Roll Call - Who's starting this summer/fall?

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I know there's been a thread on this subject before, but it's been a while and now that acceptances (and rejections :o) have been rolling in, I bet there are some more to add to our ranks.

Just curious, since I have such a hard time keeping everyone on the board straight - who among us will be starting nursing school this summer and/or fall?

lisamc1RN, LPN

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I'm starting this July, as an LPN student.


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still waiting to find out if I get an interview. i should get "the call" next week. If all goes well, I will be starting August 30! :D


I am starting in August in Sweden in what I think is the equivalent of the LPN program. I am so excited!!

manna, BSN, RN

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Keep us posted, Angela!

I guess I should answer my own question! :chuckle

Starting the junior year of a BSN program - July 7th.


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Me again Manna, you know - we just had the "cold feet" conversation!

Anyway, I am beginning in August. So much to do! I thought I was going to opt into the January accelerated program, but that won't work out for my schedule after all so I am beginning this Aug. I am working on a hospital scholarship that I now have to turn in ASAP because of my change of plans! Need that $$ for books etc.

Anyone else in Colorado?? SG

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I will be starting end of June as an LPN student.


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I will be starting a BSN program as a second semester sophomore at the end of august... I am getting so nervous.


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I'm starting a second degree BSN program on August 30th. Can't wait!


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Hi Everyone and Good Luck

Yes, me me I can't believe it I will be starting May 26 as a LPN Student. I have so many mixed emotions, But excited tops them all!

klone, MSN, RN

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Starting in August in the ADN/RN program.


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Hi all,

Keep your fingers crossed...still waiting for the interview...and NET:uhoh21: . I have had a meeting with the financial aid director now I need to take the NET and have the interview. If all goes my way, 8/20 I'm off for my RN.


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