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I know there's been a thread on this subject before, but it's been a while and now that acceptances (and rejections :o) have been rolling in, I bet there are some more to add to our ranks. Just... Read More

  1. by   MSURT
    I'll be starting a Rad Tech program in the Fall. Yeah, I know that I am an outsider but I enjoy this board I get some good information here.

  2. by   danaRN2b
    Quote from fourblessings
    I have 4 kiddos, 8, 6, 4, and 1. I should just name myself "hands full" cause everyone that meets me and finds out I am starting nursing school this fall and raising 4 kids, they *always* say "you got your hands full!"
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one hearing that all the time! I also have four kids (ages 8,6,4, and 3) so I get that look whenever I say I'm starting nursing school in the fall. You know, that "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?" look. I was starting to think maybe I am, but if I'm not the only one, than I don't feel so bad! Good luck to you, maybe we should keep in touch!
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  3. by   arkansas_girl
    I am starting this fall...
  4. by   Mandarella
    i am finally taking the net tomorrow @ 8am. wish me luck!!!!!
  5. by   Lilnurse0803
    Hello Talullahmae,

    I am in the situation as you are. I am done with all pre-reqs, except for Microbiology which I start on Monday for the summer term. If all goes well, I should start clinicals in August as well. I should know within a week or so and the time is dragging. I am praying so hard that I will get that acceptance letter.

    Best of luck to you; I know you will start in August.

    Take care!!!!!!!!!


    Quote from talullahmae
    If all goes well, I will start clinicals this fall (aug). I'm really a bit scared as well as excited beyond reason. I'll find out for sure in about a week and can hardly stand the wait! Glad to hear there are others here who are starting then.
  6. by   MttoRN
    Finally I can say that I start in Aug 23rd in an ADN/RN program...Class of 2006!! I'm excited and scared at the same time, but I will be ready.
  7. by   StudentNurse04
    i will starting twu bsn program on aug 30th.
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    I went yesterday and enrolled for the second summer session at my school. I decided to get one more pre-req out of the way so I will start Sociology on July 5th.
  9. by   GPatty
    Haha! Just found this thread after posting about how excited I am to be starting again!
    It's wonderful to see how many of us are really into school and can't wait to get going!
    (I know I won't say that in a few months...but I sure am ready now!LOL!)
  10. by   MassLPN2005
    I start a LPN progrm august 31.:hatparty: I am exited and nervous all at once. ( and we already have had orientation and have been given homework for over the summer!):uhoh21:
  11. by   thewifenwv
    will be starting my first semester for a bsn on aug 23.
  12. by   TexasPoodleMix
    Quote from minnielynn
    does this count? i'm only starting my pre-req's in july, but i'm still excited
    That's me ! LOL I am taking my final prereques (had the others from my BS degree) starting in August and then applying in March to hopefully, godwilling get into the ADN program NEXT fall !
    I feel silly bc I just finished one degree and now I'm starting another one, but oh well.. you only live once, right ?
  13. by   sam945
    I just discovered this forum today... seems like a really neat group of people! I finally got my acceptance letter last week. :hatparty: I'm starting the AASN program at Jackson State Community College in TN this August. I had to drive up there on Thursday (I live in Atlanta during the summer) for orientation and I'm getting so nervous! Excited too... but definitely nervous. This will be my first time attending a public school. :uhoh21: