So what are you doing this three day weekend? - page 2

No classes Monday:monkeydance: Normally I would go to the river or the beach or something equally fun...but me? I am taking advantage and reading reading reading, studying studying , reading,... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    I work 16 hours on Saturday, 16 hours on Sunday, and plan to do plenty of reading and house-cleaning on Monday. That's about it. It's nothing too special.

    Happy Labor Day!
  2. by   firstaiddave907
    I am going to have a family picnic and ejoy the rest of my vaction untill i go back for my third semster of medical assistant classes.
  3. by   Kaiulani
    I will be reading and studying. I have my first checkoff on Thursday and my first exam on the following Monday. I took today off and rested.:smackingf
  4. by   capribry
    I'm studying for my first test on the 5th and I have to work on the weekend. I was suppose to meet up with my study group but Ernesto messed that up with all the flooding and trees down.
  5. by   nrstob08
    I will be studying, we got our powerpoint notes yesterday so i now have a guide as to what to focus on while studying.

    i am going to try and get ahead with some of our reading assignments.
  6. by   traumaQN
    I work 12 hrs on Saturday.. and 12 hrs on Sunday, but am hoping to get a lot of reading done at work.

    Monday no school or work, so I will probably read, read, read.. I think I have over 100 pgs for next week.
  7. by   BeccaznRN
    I am spending the weekend with my boyfriend in CA....I go to school in St. Louis so we do the long-distance thing while school is in. I wish I could say that I'm studying, reading, etc. but not going to happen!
  8. by   locolorenzo22
    Getting up tomorrow morning and going to watch 3-4 hours of required clinical videos and video of last year's students doing a physical assessment EXACTLY how we will be required to return demo it....then coming home, cleaning house, running to laundromat(but am rewarding myself my taking my Rolling Stone, not books)....If everything done, my reward will be watching the Notre Dame football game.

    Sunday- Cleaning house, Reading required chapters for next week(theory and lab), doing outlines, practice auscultation sites on self(is this possible? am having some problems), Reward may be going to see Wicker Man at a matinee on Monday & going to see grandmother on Sun afternoon.

    Monday-Studying for test on Thursday, Seeing said movie(hopefully), and relaxing....may decide to go to local powerboat nationals race, but not sure yet. (holiday, traffic, parking, etc...), maybe just relaxing at the college as the river is right next to campus(i can see it from library's windows). Planning for Tuesday night computer class I start teaching as a volunteer with MI adults....

    BTW, I am already learning how school will impact families. Stepmom's big family reunion is every Labor Day, and I would have loved to gone. However, knowing how much I have to do, and the $$ I just spent on car repairs, and the fact I know NO studying would occur down there...had to do the responsible thing to me and pass on the invite. Will have to go have dinner with family on Friday though....
  9. by   3boysejj
    I am moving my son who is a freshman to college (mini vacation), working two shifts, catching up on reading posts and reading A&P and pharmacology.
  10. by   shellsgogreen
    enjoying the last taste of freedom until i start back this week....:behindpc:
  11. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    I have a check out on Tuesday afternoon(move pt up in bed w/without a draw sheet; get patient up to side of bed; ambulate with transfer belt; back in bed to lateral positioning.) I was to do this and pass it last week, but I freaked out big time and forgot half the steps!:uhoh21: I feel like an idiot! The instructor just stopped me and told me I would have to make another appointment to do it another time. So embarrassing too. So this weekend I've been practicing with my nine year old daughter as the patient. I keep writing the steps over & over. Plus I have 3 other chapters to read and outline....So, I'll be studying, studying, studying.
    Did I mention I would be studying?
    My "break" for the weekend is a mini-family reunion. I'm taking my stethoscope & blood pressure cuff and have already told everyone "free blood pressure checks for all". That way I'll get some practice in on that skill.
    That's my weekend!
  12. by   jodyangel
    Met up with old HS friend last going to a barbecue with family. Tomorrow..working 3-11pm because of greed hehe..time and a half. Tuesday school starts.
    I'm sooo ready!!
  13. by   onehusbandsevenkids
    Recovering from surgery I had on Friday. Not much fun around here.....