recommend me a good nursing care plan book with interventions-rationales...

  1. I have a care plan due in a few weeks and another next month. and from what i read we have to write a lot of objectives and interventions for each nursing diagnosis alone. and there are 6 diagnosis for each CP.

    and so i am looking for a nursing care plan book w/ diagnosis, that has goals, objectives, nursing internventions-rationales. i'm not sure which book is good, but i am looking at this one:

    any other books that you would recommened is appreciated.
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  3. by   cursenurse
    the nursing care plan book that i have been using is the "Nursing Diagnosis Handbook" 5th or 6th ed, by Ackley & Ladwig (ISBN #0-323-01459-3). i think it is pretty good, it has a rationale for every intervention so you don't have to do too much searching for them.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I'd go with Carpenito's Nursing Diagnosis, 9th edition. I also have the Ackley and Ludwig but they didn't have the interventions in it.
  5. by   Carolanne
    I've been very pleased with the Nursing Care Plans book put out by Doenges & Moorhouse. I've always gotten good reviews from my instructors on my care plan. You can do a broader search to find a lower price (a used one, etc.), but even Target has a listing for it:
  6. by   rnmi2004
    I second cursenurse's recommendation for the Ackley & Ladwig book. I really like the feature in the front of the book where they have a list of medical dx's & then suggested nsg dx's that would be appropriate.
  7. by   shyne
    Our program uses the Ackley book also. It's very easy to use too.
  8. by   bob007cat
    Fa davis nursing careplans 6ed is great. I save huge amounts of time by doing mine in an excel spread sheet. That way when you have to redo it allyou have to do is change your mistakes and when its aproved you save it to your harddrive and a floppy disk for backup. then the next time you have a care plan for risk for infection r/t invasive procedure just open it up and change you subjective and objective data and fine tune it for that pt's. my first set of 4 care plans took 12 hours to complete my second set of 4 took 2hrs. Not to mention that the instructers appreciate the neat and easy to read careplan.
  9. by   Dixen81
    Quote from traumaRUs
    I'd go with Carpenito's Nursing Diagnosis, 9th edition. I also have the Ackley and Ludwig but they didn't have the interventions in it.
    Is your Ackley and Ladwig the 6th edition? Because I'm looking at mine and it has tons of interventions. This book is fantastic and was recommended by our instructors.
  10. by   unknown99
    Carpenito's is real good, but I think the one I like better is Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual by Sparks & Taylor, published by Springhouse. I used it through nursing school and never got below a 98% on any of my careplans.
  11. by   wonderbee
    My vote is for the Ackley 6th Edition Nursing Diagnosis Handbook too. Our school lists Carpenito's as the required text but most of the students I know like my Ackley book better. The use of medical diagnoses as the starting point really makes short work of the nursing process.
  12. by   LadyT618
    I'm with TraumaRUs....I use Carpenito, 10th Ed. That's the one on my school's list.
  13. by   purplemania
    I have not looked at these sites recently but hope they will help:
  14. by   DixieGirl_81
    I have found this book very helpful and it is full of interventions and rationals and nursing diagnoses. We are not required in our program to buy a nursing care plan book, but I bought one anyways to help me out.
    The name of the book is:
    Nursing Care Plans: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention 4th e.d.

    Hope this helps