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  1. ERtraumanurse

    Outpost nursing in Moose Factory - New Grad?

    LOL - yes I was thinking to myself what am I in for - but I have a colleague who does it on a regular basis and she loves it - so I thought why not? - hopefully I will be disciplined enough to write about my experiences - we shall see :)
  2. ERtraumanurse

    Outpost nursing in Moose Factory - New Grad?

    I am hopefully soon going to be trying this branch of nursing out for size...I have been an ER nurse for 2 years and I was an RPN for many years prior to that - I am nervous but excited at the same time - If all goes well I should be going within the next month or so!
  3. ERtraumanurse

    Statistics for nursing?

    Okay I know it's early - but I am looking at next fall's course outlines and we have to do statistics for health science - for some reason this makes my stomach have butterfies so is anyone taking a course like this? Let me know - looks ike there is a book for dummies so I am hoping that will help matters :)