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  1. StudentRN

    Nursing Honorary Society

    Our college has a Nursing Honor Society pinning for all students with 3 semesters with A's or B's in nursing grades. We are supposed to bring in an object that represents what nursing is to us and an object as to why we choose nursing. We have to get up and make a speech and I have no idea what to bring. I have always wanted to be a nurse, but I can't think of an object that represents this....Any idea's????? Thanks in Advance!
  2. StudentRN

    CNA Case study

    "I see nothing of this nature in this persons chart and obviously it is not possible to ask this to her. Not to mention her occupation,hobbies are almost non exsistant from reading her chart since the facility has just recently been introduced to her and apparently she has had dementia for quite some time. " :roll We were told to write "information not obtainable" or somethin similar in these areas such as sexuality and stuff. I would ask your instructor if this is okay.
  3. StudentRN


    YUP! I'm a student nurse in Chicago Heights. ME TOO!!!
  4. StudentRN

    Nursing club help

    I am the president of the nursing club...I need some fundraising ideas. We were thinking of maybe doing clip boards with calculator...any idea where to go? What else could we do? I need all the help I can I kinda got thrown into this. Thanks!!!
  5. StudentRN

    MCdonalds in Hospital

    I was told I would get addicted to coffee. After 12 years of nursing I still can't stand the smell, let alone to even try a taste. I'll stick with Jolt, and Mountain Dew, and diet pepsi. I drink mt. dew at school too...they don't serve Starbucks and that the only coffe I'll drink...it's got to be sweet and not coffee tasting...LOL:p BUT..I cant drink it before a test or I am to shakey!!!!!!
  6. StudentRN

    Cardiac Preload and Afterload

    Thanks Kristy!!!!! I to have this on a Midterm Monday!!!! Almost 1/2 way thru my second and hardest semester!!!
  7. StudentRN

    MCdonalds in Hospital

    :roll I am not working at a hospital currently do to school, but I said I was going to Chicago's Childrens Memorial because they have a STARBUCKS!!! (they also have a McDonalds) I could get a Venti Toffee Nut Latte and work a 16 hour shift. I never drank coffee before I started nursing school, but have started for the rush....see nursing school is dangerous to my health!!
  8. StudentRN

    Snow days

    Are all you guys living on the east coast that are having all these snow days? I am in a suburb of Chicago and although we have lucked out snow wise this year.... They never cancel school!!! My kids had a Heat day once, but no snow days in the last 5 years. I really don't want one cause I can't imagine making up stuff!
  9. StudentRN


    We had the first semester in the good old nursing home (16 weeks) now this semester it's med/sug for 16 weeks, but it kinda depend on who you got for an instuctor and what hospital your at. I ended up with a 2 year instuctor that is filling in and I am on a clean gynie and ortho floor so I think I am missing out compared to the people who got the county hospital. The next 2 semester are broken into 5 week sessions including Cardiac, OB, Psyc, ped's, ortho, and neuro...we also have little one day OR visits, endo lab visit, home health visits, rehab visit...I think there is a few more that I can't remember.
  10. StudentRN

    Concept Maps!!!!!

  11. StudentRN

    Concept Maps!!!!!

    Thanks Christine, yes that is pretty much what they want!! The thing that I hate is they pick our assigned patients on Tuesday and most are gone by my thursday clinical day...so I do one on a patient and than need to do one on the new one I get.
  12. StudentRN

    Concept Maps!!!!!

    We did care plans on our patients last semester and altought I hated them there was a format. Now we have to do a Concept Map's before we even see our patient on 3 need areas. They will not show us examples or anything because"it needs to be your own" Well from reading what they want included it sounds exactly like a care plan that I am writing on plain white paper. Anyone else doing these and have they shown you examples?
  13. StudentRN

    Making it through Nursing School with Children

    Oh yes nursing school and children!!! The first day of our 1st semester one of our instructors told us if we had kids and we thought it would hurt them to not have enough time with them to drop that very day. I couldn't believe she said it, but she tells us all the time kids come first, but then assigns 200 pages of reading in one night. I think it is her way of not hearing anyone say, but I have no time for my kids/family. Anyway you can do it!! I am a prefectionist and I had to get rid of that part when it comes to house cleaning and laundry. I drove myself crazy and stayed up late many nights in the beginning of last semester to try to keep up. I finally gave in and said if I have dust up to the ceiling I am not dusting...I did just the bare minimum and the day after my finals cleaned the house....this semester I said to my dh who is supportive but works 12 to 14 hours a day I am not dusting until May!! My kids a 9, 8, & 7 and they can microwave any dinner in the freezer like pro's!! I try to cook a crockpot meal here and there or order out...Studing is my #1 priority and everyone knows it even if they don't like it too much! "O" I also gave the kids a you can not get sick while mommy is in school rule....LOL I am lucky to have my parents close enough if someone is sick they can cover! Good Luck and try to relax!!!!!!!!
  14. StudentRN

    One Done Three more to go!!!

    Thnaks All!!! Glad to see I am not the only one wanting that A. I need to get rid of my prefectionism!!!!!! My oldest who is 9 and is in 4th grade has always been a straight A student this year he got his first B in advanced reading...he cried!! I felt horrible explanning to him that a B was wonderful when he saw how excited I was for my A. Bad Mommy....I should learn from what I tell the kids!!!!!
  15. StudentRN

    One Done Three more to go!!!

    Well, I have hardly had anytime to come here and read all these post after a very stressful semester. We started with 93 students 42 passed....next semester we will have 58 because the 16 people are trying again that failed last year...the program only runs year by year. There were 2 A's...Thank goodness that I was one of them I am so hard on myself to keep my 4.0. This next semester noone has gotten an A in the last 10 years.....I don't want to stress myself out over it so I am trying to go in with the attitude of I want to pass, but it's hard! Anyway I ran into one of my teachers at the mall and she was telling me she will be expecting alot out of me and the other A student next semester.....Yikes!!!! Now it's gonna be even more stress!!! Thanks for letting me vent and get ready for the second half of year one!!!
  16. I think our school is worried about the "rational" behind everything so we understand "why" it has to be done a certain way. If you perform it prefectly, but don't know the rational and A & P behind it you fail....Thats where I get stressed studying not knowing what will be asked. Some of those teacher are a pain for failing you guys for not pretending....We have only 3 chances to pass a skill and hen you are dropped from the program....so far in the first 7 weeks we have lost 9 people due to failing lab....they said after midterm which is next Tuesday when people see what there average is they will drop. We started with 100 and are down to 83 now 7 people dropped for other reasons. Question do all of you need to learn nursing math by yourself? W have to buy a book and know all the conversions and how to figure not correct dosage ourself...they don't teach us.