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  1. Sexual Assault

    How do you handle sexual assault patients and evidence collection? In my neck of the woods we have a sexual assault nurse (SANE) that comes into the ED, and handles everything. However, my "great" hospital does not contract with them. So to make a l...
  2. Technique/mmemonic to remember lab values

    i agree that everybook has different lab values. for me, i'm remebering just the avg.'s. i've used this since the begining of classes and even at work, and i always get it right. in my book normal labs are: k+ 3.5 – 5 ...
  3. Yay!!!!!!!

    :chuckle :balloons: lol....yay is right! :balloons: :chuckle
  4. new member-MCC

    Don't panic, I feel the same way it's very normal. I think now that schools in a week it's just our concerns getting to us. I think once were in the routine we'll be fine. Just read what you can and do the test. I notice a lot of the chapters our on ...
  5. new member-MCC

    Dorrie..your funny, I have the same worries. I'm wondering if we have to bring them on the first day of school. ?? Or if we should have a notebook for all those subjects. Math, meds, nutrution, nursing etc.. As far as back packs I was wondering if I ...
  6. new member-MCC

    Hi Dorrie, I start MCC too. I'm just as nervous as you. I can't believe it, your the second person I 've met on her that attends Massasoit. The other girl is in her last semester though. Did you do the reading and that damn math test? I left the last...
  7. The week from Heck vent long

    I can only hope some day you will look back at this week and laugh. I will say a prayer for you tonight. And remember, bugs, kids, bills and ignorant know it all students are not your fault. Keep your faith :)
  8. Microbiology concerns!

    Dear SueCNA I took Micro over the summer, and I too had no Idea we would be working with species and live bacteria either. Our professor advised us that legally all the bacteria we worked with was safe, mostly normal flora you find alread...
  9. I just wanted to say all we had to do was a corey check (crime record). That was all, no finger prints no child abuse check, drug test, etc. That is amazing how every state is different.
  10. energy zapped

    I just wanted to say the same was happening to me....I was so tired, all I did was sleep even if I slept 12 hours. I didn't even have the energy to get to my car after class. Well, I'll tell you I changed my whole diet. Healthly eating and living. I ...
  11. I can't believe it

    hi berta, yes i did get my math packet in the mail, and yes i'll admit i freaked out. my husband and i worked on it. i'm going to keep doing the problems every week so that the formulas/problems get second nature to me. as for being exci...
  12. Advice on finding part-time job in field

    Per diem usally does mean as they need you, but it depends. In my last job, per diem for us ment when we wanted to work. I was listed as a per-diem and would call and pick what shifts I could work, and in turn if they needed me to cover, they would c...
  13. I can't believe it

    Hi, I'm starting at Massasoit this Sept. How about you?
  14. I can't believe it

    only four weeks left......till my nursing class....ahhh..:rotfl:
  15. Math

    is anyone else math impaired? i got a math pre-test in the mail from my school to start working on (we have to turn in it, on the first day of classes). now while some of the problems are very basic, the others might as well be in chinese. my problem...