1. I need a good smack from somebody PLEEZE!
    Right now, I am SUPPOSED to be writing a critique of a qualitative research article. Lets list the things we can be doing instead of writing a paper for school: (come on, it'll be fun!)

    1. Clean the bathtub
    2. Do the dishes
    3. Make pointless entrees on
    4. Look up the Kama Sutra on Google.
    5. Cut your own hair while standing in front of the mirror (*I think it turned out NICE*)
    6. Leave the house
    7. Find some
    8. Get some
    9. Have some more
    10. Organize and reorganize CD collection
    11. Drink copious amounts of coffee.
    12. Urinate repeatedly
    13. Christmas Shopping
    14. Manicure and pedicure
    15. Change settings on computer
    16. Find new screensaver
    17. Three words: Travis Fimmel wallpaper.
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  3. by   PennyLane
    18. Sleep
    19. Work in the garden (this was me yesterday)
    20. Vacuum
    21. Laundry
    22. Stare at the wall
    23. Sleep some more
    24. Floss your teeth
    25. Clean out car (I desperately need to do this)
    26. Make your Christmas wish list (never-ending list for me, it seems)
  4. by   maire
    27. tickle a baby and make him giggle hysterically
    28. hem daughter's Halloween costume
    29. eat last slice of pumpkin spice bread
    30. sharpen all the pencils in the pencil holder
    31. watch "Everybody Loves Raymond"
    32. open a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and have a glass
    33. take a bath
  5. by   maire
    LOL 'cause you asked us to:

    34. smack adrienurse and make her write her paper

  6. by   jessjoy
    35. go out to see the new movie "jackass" (which is revoltingly funny!!)
    36. order in chinese and eat it with your husband.
    37. proceed to "work off" the chinese you just ate
  7. by   Vsummer1
    I'll get to this thread tomorrow
  8. by   Rena RN 2003
    38. meander aimlessly around the WWW and finding absolutely nothing to do
    39. organize closets just to find empty hangers to put more clothes on
    40. call up a friend to complain about the amount of work you have to do but don't have the time to get it done
    41. go on a search through the house for the mate to the sock that came out of the dryer alone
    42. dream about your future and what needs to be done to attain your goal
    43. see also #42 and realize that it's time to write that paper adrienurse!!!!! :chuckle
  9. by   subec
    44. Go over to a friend's house and help carve pumpkin
    45. Go to Wal-Mart
    46. Chat with roommate
    47. Watch CSI-Miami
    48. Spray friends with silly string
    49. Chat some more with roommate
    50. Play Poppit on the computer.

    I'm REALLY good at procrastinating.
  10. by   Mkue
    51. Organize computer desk and drawers
    52. Unpack winter clothing.
    53. Do more Laundry.

  11. by   babynursewannab
    54. Check school catalog for the requirements in other majors
    55. Get even more!
    56. Regrout the bathroom
  12. by   jdomep
    57. Actually sit down at the computer to start and end up playing FreeCell for an hour (done that)

    58. Put the laundry that has been in baskets for a week away.

    59. Reorganize for the 50th time your Nursing 101 notebook.

    60. Spend 1 week making Halloween Costumes and a Float for the parade that will last all of an hour if the children even last that long :roll (But oh how cute they will look)
  13. by   dstudent
    61. Paint the fence
    62. Paint rumpus walls
    63. Have a few drinks with friends
    64. Have some more drinks with friends
    65. Go out to a couple of bars with friends
    66. Sleep
    67. Mope around for a few hours
    68. Try and find energy
    69. Find it in sleep
  14. by   Mkue
    70. dust off the fake "ivy" leaves one by one. :chuckle