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So what does everyone wear for clinicals? We have to wear all white uniforms which are ugly and uncomfortable. The fabric is pretty stiff. Our school's colors are maroon and white, so why not wear... Read More

  1. by   marilynmom
    We just have to wear royal blue scrubs, any style we want-- a lot of us wear the urbane brand.
    Urbane Scrubs
    I like our uniforms! I work at a hospital as well and wear my school scrubs to work all the time because they are so comfy
  2. by   OnTheRoad
    We have to wear all white scrubs, but as long as it is white we can get what we want (technically we are supposed to wear cherokees, but so long as it is white they don't care). I wasn't happy learning we had to wear white at first, but I am proud of my whites and I always feel professional and crisp and clean wearing them. The whites also brought some smiles to a few faces at the nursing home I did my first clinicals at.
  3. by   ef0zzy
    at my LVN program we have blue scrubs for class and at clinicals *which we havent started yet* we have white unis with a little royal blue on the end of our sleeves *short sleeves* so its not TOO bland hahah
  4. by   S.N. Visit
    White polo shirt, pants, socks & shoes with the ugliest navy blue smock that was designed for kitchen staff. The tag on the inside of the smock was made by "Chef". Many of the area hospital dietary & janitorial services wear the exact uniform too! I think because we look unprofessional, we have been denied/refused many opportunities (IV starts, NG placements, IM injections) in our education. Be thankful if you are lucky enough to have a decent uniform!
  5. by   PeachyERNurse
    We have to wear all white scrubs, but it's up to everyone where they choose to buy their scrubs from. Also, no ugly smock. Yay!:spin:
  6. by   RoxanRN
    Quote from calla2114
    we look like a pack of smurfs when a group of us is walking down the hall!!!!
    We were purple 'smurfs!' We had to wear royal purple scrub pants and jacket with a white scrub top (if you are from Kansas, the easiest color I can equate them to is 'K-State purple'). We had a uniform burning party after graduation!
  7. by   BVFD 333
    All white scrubs for us, but I do think patient have a esiear time knowing who we are. This is not only from our school but soon a must for clinicals in one of our largest health system.
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  8. by   tddowney
    Navy blue scrubs is our clinical uniform.

    Makes us easier for our clinical instructors to spot from a distance, I imagine.
  9. by   tddowney
    Quote from Scrubz
    What's really going to suck is when we do a clinical roation at the hospital I work at and I'll have to go there in dress clothes and a lab jacket to collect info... They're going to ride me so much for that...
    I hate those lab coats, and when I'm in the hospital getting Pt assignment for clinical, I wear a pair of slacks--no jeans or cargo pants, etc.--and our nursing school polo shirt that we also use for community clinicals.

    On the floor for clinicals, it's navy blue scrubs--we can purchase them where we please.

    As long as we look professional, our faculty is pretty relaxed. I'm in an AO program, so many of us have business world experience and know better than to show up looking like we did in, well, our undergrad days....:spin:
  10. by   CANewRN
    We wear landau maroon scrubs with our school logo on the top or a polo w/logo and maroon scrub pants while in the hospital. For other activities like psych we wear our polo shirts with blue landau scrubs. So the guys and girls are in the same uniform. We are supposed to wear white shoes but sometimes we can get away with grey or regular nikes that are white and some other color. hehe.
  11. by   locolorenzo22
    Yeah...I wish...we have the same Dove all white uniforms as Scrubs. Mine was too small when I first got it, and the next size up makes me balloon out a little...I wind up showing enough chest to have some cleavage going on...and I SWEAT and cannot wear an undershirt as NOTHING can show under the least I wear scrubs at work....The problem is that I can't even wear the button top as that's for women only and ALL men must wear the ziptop! ARRGGHHHH I am so NOT looking forward to looking retarded in front of patients due to my clothing options....
  12. by   moongirl
    ours are just plain scrub tops and bottoms, ceil blue. we look like an important surgical team when we walk in.. lol
  13. by   StudentNurseAbby
    We wear all white scrubs. Any kind we want as long as they're all white, plus all white shoes.