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how is everyone handling school and house work? i get so depress when i can't keep my bedroom like i want it. i do better studying in a relaxed atmosphere and this happens to be my bedroom. ... Read More

  1. by   Vsummer1
    If I don't get the cleaning done, it will still be there tomorrow.

    If I don't get the studying done, it won't be there tomorrow cuz I will have flunked out of school!!

    Deadlines at school weigh in much heavier than vacuuming, dusting etc. My bedroom has grown a ton of books and folders too! It is the only room in the house where I can have some peace and quiet. The one thing I do everyday though is make the bed.
  2. by   nurseleigh

    I thought i was the sloppiest, messiest, worst housekeeper on the planet because i dont have time to do the vacuuming, dishes, and laundry every single day. When I get home after a long day of clinicals and walk in the house I debate on whether to do the dishes or spend half an hour playing, reading, listening to my daughters. They always win over housework.

    Thank you all sooooo much for making me realize that I am not alone!!!

    I basically told my husband that during the semester the house would be cleaned once a week. Don't expect any more than that. If you cannot accept it than get up off your butt and do some of the housework yourself. I need to graduate.
    He has basically just accepted that the house isn't always immaculate. :roll

    My philosophy is also "This too, shall pass."

  3. by   Debbie5
    Hi LPN,Future RN

    I study in the Library or outside on the courtyard. I really get a lot done that way. If I accomplish my goals for the day, I can go home and clean and not feel like I need to study. Before school started, I made up a schedule of a typical week during the fall semester with study time blocked out, football games, soccer games, menu planning... I've done a fair job of sticking to it. Seems like if you have it on paper, it clears your mind.
  4. by   RNConnieF
    My house still looks like ground zero. After not cleaning for over 2 years it's going to take a while to catch up. As my kids say, don't sweat the small s&$. In the end it doesn't matter if your house is clean. What does matter is if when you graduate from school your kids cry from pride. This is what happend to me and you know what, not one of us remembered that there was enough dog hair around the house to form a small dog, it didn't matter any more. What mattered was that my kids saw the ending of everything I had sweated blood for over the past 2 years and they celebrated my achievemnt right along with me.
  5. by   oldgirl
    Connie, you are So right! All of you remember, they never put "SHE WAS A GREAT HOUSEKEEPER" on anyone's tombstone. When my house was trashed(like most of the time) I just blamed it on the good fairy not showing up AGAIN to handle it!
  6. by   globalRN
    I gave in and bought several bookcases with glass doors. I had so many books and textbooks that digging them out was half the battle. Some of my worksheets required the use of many different texts for reference...I felt so much better when everything was neatly arranged in bookcases and I could see at a glance what was needed.
    Some of you guys are so LUCKY......I am working full-time, part-time on weekends, and going to school fulltime. I hardly have any help at all. Sometimes he makes me so mad. Cause on Sunday after working, I have laundry, change the beds, mop and sweep the floors, dishes, homework, and whatever needs to be done. He sits and watches TV....I know he works 7 days too but really., you all agree?
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks for the replies, everyone. i am having to adjust, but it isn't easy.