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  1. micco

    moving to Reno, any advice

    thanks for all the info. just got back from house hunting in Reno. had a couple of interviews, but havent heard anything back yet. keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. micco


    chloraprep is used for surgery and can be applied without sterile gloves on. like any skin prep containing alcohol, chloraprep must dry before drapes are applied. where I work now, chloraprep is what most general surgeons use.
  3. where I work, bunionectomies are done frequently with MAC and a block
  4. micco

    has anyone previously worked as an endoscopy tech?

    a endo tech holds the scope during colonoscopies and EGDs and then cleans the scopes. that is their main duties.
  5. micco

    OR Pet peeves

    people nurses or techs who try to skate passed the rules. for example "we don't count instruments on open appys here." techs or nurses who flirt almost to the point of offering themselves to the docs or docs who due the same. please, this is a place of work not a singles bar finding out that even though the case cart has been "checked" twice and the tech in room checks everything as he/she is opening, there is still stuff missing. being called in 45 minutes before the surgeon wants to start the case when the tech in house has known for 3 hours about the case. hearing 2 co-workers bash others. if you need to vent, be discrete. griping and complaining loudly in the core is not a good idea
  6. micco

    problems with caps

    i have ordered from them and it seemed like it took 3 weeks for the hats to arrive.
  7. micco

    "TIME BACK" vs. Overtime $$ pay

    if you are being forced to take comp time for overtime worked, i think that is illegal. i would discuss this with your manager and state that you would like receive $$ from now on. may be this needs to be addressed with human resources. you are being denied fair compensation. it is different if you are offered a choice between comp time and $$.
  8. micco

    My dream is turning out to be a nightmare!

    it is not ideal to work while in nursing school, but you can do it. I worked all through school and I am married and have 3 kids. it is hard, but you can do it. there are lots of scholarships out there and many go unused because no one applies for them. research scholarships and grants. may be you can work part time. other options include national guard or reserves.
  9. i stopped working in the OR for over a year because I just couldnt stand the manager. I was yelled at by a fellow circulator during morning report. My offense was standing there and not looking at her while she talked so I guess she took that as disrespect. I said I was not going to be disrespected by a coworker and left. the manager did not say a word and did not bring it all day. The next day I was still fuming over it. The circulator had the gall to complain about me not talking to her and the manager talked to me about how i could get over it and it was nothing, that the nurse was brought up by German parents and that is how she is. when the manager is weak or scared, bullying behavior is going to occur
  10. micco

    looking for your help

    have you searched AORN website? they have a career area where you can search for entry level.
  11. i have worked in a facility where a couple of nurses routinely sabotaged other nurses by unplugging equip or removing necessary equip from the room or they might remove all the prep supplies or positioning equip when the circulator left the room. the circulator would be left scrabbling to find things or would look stupid in front of the surgeon. i personally have had this happen to me and asked another nurse what was going on only to find out that this was an ongoing problem in this facility. i think this behavior goes on between techs and nurses too. may be it is a power struggle type of thing.
  12. micco

    Evans Army Hospital or Air Force Academy Hosp?

    I really don't think it is that hard to get a job at Evans. I applied there over a year ago and was offered a position, but declined it because I had waited 2 months to hear from Evans and in that time, I had accepted another position. But, I am working at Evans now in a different position than I was offered last year. I do know other RNs who has gotten jobs there too. There is an agency who does supplies staff at Evans. I think if you want to work there, you have to be persistent, you have to call the head nurse for the department which you apply to, and you have to be patient. When I interviewed for the family ward, the nurses on the peer board did not have prior military experience and I don't think they had spouse preference. just remember it takes a while to get hired at either place. :) ps. it is www.usajobs.gov for the official website for all federal gov jobs.
  13. Canon city is a small town. I moved here 13 years ago. It is considered to be in the banana belt of Colorado. the winters are pretty mild and it is within commuting distance from Colorado Springs and Pueblo. My husband is a runner (has done ultras and marathons) and has started biking. There is a large group who bike (road) weekly and are starting a running club.
  14. micco

    scared about leaving OR

    thank you for all your encouragement. We had a meeting to try to resolve some of the issues with the manager. She eventually apologized. It is frustrating in that she has a diffficult time recognizing or owning up to the fact that she is abrasive and acted unprofessionally. may be things will get better over time. who know. thanks again for your posts.
  15. micco

    scared about leaving OR

    just wanted to express my feelings. I applied for an ER job today. I really like working in the OR and think I do a good job. But, I have been unhappy lately. it is mainly due to a person (staff/occasional charge nurse). I thought the situation was resolved or at least I told myself that I was not going to let this person get to me anymore. I have brought up the matter to my manager and the director. Today, occasional charge is charge. both manager and director are gone. What does she do, she decides to go around to other staff members and take a survey about me. Basically, she is asking if I am difficult to work with and do I cause disruptions in the workplace. In the past this person has yelled at me in the morning meeting in front of everyone because I was sharing info with a SPD tech. She has insulted and put down my chosen religion. And yet, my manager tries to explain away this person's behavior to her German upbringing and the fact that she is insecure. I'm just tired. I would like to continue to work in the OR but that would mean driving 45 miles and spending the night away from taking call.
  16. micco

    Most "Clueless" Thing YOUR Manager has Done

    my manager is best friends with a staff nurse in our unit who gets to be the charge nurse when the manager is gone. The manager has no spine and on several occasions during our daily meeting, has let staff members yell at each other or at her and just puts on a smile and acts overly cheerful as if nothing has happened. She is very concerned about people flexing out when it is slow, but her best friend clocks in 15 minutes early and stays late. I have been on call and there is the bff playing on the computer or talking on the phone. Why? When I asked, it was because "she just wanted to stay in case I needed help." Oh gee, I'm in a room or running to the ER to get my pt, or setting up my room, and she is on the computer. What a waste of money. Her bff took 3 days to do inventory on 1 cart and somehow we managed to do the rest of inventory of the entire department in 2-1/2 days. The manager just turns her head and ignores the problems going on. some of the staff are job hunting. If you are going to be a manager, you need to be knowledgeable, professional, and have a backbone.