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Outpost in Northern Ontario


Hi all - I am heading for my first assignment on a native reserve called Bearskin Lake. I am really looking forward to going and doing a unique form of nursing - I am sick and tired of the standard hospital nursing and I am hoping this is the direction my career is going - I excited and nervous - I also plan on creating a blog of my experiences :) WIsh me luck!!


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Good luck and WOW! It sounds like a great adventure. How did you get it? Are you Canadian? How long will you stay? I look forward to your blog. Please keep us posted. I am so excited for you! I am going to google Bearskin Lake and see what turns up. Good luck and best wishes!! :clpty:

Hi there - Yes I am Canadian - from the greater toronto area - this is my first time so I am quite nervous/excited - like starting the first day in the ER - gotta remember first days suck and the rest is uphill :)

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I'll be excited to read the blog.....I've heard the nurses "do it all" up there!

What an awesome opportunity! I look forward to reading your blog. I wish you all the best! :ancong!:

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