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i can't remember if we have gone over this lately so i thought i would ask again. what is the minimum passing score in your nursing classes? i think this goes along with the pass rates. i... Read More

  1. by   SaraRNin2003
    80% is the lowest passing

    you also have to have a total of at least 80 points accumulated on your clinical evaluations.

    Good luck everyone!
  2. by   trishfish
    75% is passing

    I made a 77% thank you very much!!!! 6 people failed in the last semester.

    I am DONE!!!!!!!! I graduate in 7 days!!!!

  3. by   Mito
    Hello All,
    A passing grade at my school is a C or 65%. This passing mark does not seem to effect the student's ability to pass the registration exam since our school has consistanly scored higher than the provinicial average for the number of successful applicants.

  4. by   Casey7
    We have to have at least an 80 in all classes (from A&P to the nursing courses, etc...) at Presby in N.C.
  5. by   dianthe1013
    Our classes are rated on the good old "standard" scale you probably remember from high school and other college classes: 90-100 is an A, 80-89 is a B, etc.

    We have to get at least a 70% in all classes.

  6. by   Jill M'ree
    My LPN program is pretty strict. You must have at least 80% at the end of each semester in every class, also 80% on every final exam at the end of the semester or it's bye-bye. We also get graded on clinical performance, and three unsatisfactories in a rotation- you're gone and can't ever come back to the program! I'm glad they're pretty strict, it weeds out who's serious and who's not!
  7. by   DebsZoo
    JUst reading all the info for TC3 (Upstate NY), and passing is 75%, or a C

  8. by   moni rn
    ours is 78.
  9. by   Jill M'ree
    Originally posted by trishfish
    75% is passing

    I made a 77% thank you very much!!!! 6 people failed in the last semester.

    I am DONE!!!!!!!! I graduate in 7 days!!!!

    Congratulations!! Best of luck in your career!!
  10. by   trishfish
    Thanks Jill M'ree!!!!

    Our ADN program is the same; 3 strikes your out!!!!!

    Pinning was Friday and graduation was yesterday. I am sooooo tired. It has been a very busy weekend.

    Now I have to find a job. Imagine that :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

  11. by   Whisper
    Are these pass grades in the high 70'2 low 80's for the final year only?? Because on my course, to conform with the rest of the university to get a 1/3 you need 40% in the first year, 60 in the second and 80 in the final year, except for some exams where it is 95 or above. How many credits are your modules worth? the same as a usual university module? Where I am studying one nursing module is either 15 or 20 credits, for a 'normal' degree a module is worth 5 credits.

    Congratualtions to those of you that made it, and goodluck in your careers!
  12. by   Jennipherlynn
    must maintain a 75% or above in my full time LPN program-
    started out with 23 students- we graduate in 26 more school days and are down to 11 students
    God help us......
  13. by   KimRN22
    I just recently graduated. During my last semester they raised the passing grade from 75% to 80%. There was alot of people who didn't make it. Thank God I survived!!!!