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  1. Is it crazy to want to quit my job after 2 days???

    3 days for a new grad or for anyone is not enough!
  2. Administerring 5-fu at home, urgent advice needed

    When I worked at a home health agency, it was rare, but every once in awhile we would have a orders to d/c 5fu but not to set up. Not sure if you need to be certified or not, but when my manager tried to get me to go out and take it down one day, wi...
  3. Happening again

    I worked home health for a year and got tired of seeing patients all day and charting all night! I enjoy hard work, but this was overkill. I had no family time and was always trying to dig out of the hole of charting that never ended! I do miss som...
  4. Got the Job!!! (Health Dept.)

    Congrats! I've been at the health department since October last year and love it. I work with the Nurse Family Partnership. I work with low income, first time mothers from pregnancy until their children are age 2. I did a internship in public hea...
  5. Funny joke/story: The Psychiatrist &The Proctologist

  6. Need black out shades. What kind?

    When I worked nights I bought roman shades in a chocolate from Lowe's. They work great! Nice and dark during the day!:zzzzz
  7. Fellow L&D nurses...a good laugh for you!

    Love this!
  8. What 2 do if u r called to a man down?

    I agree with this. You must make sure that the officers have given you clearance. At times inmates "play games" and are not really in distress, they have been known to fake, so be careful out there!
  9. Grey's Anatomy? Scrubs too?

    I don't watch the show, but the scrubs are great They look good and are comfy!
  10. Nurses eat their Young

  11. lvn = physical therapist assistant?

    No, a physical therapist assistant has graduated from a specialized 2 year PT program. I was a PTA prior to pursuing my RN.
  12. Reporting child abuse

    You did the right thing, we as nurses are under obligation to report abuse.
  13. Nurse Family Partnership job

    Sorry to here that! I did not get the first public health job I applied for either but after I gained another year of experience, I was hired for this one. Good Luck to you, chin up, something will come along at the right time!:hug:
  14. Nurse Family Partnership job

    Thanks, and good luck to you!
  15. Corrections and wearing skirts

    Where I used to work we had prison issued scrubs. They were loose fitting tops and pants. No skirts. I wouldn't feel comfortable in a skirt. You already get stared at anyways, being one of the few females these guys see!