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BVFD 333 has 14 years experience and specializes in ED, Cardiology.

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  1. Medic, Your past GPA is/ will hurt you. A BSN would give you the chance to bring your GPA up significantly. It is not that difficult to get a high 3 or even 4.0/4.0 GPA in a RN to BSN program if you do what they ask you to do. In my personal opinion that should absolutely increase your chances of getting in to a graduate program. Also in my personal opinion you need to get nursing experiences during that time. I am also surprised that you have problems finding a prn job as a nurse. You already know people in the ED, start networking when bringing in pt to the ED, talk to your medical director from the Fire Department,…. That was how I got my first job, I pointed out that I just took the NCLEX to the ED nursing director. Nobody had even an idea that I was in nursing school. The rest was just formality with HR. Of Course I do not know what your furlough days are but I now numerous Paramedics working on a fire department and also have a part or even full time schedule in the ED as a RN (I was one of them). Good luck!
  2. BVFD 333

    Chamberlin FNP

    Hello and Happy New Year, I was wondering if you guys have feedback information on this program( the good, the bad and the ugly). I am currently stationed overseas and have only limited options for programs. Some of the once I looked at are just to expensive for me. I do have a MSN already, and a post masters would be okay. Any suggestion or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks and Greetings from Germany!
  3. BVFD 333

    On call pay

    Hello guys, Quick question :) does any one know how much the on call pay is for DoD GS nurses? Thanks!
  4. BVFD 333

    help and advice needed

    Please check your e-mail. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  5. RNMSN78 please check your mailbox
  6. BVFD 333

    Help i missed my license renewal

    I agree with the above, stop working until you talk to the BON via phone or in person to get the issue resolved. Also inform your employer asap. If you go to work you are causing a whole other set of problems for yourself and the employer!
  7. BVFD 333

    Paying for resume'

    Are you already ETS'ed, do you not have support from the VA? In the Army one has ACAP to help, I am sure other branches have similar services . I would not pay for a resume being created for you, many great tips and examples exists on the web. Or go to the library and get a book that helps. The school career center i am sure also gave you valid points, implement them and go back for more feedback!
  8. BVFD 333

    Retaking hesi entrance exam next month

    I used a book from the nursing library, if I remember correctly it was the same that you have mentioned above. I guess my question to you is what score to you need? I am surprised that a 79% is not good enough I was a bit better I think in the mid 80's but had no problems with acceptance in a very competitive environment as all my pre-requisites were A's. Good luck, and be positive as you will do it! You have already improving between the first and the second time.
  9. BVFD 333

    Chamberlain online FNP

    Thanks mommy, I guess I had no idea it is such a new program. This could cause some additional problems I hope we all get some good news soon. Lets stay in touch!
  10. BVFD 333

    Chamberlain online FNP

    Hello Guys :) I also wrote the advisor yesterday. Had some problems filling out the online Ap as my current location is Germany (with the military). Waiting for a replay from the college. I was hoping to start end or October :). Also looking for some more feedback from current students.
  11. BVFD 333

    Anybody been to north dakota univ for msn?

    Hallo, I know that this is an old thread, however I was wondering if you went to the program, if yes- did you like it,- what could be better. Anyone else can share experiences with UND. I am considering applying for next years class. Thank you!
  12. BVFD 333

    ARDS: Should We Be Prone to Prone?

    Thank you for sharing!
  13. BVFD 333


    Use to use it at a prior job. Why? :)
  14. BVFD 333

    Rank Questions

    The AF offered me an O3 capt spot for almost identical background (MSN, 5 years experiences and board cert.). Check with your recruiter, good luck.
  15. BVFD 333

    army nursing

    All the DoD branches are in a hiring freeze for civilians (http://www.govexec.com/defense/2013/01/army-announces-hiring-freeze/60893/?oref=river ) Tschinault check your inbox please.
  16. BVFD 333

    army nursing

    I am currently stationed in Germany as a RN with the US Army. I applied in November for all and any position and took the first one which was offered to me. My first workday in Germany was Feb 15. They requested an earlier move but I needed an extra few weeks to get everything done.. Greetings from Germany :)