Roll Call - Who's starting this summer/fall? - page 7

I know there's been a thread on this subject before, but it's been a while and now that acceptances (and rejections :o) have been rolling in, I bet there are some more to add to our ranks. Just... Read More

  1. by   Energizer Bunny
    Welcome sam945!!!! It's great here!
  2. by   KrisRNwannabe
    I am starting in august!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our schools does a lottery tpye registration for all qualified applicants. fastest 40 registering win. and I am one of them.

  3. by   z's playa
    I start September 8th !!!!!!! Anyone else starting school in the fall in Ontario Canada?
  4. by   UGAmomX3
    I just went online and registered for my first semester of nursing courses!....I start August 23rd and I have this mixture of excitement, anxiety...fear, who knows. At least I have two friends who are in my Micro class with me right now who will be there right beside me. We've decided that we are going to push and prod and encourage each other along. Failure is not an option!!! Okay, books are bought, order uniforms nexy week, stethescope is purple...ready begin!!! Good luck everybody and enjoy the experience. I know I'm going to try! Mary
  5. by   Daisy9739
    i start this sept. adn :hatparty:
  6. by   RN2BinPA
    I start an ADN on Aug. 30th, Im so excited, but now I am starting to get VERY nervous also! I was just accepted to another offer on Friday, and now am torn as to which one to join, but if I drop out at my 1st choice then I would feel guilty filling that spot and then dropping it, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!
  7. by   fnimat1
    Quote from fnimat1
    I will be starting in the Fall also. I won't know if I'm accepted or not into my current CC's nursing program. I have been accepted into an out-of-county nursing program though. So either way, I'll just have to decide. I am very excited though...nursing school here I come!!!! :roll


    I have been accepted into my current CC's nursing program and I am very excited. I have had the first of three orientations and my first day of class is September 7th.

  8. by   SBUalum03
    I Will Be Starting My Bsn Program On Aug. 30th And Cannot Wait.
  9. by   GMD
    I'll start the ADN program this Aug. 16th. This is my second degree also. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   kkbaroness
    I start an RN 2 yr program in the fall 2004. It is my second degree too.
    I have a BS in Biology..........
  11. by   nsgstudentjen
    Hello! Well I am sort of "re-starting". I began my BSN part time in 2002. I will be starting an accelrated BSN this August and I am very excited! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  12. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I start my first ADN class Aug 23. I can't wait. Unfortunately, our orientation isn't until Aug 10th. So I'll have to get my books, uniforms, and supplies all in a two week timeframe. And I won't know my schedule until then. I'm a little annoyed about that, but hey, what can I do? I can't wait to get into the program. I've waited soooooo long for this.
  13. by   mavnurse
    I start my first semeser of clinicals on August 23. :hatparty: Only 2 years to go!