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The good news – I was accepted into my nursing BSN program for next semester! The bad news – we have a required white dress which is as thin as cheap drape, and the hem hits 2 inches above... Read More

  1. by   gardenia1
    In 1976 (probably before most of you were born) and during the miniskirt era, nurses not only had to wear white dresses, but also white HOSE and of course the nurses' cap. They couldn't be any shorter than 2 inches above the knee, and we thought that was terrible! Also, married women could wear their wedding rings, otherwise no jewelry, and your hair could not touch your collar. On top of that, we were required to get the dr's juice or coffee, whatever they wanted, while they sat at our desk writing orders. I have no sympathy. Things have been alot worse. Sorry.
  2. by   Altruisticnurse
    Very irritating, as a man in the nursing profession, it angers me to see sexism like this is alive and well in of all things, an undergraduate nursing program! This is a sad statement that the faculty of this college of nursing are making. No doubt the male staff and physicians of the hospitals you will be doing clinicals at love it when your college is there. It seems that nursing schools often try to overstress, and irritate students in order to "weed out" the less serious students. Unfortunately, overcoming this adversity is just the first step in your nursing career. A nursing education is extremely difficult without the added possibility of being sexually harassed for your student uniform. This "outfit" is a throwback to the days when nurses wore dresses and caps and had to get up to offer up their chair whenever a physician entered the area. I hope that you and your classmates can unite and present reasons why this "outfit" is no longer acceptable in the healthcare industry. Part of your education as an undergrad nurse is in leadership and how to effect change on grassroots level; show your faculty that you are a leader. If they don't want to listen; just like a job that you can't endure, go somewhere else. There are undergrad programs that value professionalism and will teach you how to be an excellent, dignified, professional Registered Nurse!
  3. by   lowypop
    i wish we had dresses, over here (UK) we have trousers that go up past our bellybutton (im not jokin it almost touches my bra) which r blue, show up any speck of water or fluid (very impractical) and white tunics, which u need to take downward past ur bum to take off, u cant take them over ur head, again very difficult to move in and impractical, not to mention very hot lol
  4. by   Cilantrophobe
    Quote from greenbeanio
    Ewww!!! I'm so sorry! And yes, I'll stop saying we look like elves in our green scrubs!

    But you know what - grateful as I was to get into nursing school, I would NOT wear that impractical, revealing and inappropriate outfit. I would claim a "religious objection" and go in white scrubs instead. There are lots of religions that forbid women to show their legs!
    Good point. My school would never get away with requiring that. Our student population is a majorly mixed breed. Many of the girls around campus adhere to Hijab, too many to enforce that 'little white dress'
  5. by   tkane
    Wow! I'm sorry for you. We were called "smurfs" beause of our white pants & royal blue tops, but at least we wore pants. How impractical if you need to bend over or have to help put someones shoes on
  6. by   Bubbles
    Amazing! Looks like the inexpensive uniforms I wore as a 'Girl Friday' in a pediatrician's office in 1962. Of course, I weighed only 118# at that time. Congrads on being accepted to nursing school! That is great. Hopefully, the students will be able to change the student uniform. It looks really sweet, but is totally impractical. Of course, when I was a student nurse in the 60's our uniform was a pink dress over which we wore an extremely starched bib and apron. We had starched cuffs and collars which sometimes rubbed our necks raw!! The cuffs, collars, bib and apron were all held together with safety pins. We were called pinkies! The guys in my class got to wear white slacks and tops similiar to what some dentists, etc. wore. It was several years after graduation before nursing uniforms began to be pant suits. I remember thinking the only reason an underclassman got to be a supervisor after he graduated was because he wore pants!
    Absolutely, you will have to wear a slip and move very carefully. Hopefully, you all can work together and get it changed!
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  7. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from Meg_student
    The good news - I was accepted into my nursing BSN program for next semester!

    The bad news - we have a required white dress which is as thin as cheap drape, and the hem hits 2 inches above my knee when standing. When sitting or bending, it rides up even higher.

    The dress code calls for white hosiery - pantyhose or knee-highs. Knee-highs? !!! If this didn't come from the manufacturer, I would think it could be something for Halloween! Eek!

    Well well well. They are going backwards in history. What you say is exactly what I was forced to wear as a nurses aide, including the white stockings and white shoes. That was back in the early 60s.
  8. by   ShortStackRN
    YUCK!!! I am SO sorry! And I thought the khaki scrubs that look like female prisoner uniforms at my school were bad...
  9. by   yelnikmcwawa
    Quote from lumberjack
    Yeesh, do they even make that in my size? I'm a dude with a size 34 waist and 6 feet tall, 200lbs I didn't think any place in the country still did skirts. I'm so very sorry they are doing this to you. And I thought the white scrubs we have to wear were bad...
    Dude, I don't even know you...but I'm picturing a man of your description in that gettup, and I'm laughing my arse off!!!! Haha! :lghmky:
  10. by   OUNURSE
    I really didn't think anyone wore these anymore! So sorry!!
  11. by   yelnikmcwawa
    Quote from flightnurse2b
    a lady i worked with in NC showed me pictures of her uniform from the late 70's, and hers was by far the ugliest. they had to wear a brown dress with gold colored hose and brown shoes, and her cap looked like a french fry box from mcdonald's.
    Oh man...this whole post is cracking me up so much that I'm cryin! A french fry box....bwahahahah!!!!
  12. by   esperanzita
    Quote from That Guy
    Thats kinda hot.....yet impractical all at the same time. I like how we have the options of what kind of pants we want ( dress slacks, scrubs or trauma/EMT pants ) as long as they are black and our gold scrub tops.
    Are you serious--you think that's hot?
  13. by   TiddlDwink
    I graduated in 1969, before pants were allowed for females. Our ugly dresses were green striped, but they hit mid calf. Maybe you could get one extra uniform and cut it up to add about 12 inches to the bottom of the others so you can move around.

    Also, about 2 years ago, I applied to the county hospital here, and during the tour of the emergency department, I noticed everyone was wearing starched white uniforms. I was told that administration has decided that all nurses will wear white uniforms now. No more colored scrubs, even in the ED. The "tour guide" also told me that on the patient floors the nurses also wear caps, which are NOT required in the ED. Need I say I thanked her very much and literally RAN out the door? That was 2007. Looked like 1967 in there. Thought I had passed through a time warp.