest accomplishment so far. My mom just said "I thought you were already in nursing school." God love her, she has no clue.
    Now that is Funny! My DH is somewhat the same way... I keep retelling him... and retelling him... I finally said When I scream because of happiness ... Be happy... if I cry... hug me... LOL!
    I figured since they arn't there at school, hearing the inns and outs all the time, they really are outta the loop.
    Ya just gotta love um!:kiss
  9. by   rnnurse2be
    Originally posted by iliel
    Funny how people can be. I have found that my TRUE friends are supportive. Half my family thinks I'm "not book smart enough" (my grandmother actually said that to me!)
    The weirest reaction I got was from a high school teacher, she was a pt at the dental office I worked in, she told me the pay is bad, the hours suck, and you should go into a feild where other people will respect you. How can a high school teacher, who should support kids dreams of becoming what ever they want, tell me that I shouldn't do this!
    All the negative, just makes me work that much harder.
    Iliel, it makes you wonder if they cant hear what they say, you know? I mean, "helloo, anyone home" Not book smart, now that had to hurt. I agree, when someone tells me I cant, or its to hard... I try all the harder to prove them WRONG!
  10. by   dosamigos76
    My husband is wonderful. He's proud of me and extremely supportive. I couldn't do this without him. My mother is more proud of the fact that I took a "walking and conditioning" class than my microbiology class this summer. Go figure.
    I found that I have made friends at school of people that I think have something on the ball and aren't the complainers. I hate negativity and don't want it to rub off on me.
    You'll love Albuquerque Echo! Take your time choosing friends and you'll have more support than you ever imagined.
  11. by   maire
    Originally posted by echo*echo
    Out of curiosity, how supportive have family and friends been with your decision to enter Nursing School? Are they offering encouragement? Emotional, financial, or any other type of positive support? Or are they indifferent? Or are they trying to discourage your dreams of becoming a nurse?
    My family and friends are behind me 110%. My aunt is a nurse, one of my cousins is a nurse, my best friend is a nurse, and 2 of my parents' neighbors are nurses, so the profession is highly regarded in my little section of the planet. My husband is proud of me, tells everyone that he married "the smart one." My friends and acquaintances all think it's great that I will be doing something so "noble" and "fulfilling." My parents have already said that they will be in the first row when I graduate, and have made it a point to buy all of my school supplies (uniforms, stethoscope, shoes, etc.). They are proud and thrilled that I chose to go into this profession, and I think my being the only one of the 4 spawn to graduate from college might have had something else to do with it. Oh, and my daughters think I'm "cool."

    The only negativity I've heard was from nurses who were burned out, hated their jobs, hated their coworkers, thought doctors sucked, etc. That negativity wasn't aimed at me going into nursing, just about working in general. I've never been discouraged from doing this, just warned about what can be out there.
  12. by   camkib
    I have a wonderful family who supports me in all ways. My husband "brags" at work about my accomplishments and I have overheard my children more than once say to their friends, "my mother goes to college --she's going to be a nurse"

    Everyone seems just as excited about my goal as I parents, my hubby's parents...everyone!

    But for those of you who don't have the support you need, you know that you can always come here. Allnurses loves you
  13. by   TinyNurse
    choosing to go into nursing, you will find opposition, some people think it's too hard , or too dirty, or you are single with a kid, blah, blah, or they may even be envious of your drive and determination.

    You need to perservere through this, and doing that will allow you to bring special qualities to nursing!!! it will also let you know that YOU did it.

    I just graduated ADN, but I remember the day, sitting broke at the dining room table at my mom's house crying......... and my mom ( high school drop out, single mom, CURRENTLY AN RRT) saying to me "you need to get your A** over to the college and get into that nursing program, that way you will always have a job, and will make decent money for you and your son".

    We laughed about that day on graduation day!! and how I just got in my car and drove over to the college and applied to the school of nursing.

    My mom being an RRT supported me mostly because she is in the medical field, but other than that, noone else had a CLUE what nursing school entailed. I made friends in nursing school, mostly the single moms, or the non clique girls. They failed/dropped out slowly.

    My younger sister is in college finishing her masters in teaching. She understands the hard work and dedication. It's interesting how people in other disciplines like teaching can relate well to the diversity issues in nursing. I've learned alot from my sister, and she's learned alot from me.

    Waking up every day to see my son, gave me the drive to plug on.

    It's interesting how you speak of your mother's side/extended family......... because my own father blue collar who always had a great job got laid off after 26 years. Before he never understood why "his girls" needed to go to college!!!!! Now he understands, and I can say that he was ultimately proud to have his photo taken with me at graduation!!!

    I think you have a GREAT plan of seeking out other singles to room with and study with. I think that is a great "support plan" in your situation!!!

    I wish you the best in everything and the best of luck in nursing school!!!!