Statistics for nursing?

  1. Okay I know it's early - but I am looking at next fall's course outlines and we have to do statistics for health science - for some reason this makes my stomach have butterfies so is anyone taking a course like this? Let me know - looks ike there is a book for dummies so I am hoping that will help matters
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    If I'm not mistaken, I believe most, if not all nursing programs require statistics. I had to take two. I loved stats, and I DON'T love math (although I've always received good grades in it). It's not a difficult class imo.
  4. by   rkrs6673
    I took statistics at my community college and I loved it. It really isn't that bad. It is not required for my ASN degree but it is for the BSN degree I plan on getting.
  5. by   nikonos
    Most BSN programs require a statistics course and most ADN programs do not. I am trying to take it online this summer if I can get registered in the course before it fills. I hate math with a sweet, sweet passion and I have heard mixed reviews on the class as far as to how hard it is. I think it really just depends on who is teaching it.
  6. by   SusanJean
    I'm taking it this semester. Not bad at all, kinda interesting. My advice is go to the classes, do the work. Ask questions and don't get behind. Most profs realize that this can be a tough subject for students and are willing to help out if you ask.

  7. by   chilloutrelax
    It's not bad if you really work at it. It was hard for me, but I passed. I didn't get a tutor, but this is one class (any math class IMO) is a good one to get a tutor. To some it will seem so simple and easy, but others have a hard time.

    Also, I think the statistics for business majors is a little more difficult. So be happy you don't have to take that. Good luck, you will do FINE!
  8. by   kklownluv
    Statistics was a difficult class for me. I struggled every class period, every test. I am not great in math either though.

    Look at a scientific calculator and all the buttons you don't know, are the ones you will be using in statistics.

    I got a B, but I worked my rear off.

    I took it in 16 weeks, not 8 weeks though.

    Good Luck,
  9. by   manna
    I'm not looking forward to statistics. I like math, but not of that sort.

    I'm taking it this summer online - at a different school than my nursing program. That was really my only choice - since I'm doing an externship. Someone suggested I take it this fall, but we fall senior semester is reputed to be the hardest (community, acute, leadership/management II, theory/research).
  10. by   CardioTrans
    Im having to take it this summer. My ADN program did not require it, my BSN program waived it for me because I had taken 3 algebra classes and a calculus class. I have been accepted to an MSN program that begins May 9 and I have to go back and take an undergrad statistics class before I can take the graduate statistics that is required for all the MSN classes where I will be going. All I can say is that I hope its easier than calculus!
  11. by   kea6783
    I was so worried about Stat, as I am NOT a "math person", but I'm taking it at Blinn College in Bryan, TX right now and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It actually MAKES SENSE, as long as you approach it correctly. I'm holding an A but if I missed a class or assignment I'd be totally lost. Goodluck and I hope you get a great Prof!
  12. by   Mom1stRN2nd
    I started a community college Stat course last year and fell behind-quit. I am now two weeks away from finishing an online Stat course from University of Texas-nursing 347. Midterm and Finals are open book, cheat sheets encouraged. I have found it to be much more focused and understandable to the "live" class I previously attended. Hope this helps