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Entering nursing after 7 years of ignoring my BS in Chemistry, working to grow a small tech-service-based business. Time to actually pursue a job I'll love.

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  1. Tarian

    A Class Full Of Women!!! Ugh!!!!!!

    As a 32 year old male nursing student, I'm finding that age is a more significant factor than sex in student social relationships. At first I thought the "cattiness" that I've found myself exposed to was the result of being in a 95% female population, but over the last couple of months I'm realizing that's not quite the case. I'm finding that the young male students act the same "catty" way toward me as I see happening all around me between the young females. I've since learned to seek the company of the older nontrad's to keep myself sane! One question, though: we just finished our first nursing-based class, and about 10% of the class was "weeded out". Clinicals start this week now, and I'm wondering if I can expect more cameraderie between the 'survivors' as classes go on. I've felt like thing have been pretty clickish up to this point, and I'm really hoping that nursing students in general tend to move beyond that.
  2. Tarian

    Does anyone know...

    As far as I know there isn't a comprehensive website; you'll need to do some legwork to get that info. There are certainly lists of schools by specialty, so you can find the "best" schools out there. As far as pass rates go, I found that info for all schools in my state on its Board of Nursing site. I don't know if every state's Board of Nusing makes this info available so easily, but I would check it out.
  3. Tarian

    Please help

    Another thing to consider... In at least one study, there's been a corellation between the proportion of BSN vs. ASN staff and the overall outcomes of the patients. While you might not make much more money as a BSN, you by definition will end up with more education. More education = better patient care results. Link to summary of study: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/Media/NewsReleases/2003AikenStudy.htm
  4. Tarian

    Need all help I can get with Micro...

    Hmmm... Sounds like I'm in the same class as Francine right now! My advice would be to make flashcards of the core material, and review them often; I've found that helps me a LOT. I'd also answer any sample questions that are available to you. So if you have review questions in your book, tackle all of those until you can answer them without "peeking" at the answers. I'd also suggest talking to your professor. Chances are, you can get tips on what you are doing "wrong"... maybe you aren't focusing on the key items of importance, or maybe you aren't focusing on enough fine details. Every instructor of course has their own system of testing, so it's good to know what yours is expecting.
  5. Tarian

    Need a good digital voice recorder

    I bought an MP3 player/digital recorder/FM tuner this semester myself. I love it so far. I got a 256MB Yepp YP-55 (made by Samsung) from Best Buy. I got some extras with it, namely the 2-year replacement plan (since I KNOW I'll break it sometime during school!) and an FM modulator... with all costs (the player, the service plan, the modulator, taxes) it's been $270. The recording quality has been very good with it. Since I got the FM modulator, I can listen to lectures in my car through my FM radio. Originally I was planning to burn lectures to CD to listen to, but now I don't have to bother with that extra step and don't end up with a bunch of lecture CDs cluttering the car. It's also great using it as an MP3 player-- I use it for my evening workouts, so it's helping doubly with my studies; lecture review and stress-relief.
  6. Tarian

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    Hi everybody. I'm starting my first semseter of my ASN program right now. I'm 32, with a BS in Chemistry and 7 years experience at a tech-related service company. My goal is to work as an ER travel nurse then get my BSN, and see if I want further schooling after that (maybe CRNA or nurse practitioner). Ratios at my school are similar to what I've read here already: I'm one of less than 10 males in an incoming class of approx. 150. Man oh man do I wish I'd chosen this right out of high school! I'm finding already that it's a very different learning experience compared to my analytical chemistry/science background. Lots of what I refer to as "touchy feely" subject matter which I'm finding challenging in its own way, as I'm being forced to think in ways I'm not genrally prone to do as a male. Also I've had more exposure to Oprah and TV soaps over the past two weeks than I'd had over the last ten years!
  7. Tarian

    Mercy Des Moines

    Hi there... I'm a returning student in his first semester of the ASN program at Mercy College in Des Moines. Any other Des Moines out there? Or even from Iowa for that matter?
  8. Tarian

    Medical Reference Dictionary?

    Thanks Carolanne! I'm going to remember to compare prices online first. From the books available so far, I can save $20. I've still got half the books for one class that aren't in yet, and two more classes with no books in yet. Hopefully I can save some $$$$$!
  9. I just picked up some of the books for my first full-time semester in nursing:) ... one of the required books is a hardcover version of Mosby's Medical, Nursing, & Allied Health Dictionary. Is this book recommended? Spending as much money on this thing as I am, I'd rather buy a competing dictionary if a better one is out there. I'm feeling prejudiced against it because we used Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants for my CNA course, and I thought it was a terribly written book. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Tarian

    How long is your commute?

    When I start full-time classes this fall, my commute will be 15 minutes each way. Right now I'm taking a summer class at a community college to save money, which is 30 minutes away. Can't wait for fall.
  11. Tarian

    I admit it!!!!!

    And I thought I was the only one! When I first started my CNA program, I ran out right away and bought scrubs, sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. I wore my scrubs & stethoscope around the house (sepecially in front of mirrors:)) and couldn't wait for clinicals to start!
  12. Tarian

    Afraid of Failure

    Heck yeah I'm scared! I'm personally making a big financial gamble-- not working any more, and taking out loans to cover expenses while I get through the program. So far the fear has been a good thing, though-- I've been able to stay incredibly focused and motivated (compared to my first time around in college). It's only natural to feel fear when making a big change like you are... if you DIDN'T feel scared then I think there'd be something wrong. Just remember that you CAN do it, and that you're proactively taking charge and changing your life for the better instead of taking the easy route. Not many people have the guts to do that!
  13. Tarian


    I'm not sure about a website, but at my local bookstore I saw a US News & World report magazine-format publication that was shelved along with books that listed rankings for the best grad schools. I looked up nursing and they had separate lists for nursing, anesthetists, PA, etc. I plan to go back with a notebook and make copies of the schools I'm interested in keeping in mind. First I need to get that BSN though!:)
  14. Tarian

    Desktop vs laptop

    It's a personal decision, of course, with pros & cons for both. Myself, I use and enjoy my desktop because I can have a full-sized keyboard in front of me (scrunched laptop keyboards are a bit harder to use in my opinion), as well as a larger screen. Plus I always feel like the screen on a laptop is too close to my face-- I like to have the monitor a good foot back from the keyboard.
  15. Tarian

    skipping class, a hard habit to break

    I try to attend all my classes, even when the instructor reads straight from the book. I find that my retention level goes way up if I hear information that I also at another time read myself. But if the instructor DOES read straight from the book, then I always make sure that I DON'T read ahead! The "boring" factor goes way way way up if I've already read information that's being spoken back to me. I still do the reading, but after class. As far as my view toward those who do choose to skip classes, I'm with LeesieBug. I really resent those who repeatedly skip then ask me for my notes. I see really learning all the information presented to me as being the goal, not just getting a good enough grade. Unlike many other professions, the information we possess will impact the actual survival of other human beings! Okay, I'll get back off my soapbox now!
  16. Tarian


    There've already been a LOT of sites listed here, but still at least one more that I think is worthy of adding to the list. If you (ever! ) get through all those listed so far, try the New York Emergency Department RN site. LOTS of fun educational stuff to check out! http://www.nyerrn.com/