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Ok.. I know everyone has mentioned this in most of their posts, but I figured why not start a thread just for this information.. When do classes start?? What semester R u in?? Me.. Start on... Read More

  1. by   Vsummer1
    First semester of a four semester (2 year) ADN program. All pre's are done, including GE's so ONLY nursing now for me.

    We had a one day (9 hour) class for CPR / cardiac / stroke etc. training on Aug 7th where I met a few of my classmates.

    The orientation is Aug. 21st, first class August 26th.

    I am soooo nervous!:imbar
  2. by   studentOH
    I took the ADN prereqs (CPR, CNA, skills class, and a really stripped down chem course) and decided to go for a bsn...i feel like i"m starting over *lol*.

    Anyway, to answer the question:
    I start sep. 21st, will be taking
    --Comparative religions
    --Images of Men and Women (a college writing class, required at all the 4-year schools here)
    --World Economic Geography
    --College Algebra II

    Good luck everyone..especially those starting your clinicals!!!!!

  3. by   nursesrthebest
    I start Aug. 21...fourth and my last semester of BSN program!!!
  4. by   ashse
    School starts August 26 here but it's a light semester for me as I've completed all GenEd & co-req stuff. All I'll be taking this fall is "Basic Issues in Nursing" and "Pharmacological Skills & Computations." A whopping three hours a week of classes! Perhaps that's a good way to ease back into the school routine...........
  5. by   Bonnie Blue
    Orientation on the 22nd and classes start the 23rd. We will be following our Monday schedule to make up for being off on Labor Day.